What happened to him?

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He became an overworked typical adjunct academic (it seems). He was interviewed by Doug Lain on Diet Soap about a year ago.

Can you link me to the interveiw? What did you think of his law of value videos?

Never mind I found it.

Wife and kids.

He went underground to organize his secret clique and will in the future become the new Lenin.

Can someone post a link to his entire law of value series that was put together in one video?

nvm found it


What does he teach? Isn't he a musician?

That'd be ironic, considering how poor the sound design of his Law of Value series was.

he also became a Hillbot who drank the 'trump is literally hitler' kool aid

Pretty sure those vids were made in 2008 before computer mics became decent.


Yeah, i had forgotten this. Deepcomrade on twitter got into a fight with him over it on Facebook. I was surprised tbh, since Kliman and Cooney are humanist leftcoms.

This is the interview with Doug

Neh, the problem was the way the voice volume and the sound effects / music volume were really poorly matched.

Source? I can see him doing the trump is hitler stuff but i can't see him ever supporting hillary.

the problem was that it would randomly become loud and then go back to being quiet all the time.

From time to time I return to his blog read it again. Even if he don't post in it anymore, still a very good material.

He's a LeftCom, he doesn't give a shit about Imperialism or probably even corruption and survailance.
Hillary was the obvious choice in matters of economy and environment.

Supporting hillary is even more retarded from a leftcom perspective than it is from a tankie perspective, so if he supports her he's clearly not a leftcom anymore (assuming he even really was one).

I thought we didn't vote at all because we are lazy ultra-leftists and champagne socialists, but then you said that we are fascists because we don't like united fronts, but then you said we are actually liberals because we love imperialism and surveillance. Amazing stuff.

Maybe Cooney realized that he should have done more research before starting his channel. What he published follows Kliman's TSSI, which doesn't make any sense.

I just can't see him unironically promoting hillary.

Why doesn't the TSSI make sense?


Wouldn't the long term equilibrium prices change as profit rates become more or less equalized?

Prices of production is a theoretical model of price ratios with fully equalized profit rates.

I checked his Facebook page and a few of his Marxist Humanist Initiative articles and wow. He urges all leftists to vote for Hillary, and while he doesn't claim to support her (in the sense that he doesn't wear an "I'm with her" button, to quote him) he doesn't attempt to condemn her, either. More worryingly, he seems to imply that leftists shouldn't have even voted for Sanders in the primary, because "neoliberalism" (always in quotes as if the term has no relevance) is a historical evolution of capitalism and must therefore be the only possible choice short of spontaneous revolution. He also calls the rise in inequality "greatly exaggerated" and bases his claim for Sanders' reforms being impracticable based on a New York Times column written by a right-liberal. On top of that, on his Facebook he's posted articles from Commentary, a literal Neocon magazine, and another talking about how "Putin played the far left". Most ominous, however, is a recent comment on MHI about how "Marx saw it as sometimes important to conditionally support bourgeois governments, and even bourgeois wars".

Everything about this guy's arguments reminds me of the people writing back around 1914-17 in the New Review journal, scolding the left for not voting for the Republican party in US elections, or worse, quoting Marx to provide support for a US intervention into World War 1. Nearly all of these people eventually renounced Marxism altogether.

This makes me sad.

Where did you find his facebook page?

Comment on supporting Hillary and "conditional bourgeois wars" (after the article):



Its a shame we lost him to pseudo-marxism. He made really nice videos.

Is a miserable death or class-betrayal the only fate for communists these days. Jesus…

This is a sad, sad thread.

Colour me surprised.

what did you even reply to that leftcom for, imbecile? your commentary here is absolutely worthless and embarrassing

a social life

Oh no… That is upsetting
This is the guy that introduced me to Marxism and economics in general

Is Cooney a zionist now?


it's not really a big deal. a lot of marxists, "marxists", anarchists and other leftists have become liberal and reactionary philistines over time since the 19th century. the ruling ideology and all that.

The new David Horowitz. I knew this was going to happen as he complained about le ebul gommie dictatorships in his introduction video. This happens when you only read theory but have no guidelines for praxis, you end up with the most horrible stances. This is why Leninism and its contributions are important, they sort you out and redpill you about praxis

Marxist Humanists and Trots always become Neocons someday.

nice euphemism for "shitposting on Holla Forums"

Humanism is fucking toxic.

It always leads leftists to supporting liberal democracy over anti-imperialism, hence they support imperialism so as long as it's under a liberal guise.

Jesus Christ how does this shit happen? Should I expect to turn back into a liberal some day too as soon as I land a stable income and own a house?

SocDem reformism =/= "NeoCon"

He said some dumb shit……so what? He does not seem to be questioning the core tenets of Marxism?
We all can be Marxists, and look at things differently.
Just cause Louie C.K is a cuck, doesn't disqualify him from being a decent comedian.

How can you be a Marxist but advocate neoliberal imperialism over SocDem pacifism if not from a accelerationist standpoint?
t. Engels

He's a fucking Zionist and neoliberal apologist. How the fuck is that marxism?

There's your catch

Where was this one?
He is not apologizing for it, he is calming it is a necessary stage in capitalist development, which, (unless you have been living under a fucking rock), seems quite accurate. ==NO ONE IS CONDONING SHIT== , he s just saying it is inevitable.

Reading through his statements and his phrasing, it is crystal clear he isn't an accelerationist at all. It's clearly lesser evilism/reformism. Hell, it's not even reformism, it's just neoliberal apologetics

can you link me to where this "apologizing" takes place?

Imperialism is NEVER the necessarty stage in capitalist development, it perpetuates capitalism more than anything else. Contrary to conservative belief, it actually doesn't build up the third world, it rather extracts their surplus but doesn't reinvest it. For capitalism to be developing, you'd need a national bourgeoisie accumulating and reinvesting, but imperialism prevents exactly that

It's not even lesser evilism but Theory of Productive Forces which is orientalist and chauvinist as fuck.

Look at this shit:

"Confronting the anti-neoliberal left" LMAO

And quite anti-marxist as well. Reading through the introduction of the Russian edition of Das Kapital it becomes quite clear that Marx did realize that socialism could take place in an underdeveloped place without the necessary "perk points" of productive forces

The post itself doesn't explain much, and it is accompanied by an hour long video.
But from what I can pick up so far, I doesn't seem they are all neolib cock suckers, but instead just criticizing the eagerness of some facets of the left collaborate with nationalist groups like Le pen and so on.

Just watched Klimans presentations

Here are his slides

Pretty fucked imho
starting to agree with tankfag, but first i think we need some confirmation on the numbers he presents when saying that middle class wages have not stagnated.

I'm thinking I sould make this into it's own thread, topic seems to have evolved pass what we where discussing

Why do people keep calling Brendan a Zionist? Has he said ANYTHING about Palestine? He isn't Chris Cutrone, he isn't Ross Wolfe.

don't worry, that will never happen

If there's one thing Stirner was right about, it was Humanism.

this fucker, i had him in a standard as i recognized him as a truly smart guy, being him the one who introduced me into politics and economics.

why are these brains (kapitalism101, rebel absurdity) abandoning us? we should ask them about the flaws of marxism and why they became revisionists.

rebel absurdity was a moron.


Brendan never let go of his Zionist beliefs, sadly.

Is Brendan Jewish? I'm not an antisemite I just want to know. I know he's Irish but his facial features look kind of jewwy.




He believes the world has to go through neoliberalism before global communist revolution can occur.

I never thought that.

Personally, I've always thought that you were dogmatic pedants.

He probably realized that leftism in the US is never going to happen. Best just to secure a nice career for yourself and have fun with your life rather than wasting your years on this earth trying to de-classcuck americans.

He should just become a Third Worldist then.