Guns are bad

guns are bad

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Make guns illegal. That's how we stopped everyone from doing drugs. Worked really well!

guns are actually good though

I have conflicting thoughts on this issue but I think I'm coming out the other side more pro-gun

what is this picture ?

Paracel islands outside the coast of Vietnam, google is 100% hiding something from us.

Is Ron Paul right on this one lads?

With the deadly power of drones he's got a point. Armed workers would never be able to beat a machine that could just bomb them with the press of a button.

Think in actual practical terms.
Do you see any revolution happening any time soon in the classcucked states of america?
Now how many shootings happened just this year alone?
I rest my case.

wtf i love being disarmed now

Guns can be good


Yeah because a government using drones on its own population shows healthy signs of staying around.

Exactly. Only the extremely reactionary police force and military should be allowed to own guns. Surely this will not backfire in any way.

drones don't even work that accurately, doesn't obama have like a 90% "wrong target hit" record?


People who want to use guns for illegal activity will acquire them regardless of legal countermeasures. With background checks (which are definitely needed) the potential for harm with legal firearms is minimized. Retards leaving loaded guns around that kids get their hands on is a separate issue.

As soon as the US or other major power bombs their own citizens they lose all legitimacy and become a rogue state as far as other countries are concerned. As is evident from the middle east, rebellions/militant groups entrench themselves within the population. Not even the American media could sugarcoat bombing their own suburbs.

ever wondered why is it that the country most devoted to defending gun rights is also the one most devoted to porkies?

keep pretending you're "arming the workers" while your country gives power to people who militarize the police guts the unions, guts the wellbeing of its citizens and subjugate an entire planet.

America is not the "most devoted to porkies." As the global hegemonic power it is infested with billionaires and other rootless cosmopolitans who are trying to get a piece of that sweet imperialist pie.

Yeah, it's only the billionaires looking for their self interest. There's no die hard classcucks with muh bootstraps ideology and "ima voat against muh own self interest evry tiem cuz I'm so smarth also fuck le commies ayehuck".

You are very clearly not an american. This country has been transformed into one of the most classcucked nations on earth. The days of american labor literally fighting to the death against capitalists is long gone. America is now a country of hyper nationalist pigs who have bought into porky ideology so hard that politicians who would be considered right wing in many 1st world countries are called socialists/commies in here.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free Proletariat, the right of the workers to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
-Karl Marx, The Constitution of the United States

Giving a shit about other people getting killed is a spook.

Just stay in your bunker, and you won't get shot.

True but we need them anyway.


what's this from?

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