Daily News Thread 10/7

US to sell $15bn missile defence to Saudi Arabia

The US government has approved the sale to Saudi Arabia of its advanced Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) missile defence system.

Merkel pushes for 3-way "Jamaica" coalition in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged her conservatives on Saturday to forge a three-way alliance with the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) and the Greens, her most explicit backing yet for the so-called “Jamaica” coalition.

Protests for Navalny across Russia on Putin birthday

More than 100 people have been arrested as supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny hold protests in some 80 cities across Russia, reports say.

U.S. deaths in Niger highlight Africa military mission creep

U.S. special forces soldiers were with their counterparts from Niger on Wednesday in the West African nation’s volatile southwest, a growing hot-bed of jihadist violence, when the report came in of a raid nearby.

Sudan sanctions: US lifts most economic restrictions after two decades

The US is lifting most of the economic and trade sanctions it first imposed on Sudan two decades ago.

New York City: 'Islamic State attack plot' is revealed

A jihadist plot to attack New York City including Times Square and the subway system was foiled with the help of an undercover FBI agent, officials say.

France's Emmanuel Macron finds 'president of the rich' label sticks

After scrapping a wealth tax and reaching out to big investors Macron's popularity is flagging.

Journalist Kim Wall's head found in sea near Copenhagen

The head of Swedish journalist Kim Wall has been found, two months after she disappeared on a trip with a Danish submariner, Danish police say.

British tourist faces 3-year prison sentence in Dubai for 'brushing against man in bar'

A British tourist is facing a three-year jail sentence in Dubai after he touched a man's hip to stop himself spilling his drink while walking through a crowded bar.

Hurricane Nate threatens U.S. central Gulf Coast after killing 25

Hurricane Nate may strengthen on Saturday, threatening to hit the U.S. central Gulf Coast with strong winds and storm surges after it killed at least 25 people in Central America.

There’s a Climate Bomb Under Your Feet

Soil locks away carbon just as the oceans do. But that lock is getting picked as the atmosphere warms and development accelerates.

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What would a “Jamaica” coalition in Germany represent?


The Fraternity Paradox: Lower GPA, Higher Incomes

Party more, study less and still do better than other male graduates in the work force. What's the secret?

Israel Aims to Make Its Dystopic Prison Initiative World Model


OH LOOK, I can finally fucking post in this thread. Fucking Jim.

Is jim the new owner? what happened to hotwheels. I havent been here lately


So they can better take on Iran. jk it's all just money laundering

Hahaha oh wow, how will Holla Forumsreddit defend this one again?

Nevada is among the places that has the highest rate of suicide in the world, and also one of the most lax gun laws. Despite few people owning guns in Nevada, those that do are twice as likely to commit suicide than any other part of the United States.

Researchers have also found that suicide rates are higher in rapidly growing populations. Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, is adding roughly 30,000 to 40,000 residents each year. When places grow so fast, social isolation, fragmentation, and lack of community cohesiveness — all of which are frequently correlated with suicide — increase.


Trump is actually responsible for women being allowed to drive in SA you know, and promoting liberal progressive values around the world is what Holla Forums was always about.


Hotwheels hasn't owned Holla Forums since 2015, dude. How long were you gone?

The new Saudi prince and the large amount of young people are responsible for that.

Is this even news anymore? Also reminder that dumbass saudis literally have no idea how to use all the tech they buy from americans.

The only thing the new Saudi prince is responsible for is war crimes and incompetence in Yemen. He doesn't deserve credit, only the gallows.

He can both be a horrible war criminal as well as liberal and progressive. Probably learned that one from Obama.

I can't possibly see this backfiring in any way, shape or form
something something they'd have to be high to do it.
happy birthday you murderous beady-eyed pseudo-dictator intelligence agency appendage
Sure they did. In other news I just stopped the Martians from invading by invading somebody's privacy, give me your nation's highest military honor and a blowjob!
so laws now are basically government officials autistically screeching they aren't [insert sexuality their society finds objectionable here]?


President Deals


If there's one sure fire way for The United Snakes Empire to irreparably fuck up it's by putting boots on the ground in Africa like they did in Southeast Asia and The Middle East. Black-Americans would actually radicalize and cause trouble on the American home front if that happened. They're a paranoid, anti-government bunch that feels a lot closer to people who look like them no matter where they live than they do with their "countrymen" and I don't blame them. They ain't been properly integrated yet like American society did with the Irish, Italians etcetera 100-years-ago. They're perpetual foreigners most of whose ancestors got shipped to America way before The United States was even a country and still just British colonies. Testing their loyalty by expecting them to back the country they never really gave a shit bout in a war to bring freedom™ to Niger, Chad or whatever African country The United Caliphates Of Burgerstan's got it's beady Eternal Eagle eyes on would spark an anti-war movement the likes of which the world ain't seen since the late 60s/early 70s and it'll drive a wedge through the country deeper than anything any Bernie Sanders-tier politician could hope to repair. Niggas would be ready to secede PKK-style I reckon…

…here's hoping this hypothetical anti-African war movement sees American imperialism as a symptom of capitalism and it's need to fight stagnation at all costs to survive and works towards dropping class consciousness on the masses and bringing down The American Empire from within so the rest of the world might actually get a chance to Google Bookchin (or read Das Kapital cuz Bookchin's borderline SuccDem revisionism) without burgers trying round the clock to undermine any grassroots political chance they don't control with their CIA shills and world police-tier foreign policy.

just btw Navalny is very liberal in some ways yet extremely racist, much more than Putin and his gang

dont fall for western boosting of him

Can someone explain this to me

Don't. Bashir's government still funds the Janjaweed, """Arab""" supremacists who kill and rape people in Darfur who're of the same colour as them cuz they ain't Arabized. Of course Sudan's Arab League government only lets this happen cuz Darfur's got oil and the locals ain't too happy bout it all flowing towards Khartoum along with all the money it's worth.

Let's be honest, the future of American warfare isn't just going to be the Middle East, America is going to get its claws on Africa before it ever digs its teeth into Africa. There's so much money to be made and the Military Industrial Complex has so many grand ideas.

South America and Asia seem unlikely, Asia particularly. Africa however, there's money to be made in Africa. And the United States needs to forever expand empire in the future.

Merkel needs to form a coalition government after the latest federal election because SPD intends to operate as an opposition party now. The coalition she is pursuing is one with parties whose colors make up the Jamaican flag. Her own party CDU (black), FDP (yellow), and the Greens (green, duh).

Prolly cuz Iran would pulverize them otherwise. Saudi Arabia's a lot like Israel, it ain't shit without big bad America to look out for it. The Saudi military's a joke too. The country's such a backward monarchy that all the generals are rich princes who're in charge of men who spent decades at military academies to learn the art of war. They can barely even hold their own against Yemeni Shiite militias armed with nothing but AK-47s and Qur'ans to the south of them.

As an ignorant American shithead I thought it meant the actual nation of Jamaica.

It already is/has, just not as badly as it did with The Middle East. Abby Martin's got a documentary out bout The United States Military's ops in Africa. You should watch it. If an all out invasion happens it can't happen without a fucktonne of radicalization going on in The United States and that's the silver lining to this.

Because somehow they still manage to get bullied off Yemen and need more assistance.

I seriously doubt that, African Americans are still Americans. This sounds like some far right fever dream.

BREAKING: Gunman attacks Saudi security forces at gate of Jeddah royal palace


An angry shia, I presume? Perhaps someone with family in Yemen.

Anyone firing at a royal palace in Saudi Arabia is fine by me.

Like this

oh no not black people

Iranian president defends nuclear deal, says Trump can not undermine it


Might also be an AQAP fellow. Don't forget the Al Qaeda is actually supposed to be aiming to overthrow the House of Saud.


Trump blows more hot air out of his ass. I don't even give a shit about what he says about NK at this point but I suppose it's news.


That's expected. Iran has global support for once. USA is out in the cold on this one.

Doesn't he realize that all of this "tough talk" is just going weaken America's position in Asia?

I'm sure Japan and South Korea love being in the middle of this pissing contest.

It's Trump

BASED Saudis.

Uh. Excuse me, your picture is degrading to women. Delete it immediately.

is this how they commune with the nazbol gods?

Didn't Saudi Arabia announce it was buying Russian arms literally yesterday?

Why am I not surprised

wow it's fucking nothing

gee I wonder what's the secret