Angela Nagle interview with /ourguy/, responding to her critics. Quite a few BTFOs against red liberals featured

Angela Nagle interview with /ourguy/, responding to her critics. Quite a few BTFOs against red liberals featured.

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Why should we care about this lady?

She wrote a book about poltards, continuously drags the idpol left and is on top of it published on Dougs publishing house, Zero Books


who the fuck has time to listen to 42 minutes of people talk

if you have something to say write a fucking essay or something (but have it better edited than your shitty book) and stop wasting our time

wtf I hate podcasts now

As you should. They are even more worthless than lectures. At least there if you are lucky you can ask questions afterwards. But podcasts, unless they are just music, are without any redeeming quality.

Her, DeBoer, Michael Tracey, Amber Frost, etc are really splitting paths from conventional internet leftism, and really… I can't stand most other leftist personalities.

It's just alway. the. same. thing. that. doesn't. work.

Why is it worse to listen to a podcast whilst cycling or w/e than it is to listen to music?

Do you never, like, walk around town, take public transports or drive a car while listening to the radio ? You have the mental capacities to listen to something while moving at the same time, no ?


Same reason you are not supposed to talk to the bus driver while on road. It's distracting and you are either not paying attention to it or not paying attention to the traffic. So please don't do it.


No I never do that. Walking should be enjoyed completely disconnected.

Cycling in Amsterdam is a living nightmare, m8.

I always feel bad when I'm the only person in the bus at night and I don't talk to the bus driver.

This is some highly weaponized autism

I think you might be retarded.


Easy mistake.

t. the kind of niggas that always check their tire pressure and oil before driving


Do you not listen to music while driving? If your friends in the car do you just sit in mutual silence? This is amazing.

Not that guy but there's a difference between listening to music whilst cycling and being in a car.

Only if you're a retarded tourist who can't bike for shit

You really should. Using a phone while driving should get you shot.

There's a difference in a live discussion where you can regulate the pace and easily ask to repeat what you couldn't pay attention to because you had to watch the road, and listening to a recorded discussion where those parts will just go missing likely ruining the whole train of thought of the discussion, especially for serious stuff like Theory™.

it's not silence dumbass there are sounds everywhere and it's important to learn to appreciate them

Nagle is probably the most Holla Forums academic I've seen getting any sort of attention. Good find OP

itt: people who can't multitask for shit

Nobody can multitask, it's a myth.


who cares about this

her book is just a timeline of chan culture and little else.

As someone who listens to podcasts while driving to work and drives a lot, I can tell you that's complete bullshit. Discussions with live humans require a lot more attention and activity than just listening to podcasts/radio. Just admit you where wrong user

You can passively listen to it but you can't pay attention to it while also paying attention to something else.

This was actually pretty bad. It was just a whole lot of complaining about the negative reactions - complaining about the kind of reaction they both knew she was going to get. The only positive part was a pitch to further study the aut-right at the end, which should be done, if only to get to know the enemy some more.

You totally can, fam. I've been listening to podcasts while gaming for a fucking eternity. So long as you don't multitask with similar things (reading while listening to someone talk), it's totally doable. Pretty much every mechanical activity can be multitasked with a social or intellectual activity. You can walk while reading, for example.

You literally can't, it's humanly impossible:

All you do is rapidly switch between the tasks which of course makes you significantly worse at both. If you are going to read while walking it's going to be a very shallow reading and you are probably going to bump into something.

The point of it was a response to her critics, as it says right there, which she did. Your post is terrible.


Reading while walking is not the same thing as listening to a podcast while driving. Several people have testified that they multitask while listening to podcasts, which disproves your thesis entirely. Saying that people can't drive and listen to podcasts because you can't read and walk is like saying you can't listen to music and play vidya because you can't juggle while playing the violin.

You can "listen" but you can't effectively pay attention which undermines the whole point. Of course we are talking about complex discussions here, not some morning radio show bullshitting. I'm sure you can ask anyone on Holla Forums and they will tell you that when you are distracted you can "read" without actually understanding anything or even remembering what you have just read, it's the same "listening."

Did you even read the article, fam? You obviously can't do one thing with one hand while doing another thing with another, but you certainly can listen to something while doing things with your hands.
No, I'm not rapidly switching between playing vidya and listening to someone talk. I'm playing vidya while listening to someone talk.

No it's real listening. Your argument implies that if I so much as drum my fingers while reading I'm "distracted". The fact is that there's little conflict between mechanical and cognitive activities

But I can pay attention. While driving I listen to podcasts discussing everything from autonomist movements to architecture, with no problem following and critically thinking about the discussion

While the rest of her book was surprisingly decent, if a little on the "more like a breezy tl;dr forum post than a book" side stylistically. But while I hate to be that guy, there is one massive, gaping hole in the book, which stands out all the more given how on point everything else was: THE ENTIRE SECTION ON GG IS A LAZY COPYPASTE OF THE BLATANT LIES AND SELF-CONTRADICTIONS FROM THE WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE AND MAINSTREAM HACK JOURNALISM!

Can somebody who has any contact with her please straighten her out on this, or at least direct her to some material on GG that isn't complete garbo, like the dossier:

Or the fixed Wikipedia article:

So how come during grade school I was able to constantly read books in class, get all As, and ace the reading comprehension tests for the books? I was reading books and listening to lessons at the same time, and I performed almost maximally at both. I only stopped because they wouldn't let me read in class any more because it "distracted" the other students. So I started drawing or writing instead because from a distance that looked like taking notes. Nowadays I listen to podcasts while reading or playing video games or working with text (writing, data entry, etc) and it works fine. If anything I find it easier when I'm fully occupied with multiple things because no part of my mind will start to wander and get distracted.

GG was just a little slap fight between liberal factions. Both sides benefited from it (the right moreso, since it appears that it was part of a larger plan to radicalize reactionary gamers.) Let it go. The only good thing to come out of it is the fact that your average internet nazi is now a virgin gaymer rather than an ex-con. Makes it so much easier to mock and marginalize them.

It was a thinly disguised culture war, there was never merit in it, fuck off and get over it.

dude who cares lmao

not true if you're black Mao Zedong, like that motherfucker clearly is

Too bad she refused to do her homework on gamergate.

This, I had to drop the book when I got there, I have no reason to trust her research on any of the other topics when she got that so fucking wrong.

How are people on this board big enough faggots to defend gamergate?

8ch exists because of gg.

Many of us were around when the lies were flung in our direction. I actually helped write said "dossier" here

This is more than a matter of "defending gamergate", it's about getting basic facts right. Why should I trust anything else in her book when she is so wrong on something I was at ground zero for? I'm feeling the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect here.

Gamergate was literally and attempt to preserve rampant consumerism as an "identity".

And outside of this board the rest of 8ch is either shit or dead.

Everything she writes is mental mastrabatory nonsense about internet communities and internet drama

She is a pulpy trashy tabloid writer for the post modern age.

Would you "Nagle" her?

Nah. She has a nice voice but her neck is like, weirdly fat

t. the male models of Holla Forums


It's not just that section that's inaccurate tbh. Her analysis and basic information about imageboards is pretty weak and I'm honestly kind of taken aback by how many people here either don't know this or just let it slide. It's very much the work of an outsider looking in and it shows very hard. It reminds me a lot of how some people reacted to Fight Club, where they just plain didn't understand why the concept of jettisoning society would appeal to people who deep down felt cheated by society. There's a tinge of liberal/imperialist "sightseeing" about the whole thing where these people are seen as an anthropological curiosity and their activities are deliberately being played for a "wow isn't that strange" factor. It's as if there's cognitive dissonance at play here and the outsiders looking in are trying to avoid considering that under different circumstances they might be just like the people they sneer at. The whole thing carries an implication of essentialism and tribalism where a primary motivation is to reinforce one's own identity as "not a barbarian" by virtue of just being inherently better or more normal.

Although I'm going off articles she's written about the subject and excerpts from the book which give the impression that the book itself is a waste of time since I've seen this kind of thing before from plenty of people writing about "fringe" subcultures.

She spends about a chapter of the book decrying the lack of civility on image boards and citing Freud to show how cultural transgression will destroy """"proper""""" """"civilization"""". She's also said in an interview that she prefers print to screens, so I think she has a bit of contempt for internet culture as a whole.

Nagle is really spot on though in her analysis of the culture wars. She's super anti-idpol and basically says that the culture wars are a dead end for politics. Unfortunately, her techno reactionary tendencies cause her analysis to come across as whining instead of potentially inspiring.

I really wonder what Nagle would say about Holla Forums, since we're basically the uncomfortable merger of her poltical views with the transgressive online culture she views as dangerous.

No, I never let it go, because Gamergate was the clarion call terminating a centuries-old alliance between political leftism and liberal culture. There were other tremors before, like Atheism+, OWS, and the Science Wars, but GG was when we realized it was totally unsalvageable, and "leftism" as an institution in culture must be completely destroyed to ever become useful again.

"muh consumer revolt" and "muh ethics in game journalism" are memes bubbling from the putrid twatters of the goons, GG was about fighting corruption, regardless of whatever else the causes of GG also produced.

People trying to smear it as something it wasn't are vindictive scum that want to pretend every significant objection to the incessant witchhunts and revisionism of SJWs came from rightists, instead of the former comrades alienated by their cultish power games.

They have to be reminded, every day, that actual leftists are their bitterest enemies. GG is far from the only example, but it's an important one.

I hope the next time something so nonpartisan and broadly infuriating happens, we have what it takes not just to mobilize people, but to keep the inertia going long enough we can plow some major enemies into the ground and put some enduring legal reforms in place.

This is the most autistic post I've seen all week nigga

I hope next time I'm not so naive about politics. Breitbart fuckers who would constantly try to inject politics into things while I would try to keep them narrowly focused on the task at hand (improving the video game reporting industry). I like to think this is what killed the movement (for me) but perhaps my own unwillingness to debate them also had a hand in it.


kill yourself you fucking retard

I'm going to screenshot this and present it to everyone who tried to push GG as something with any value


This is a flat out lie. I only read while walking and my reading comprehension is a fucking