Anti-putin protests

Huge demonstrations happening today (lil putin's birthday) in cities all around Russia.
The protests was called by opposition leader Navalny who is in jail like the 10th time for doing absolutely nothing.
October revolution 2.0 when?

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Eh, the Russian regime is still pretty solid because it appears to be solid. I think things will only change when Putin retires (he doesn't strike me as a president for life guy, I think he will get tired of all the shit at some point).

Nah he is gonna stay and keep stealing money for his yachts and mansions and if he doesnt want to be president he will just put his friend in power


why are there so many CIA threads lately on every country the US is trying to destroy?

Whatsup with leftypol and support for the Russian government? You dont realise how fucking shit is to live here, in the USA you get to choose between 2 billionaires. Here you only get to choose 1 billionare

Proofs or it didn't happen🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

here you dont have to watch your army invade half the world so they can keep the fiat curreny afloat which a private bank makes out of nothing and you owe trillions od dollars.
not to mention degenerates get thrown in jail.

How did he support the Russian government? He just doubted it would collapse.
Also, thinking bourgeois 'democracy' would fix anything is a joke.

Oh look nasralny schoolboys are on 8ch too
get back sosach

The point of Navalny campaign is not to implement democracy like the one in the West, he knows very well putin and his goons are not going to let that happen. He is all about exposing the rampant corruption that happens in Russia and waking the fuck out of people.

Just admit it, you love getting fucked in the ass

This tbh, where did I support the Russian government? If there was a genuine communist uprising in a year or two I would go to support (learning Russian at uni, would actually have useful skills in such a conflict), but I just doubt that is going to happen. Post-modernist regimes are something no-one knows how to combat yet, and while I support anti-gov protests I am not sure they will achieve much.

So like the one we have in Russia?

Tankies never seize to amaze me. Reminder that you where at one point in history a revolutionary anti-capitalist force

Tankies here are the more right wing than the most right wing groups in europe

Why sage tho?

Because my reply was off topic and didn't warrant a bump? As is this

Another October revolution could only occur if there was an actual communist protest, Navalny is a liberal as is much of the opposition

No one said that opposing Putin means you are CIA, if you oppose them for the right reasons. But today there is a large consistent of liberals in opposition.

The thing you dont understand is that Russia didnt have any big political movements for a long time, a movement like the one happening right now can be a ground for spreading left wing ideas
if you are ruski watch video that I posted here

This time make it an actual revolution instead of just a coup, please.

Read bordiga

There just a bunch of worthless liberals, the whole notion of an anti-Putin protest is a liberal notion its not an anti-capitalist protest but rather its blaming one individual

wow you are a really funny guy lol

fuck off oppurtunist
your days are numbered

Its more of an anti corruption notion that blames the Russian bureaucracy for their corrupion

They have internet in your squat?


Putin is literally the second coming of Stalin, if you are against him you are a counter revolutionary and deserve dead

To be fair, you have to have a very high I.Q to understand Bordiga. The theory is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of Marx's works most of the points will go over a typical reader's head. There's also Bordiga's dialectical outlook, which is deftly woven into his views - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The leftcoms understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of his writings, to realize that they're not just true - they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike left communism truly ARE opportunists- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the theoritical insight in the left communist's existencial catchphrase "Read Bordiga," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Amadeo Bordiga's genius unfolds itself on the pages of his books. What fools… how I pity them. 😂 And yes by the way, I DO have an armchair tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 I.Q points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

Finally someone who is on the same page as I am


I don't like Putin that much but he's maybe *the* leading anti-imperalist today and all leftists need to support him.



Everyone else is too afraid to get beaten up by police, if you are against putin you will get beaten the fuck out.
Google pussy riot

that's a genuine "protest" and not at all spectacle orchestrated to keep rusbots in a pseudo-political frenzy over nothing

I'm good.

In tankie mind if you are non-Western imperialist then you are anti-imperalist. So there are no contradiction.

What did he mean by this

pic is PM's Medvedev mansion (one of the many he has)

No, it’s the opposite.

The guy has good taste.


would you like me to post pictures of mansions of the guys that the "protest" organisers work for?

theyre a bunch of dumb attention whores with cheap tricks.

the only reason theyre against putin is because thats how you get attention in russian nowadays.

Why do people feel the need to defend the Russian Government 24/7 though.

because doing nothing would be letting the US go through with their "end of history" concept

I heard that there are a ton of people waiting to prosecute him on corruption charges, but they can't because he has immunity while in office. He's basically like Ceasar in Gaul, if he steps down then he will be charged. I think he'll die in office.

That really doesn't add up to me. You should hold capitalist government's accountable for their actions, in corruption, irresponsibility, in their relationship with their populace

Criticizing the Russian government isn't saying "Woo I love the Democrats in the United States, they hacked the election", it's just criticizing the Russian government. And there's plenty about it to critique. There's plenty of corruption and affluent people, even people within the state, engaging in human trafficking and smuggling.

We shouldn't just bat a blind eye at Russia and pretend its the good guy. It's a state that exists with all the consequences of the fall of the Soviet Union.

His best work is definitely Pickle Bordiga.

You realise by saying that protesters are getting paid is a bigger stupidity than Holla Forums claiming we are getting paid by soros, right?

Listen to some of the lyrics they have, they are pretty good

Post it please

They are either

i said protest organisers.
protestors are a bunch of dumb cattle, like anywhere in the world, no matter the cause.
and speaking of soros, he was banned in russia exactly for sponsoring such groups.

peak post-modernism

Well their money was made by stolen labour.
Russian bureaucracy steals tax money and claims they didnt steal anything when its pretty obvius they do.
Maybe the 2 groups are shit, but Russia didnt have a big political movement in a lot of time and this is a ground for leftist ideas developing again

Friendly reminder Russian government is so butt-hurt about having an opposition movement they spend money for people to work on finding anti putin videos and buy bots to dislike them, we call them Kremlibots here.

its easier to make a revolution happen in 1984 than the brave new world

russias big political movement now is the new nomenoclature and the russian form of patriotism and anti-westernism.

leftism in russia is split into two small groups;
old school stalinist commies and a bunch of anarchist punk gangs.

Don't the idiots know that, that only garners more "interest" for the videos?

The point is for the videos to never appear in recommended so new people dont ever find out this videos

sure it must suck but Navalny is worse than Putin, Navalny is a racist asshole

sure it must suck but Navalny is worse than Putin, Navalny is a racist asshole


You don't live in Russia tho…

What is to be done lads?

That's debatable but makes sense since it's doubtful that the "civilized" people in Brave New World have really any sort of inkling for change since their serotonin and dopamine receptors are working at the highest frequency 24/7

But in 1984 underneath the crushing the torpor and gloom, there's still a glimmer of hope

I used to

At least 300 people where detained for peacefully protesting yesturday

Any source that proves it?
As far as I am aware he is a civic nationalist (which is a non racist form of nationalism)
Sure he is a shitty lib but its the best Russia can have right now. Just like france used liberalism to get out of feudalism, liberalism can be used to get out of the feudal mafia sultanate that is Russia RN.


Opposition """""leader"""""
He's just a Western shill who gets most support from the west. Imagine Pewdiepie as an opposition leader and you will get why a huge majority of Russians refuse to take him seriously.
The closest person the non-parliamentary have as a leader is Sergei Udaltsov. But the West is not very keen in supporting him, for obvious reasons.

probably because they're paid to do so

Because a lot of people still remember the 90ies.
The shock liberalisation of the markets allowed you to buy factories, kolkhoz and sovkhoz for one symbolic kopeck.
And the alarmingly increasing rate of crime it came along with it, because some "entrepreneurs" were a little too ambitious.
Basically during the transition from the Soviet Union over to Russia you could basically taste the first accumulation of capital in fast motion and basically every Russian millionaire is a criminal who hopes, time and power will legalise their unlawful gainings.
Also 90ies Russia were traumatic as fuck and Putin, despite being part of a shady clique, promised them peace and stability. It worked, this is why they are so stupidly loyal to him.


Demand is as high as always.

everything good that can be attributed to putin was achieved thanks to high oil prices.

Demand was as high as always.
Yeltsin couldn't do it, Putin actually did it.
This is what stuck.

you are a goddamn idiot. putin has nothing to do with oil prices. He was lucky oil became expensive. Now that oil is cheaper his entire economy is crumbling.

You can dismiss me as an idiot, but the fact remains that Putin is a little less greedy than Yeltsin.
I am not defending Putin in any way. I am just explaining why the Russians think he's the best and want to make him a playable Civ character in the future.


No we don't you goddamn liar! putin is only supported by literate people, only thanks because of he had 10 years of high oil prices to invest oil money into media to zombifyi idiots who don't know how to use the internet.


putin is a strongman with the objective of making russia a superpower again.
yeltsin was a drunk american fuck.
everyone else is either a fucking lapdog or a opportunist on foregein payroll.
there is literally not a single person you can present as a good alternative to putin without having russia collapse one way or another.

and you can stick your liberal democracy up your fucking ass.

he's not leading anything, him and all the russian elites all have their money stored away safely in the west and simply play up the "anti-West" rhetoric for internal consumption in order to appear 'stronk' to the populace
heck, Kim Jong Un is more of a leading anti-imperialist then Putin is

If you praise right wing leaders, why are you browsing Holla Forums to begin with?
Communism is supposed to be nation-less, so why should I care?

You sound like a very strange fellow.

is that really a bad thing? Seriously, if a country's only way to sustain itself is by keeping a reactionary fuckdictator in power than that country should just not exist.
also >foreign payroll
you do know Putin has people on his payroll in every single european country right? He's a fucking imperialis bastard.

fuck off kremlinbot

The only person who can make Russia great again is Zyuganov.

you can scream all you want about dictators n shiet
I personally couldn't give less of a fuck about who is in office as long as he is not a western puppet like Yeltsyn
this burger system of elections is shit anyway
a fucking circus
we have a new fresh meat young governors and an oldfart governors
difference - zero

You are either a paid troll or idiot and becouse you worship right wing dictator don't belong on leftypol.

putin was put in power by yeltsin. putin is literally yeltsins successor, putin was crowned by yeltsin. they are one and the same.

no shit, idiot. This is Holla Forums. Pretty much everyone here resents bourgeoisie'democracy''

Anyway, if you are sincere and not putins paid troll, please read more books. Watch youtube videos. Eat healthy, exercise. You sound like a goddamn idiot.

proofs or back to eating dildos

no, I'm not
I just don't like to choose between different types of shit

you stupid if you really think this
putin was put in power, but not by yeltsin
dude was barely standing and speaking

so what do you propose?
"it's shit but lets vote for Hillary-Trump-whatever surely it will change anything for the better!"
just fuck off to burgerland if you're so pig eager to take part in the special election olimpics

confirmed for retard

If you are to dumb to google Russian left, fuck of the internet.

It was like that, and you are braindead to question reality! putin was put into power by yeltisn, putin didn't even win the elections.
putin was assigned as prime minister by yeltsin and then yeltsin resigned and assigned putin as new president.

You goddamn idiot can't even read! Your stupid comment is irrelevant to what I just wrote.

Lmao, what a shill. Fuck off.

Some news.

Apparently there are still people protesting in Saint Petersburg. Like I previously have posted there is movement that aims to make a revolution in 2017-11-05. This might be the begging,
Or not.

Go back to Rainbow Unicorn Land where all the trannies live.

That would be a nightmarish hellhole

+15 rubles

15+ rubles, also this video seems like great satire. Will use ironically in the future.

Hows that navalny protest going? Areny you ashamed of scamming russian school boys out of their money for "fight for democracy" and against "corruption"

How many times do I have to tell you retards. This is leftypol, if you want to worship right wing leaders, go to pol.


Leader of oligarchy with highest wealth inequality in the world, that has million times proudly called himself a capitalist that supports privatization. Take a wild ques.

Also,if your idiotic comment implies that putin is centrist, then still go back to pol.
Leftypol is left wing.

Putin is a neoliberal, neoliberals are neither right nor left wing
And im not supporting Putin, im just saying that Navalny is much worse choice and Putin is the best possible thing for russia right now


neoliberalism is capitalism and capitalism is right wing,

you are a usefull idiot then.

Completely irrelevant. I don't support navalny and haven't mentioned him even once.

Eat a dick, faggot. The only good thing for Russia is communism.

It takes certain kind of cretin to come to leftist website and worship right wing oligarch

uhh so i guess soviet union was right wing? (it was state capitalism)

Capitalism is when means of production belong to the capitalist
Socialism is when means of production belong to the workers,

Soviet Union is closer to State Socialism, they presented themselves as nation in which workers own means of production trough the state.

Like said in this comment

Read books and watch good youtube Channels.

the whole point of communism is to make the life of an average person better.
but if you destroy an entire country and consequently all its allies because you dont agree with what some guys on top think youre not exactly the brightest. which you will notice after the destroyed countries will be swalowed up by a new mega-hegemonical neoliberal empire monopoly.

"I don't care which dick is shoved up my ass, as long as it isn't foreign" -t.90% of russians


i take it you already have american dick up your ass and thus have nothing to lose

you have no idea how russia works do you, you liberal starbucks shitposting NEET burger


Here we have the national inferiority complex, identifiable by a moany "but americaaaaaaa!" whenever confronted with the reality of their situation.

no. that bullshit used to justify his accension to such a high office. he was put in power by the deepstate clique that wanted to be a superpower again.

wtf i love putin now

that drunk fuck would sign his own orbituary if he was given the pen.


Shiggy diggy

right-left politics died after the cold war.
anyone that still uses this scale should be hanged

au contrare.
you feel the need to provoke instability in a country that is independent because you envy them since your country is a US province.
you beleive that only a global revolution that will put everyone on the same bottom line is the best thing to do so you can hide your shame and then yell "were all the same now"

i laughed so hard my lunch came back up

the guy I was replying to literally said russia would collapse without putin you ilititerate fuckface


That's literally a fake quote.

I'll take premature arbitrary detention and capital controls for $200 Alex.

Give up on Marxism-Leninism


if he was reffering to "putin" as in the nomenoclature of state officials and oligarchs (which youre probably also arguing against) he was right.

are you sure you dont want a revolution with martial law topping and total social collapse sauce with an distopian aftermeal?