Why do some nations still arrest people for loli but watching extreme gore and torture porn(Where real people are being...

Why do some nations still arrest people for loli but watching extreme gore and torture porn(Where real people are being harmed) is completely legal?

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read Bordiga.

read bordiga

I'm going to bully all leftcoms after the revolution


something something think of the imaginary children(but not like that). I feel like anti-loli laws are the sort of thing that in the present climate of madness could be the basis upon which rights are given to fictional characters(including religious icons but different wording would be used to make that connection).

Truly Holla Forums is infested with plebeians.

yes… bully

I just can't stand it, it is without fail blunt and cringy. Even the most produced porn feels less forced.

3DPD porn was a mistake

3DPD porn was a mistake

while physical violence is immediately comprehensible even to children, childhood sexuality is too traumatic to even think of confronting. read freud

Because 3DPD porn is so much better with its needlessly long video length and over the top acting/moaning

Eh, real porn just turns me off at this point. I hate the generic 'super model / porn star' look for women, and I don't like how the girls are just in it for the money and often hate being there. Hentai writing is trash, but who really reads it for the plot anyway?

by erotic literature do you mean fuckin hentai?

Yes, and passages in various non erotic novels. I have to admit I have not read any literary erotic fiction.

Guys, guys, I hate produced 3D porn just as much as the next weeb. I'm exaggerating for effect.

You know the vast majority of the 'amateur' stuff is produced also, right?

no, I live under a fucking rock

Then why make this weird distinction between porn in general and 'produced porn' as if the two are not basically synonyms?

Because it's a very distinct style of porn that is or used to be the industry standard. It represents normalcy even if it isn't normal.

site goblin?

everyone in here should watch the Brass Eye Paedogeddon special


Cultural spooks and history, I'd reckon.

My biggest kink is passionate sex between mildly attractive people who genuinely love or lust after each other. Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to properly get off?

You clearly haven't been reading the right erotic literature. Stallman was right when he said that 1D is the best. A well written erotic story is always better than a well drawn picture and well drawn 2D porn is always better than 3DPD porn videos.

I have some idea at least. My main fetish is sufficiently niche that there are usually no more than one or two images related to it even for popular characters.

If you're a gay furry I can't recommend Kyell Gold highly enough, if not, well, can't offer you much more than good luck, sorry.

Could you imagine Karl Marx horror to see the last holdout of actual leftist theorist discussion now debating over Loli child porn?

it's fun

It makes a change from the 129873812435th thread on race/gender/e-celebs/nazis/games/tv/etc.

Usually yes, but there are some better writers for eromanga, Asami Sekiya and Cuvie for example. And if you count visual novels with erotic content as hentai, well- the quality varies.

Violence invigorates the soul of the weak