Has anyone submitted an essay and granted an access to this subreddit yet? I'd really like to see a screenshot of what goes on in the one single subreddit that has higher concentration of mentally ill people than all of the chans combined.

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Good, that's why I brought it up again. Enough time has passed, maybe some autisimos have made the journey by now.

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I got a subreddit unbanned and given to me. And what I ended up with was… A completely blank subreddit with 0 subscribers.

yeah op the google police r gunna getcha

I'm not a very techy person besides knowing how to do copypaste some UX code snippets into Dreamweaver and patch together a CSS/HTML website. Thanks for not sageing tho.

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So basically the ideal subreddit

I knew this gets more replies than overly intentional tabtrolling and eventually gets r/kampuchea more exposure until one of you autists will submit the essay.

500 words. I can do that.

Welp, let's see what happens. I don't know why the copying of the essay was so weird in the message.

Hello. I am here to apply for membership with a 710 word essay about the analysis of Kampuchean society by the First Congress.

The leader of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, eternal comrade to Democratic Kampuchea and the commander of the Revolutionary Army, Brother Number One, was a true theoretical master. In 1957, the first committee was created to prepare the Party’s political line, made up of a number of cadres in charge of work in the countryside and others in charge of work in Phnom Penh. The committee studied and researched the history of Kampuchea’s struggle, summing up the positive and negative experiences in order to draw lessons which could help illustrate the Party’s line. In light of these experiences, the committee worked out a draft proposal for the Party’s political line, based upon Marxism-Leninism and the principles of independence, sovereignty and self-reliances, in order to be masters of Kampuchea’s own destiny, applying Marxism-Leninism to the concrete realities of kampuchea and Kampuchean society.

Firstly, the Congree analyzed and defined the real nature of Kampuchean society at that time. What was the nature of society of that time? What were its contradictions? Kampuchea at the time was a satellite of imperialism, in particular, U. S. imperialism. This mean that Kampuchea was neither independent nor free. Kampuchea was a semi-colony, in a situation of dependency on American imperialism. The entirety of culture, politics, and economy were not independent. The Khmer-U.S. military agreements of 1955 were proof of this. Further, SEATO had stretched its umbrella over Kampuchea, further perpetuating Kampuchea’s dependent status. Not only was this an armed aggression from American imperialism, but it was social, cultural and economic, subjecting the Kampuchean Army to imperialist control in every way. Many people tried to bury these contradictions, insisting they do not exist. Though, these contradictions did exist and needed to be resolved. Resolved through the correct definition of the Kampuchean people’s revolutionary tasks: uniting the nation into a single force in the struggle against imperialism for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. This was the task of the national revolution. The Party correctly determine the contradictions which existed within Kampuchean and took up the task of mobilizing all the people’s forces in order to drive our imperialism.

Not only did the Congress analyze the contradictions of Kampuchea internationally, but looked at the internal structure of Kampuchean society. Kampuchean society was divided into five distinct classes: the working class, peasant class, petty bourgeoisie, bourgeoisie and the feudal class. What were the contradictions between these classes? There were contradictions between capitalists and workers, petty bourgeoisie and capitalists, peasants and land-owners, capitalists and peasants etc. The contradictions were very entangled. Was there a contradiction that played the dominant role in society at the time? Which class most exploited the others and which was most exploited? An examination of the Kampuchean society of that time revealed that the peasants were 85% of the country’s entire population. Therefore, the peasants were the overwhelming majority of the population. They were exploited by all classes. Among all the contradictions within Kampuchean society, the contradiction between peasant and landlord played the dominant role, as peasants represented an overwhelming majority of their population and it was the landlords who oppressed them most directly. For example in Thmor Koul, in the province of Battambang, in the years from 1957-68, some 90% of the farmlands were in the hands of the landowners. Tens of thousands of people in Thmor Koul, but only four to ten people were landowners, who owned 90% of the land. This is how peasants were being impoverished. Rich peasants who owned and cultivated their land become middle peasants became lower-middle peasants became lower peasants, where they had to emigrate to the cities and become laborers. This is how the countryside was impoverished and the landlords only became richer.

In all, the national democratic revolution had to accomplish two tasks: 1. To fight imperialism; 2. To fight the feudal landowners. To fight not just the individual landowners, but also their system of feudal exploitation. According to this line, the party mobilized the poor peasants and lower-middle peasants, in the most remote areas. This was the analysis formulated by the First Congress. It opened the way to a correct orientation for the Party. If they could not have grasped it, they would have taken a wrong path.

Long live Democratic Kampuchea! Long live Brother Number One!

Quality job user, I love you. Please send this to r/kampuchea mods and let's see the results.

Fucking mad man. My hero

Lmao, I love the stretching you did here. :^) But hey, it got the job done.


I've got to know where this is going.
If they try to justify what he did to people with glasses, I'll fucking die



my good man
where can i get some information on brother number one



They'll probably redirect you to this page: oocities.org/groupstpp/

This is the most recent page I think: onwardoverland.com/Far_East/angkorwat/polpot/polpot.html

Leaked flag of when the USSR comes under brother number ones' rule

very inspirational

" Brother Number 1, also known as Pol Pot, was born Saloth Sar in 1925.

He was great Khmer leader who developed new theories to bring about best world possible.

As Prime Minister of Kampuchea, he brought Year Zero, which take country on road to be perfect society.

In Year Zero Kampuchea was perfect equal. No more money or landlord. No more city snob. All work in fields so that all eat. No more family as imposed. New families put together by wise Angkor.

Many lies told about Brother Number 1 and Kampuchea. Biggest troubles came from CIA.

Brother Number 1 fought best for Kampuchea. Now is dark age country again with monarchy.

After certain year, barbarian invade and force Brother Number 1 group withdraw. Much had been done, but only begining. More was to be done. We study that now today so we can bring new Year Zero to all of world.

Brother Number 1 lead group to fight fake government. He belong to Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea as fight go. But he have disease (Hodgkin). Later he have stroke.

At one time he have to Son Sen who became traitor. For this other traitor force arrest him to house.

He die after from stroke.

Today he live on in heart of Kampuchea people and all of world people!"


The way this is written forces me to read it in a stereotypical Asian accent.

Somebody should do a meme video of reading that text out loud with an asian accent.

Someone should add in racist as fuck background music too. Loads of sound effects from Shogun: Total War would do the trick.

use this

The first two minutes of this track go perfectly with this, I may do it in a bit

or if you want good maoist music instead of a meme

Good meme material here. I would do it myself but I have a thick eastern european accent and can't do any other accents, so there is a native speaker needed. Who is up for considering? I'd agree to meme the hell out of the end result. This r/kampuchea shit has only begun.

I'm going to do it, I'll just do it when I have a couple of hours spare since I'll edit and cut it up so it's timed properly.
I may even make it a video.

That's great, I'll keep checking back to this thread for your progress, and prepare a small amount of fresh-made OC memes related to Pol Pot to use towards creating a new thread tomorrow dedicated to progress with getting access to r/kampuchea.

you shouldn't have posted it here

I dont think just submitting an essay will be enough. They will also check your post history.

We need to make a long term project of making a alt account first. We should all have the PW and write it collaboratively.