Was Dagoth Ur /ourguy/?

Was Dagoth Ur /ourguy/?

Of course. He was trying to break out of reality much like we are trying to break out of history.

I'm a fan of the anti-chim interpretation. Dagoth Ur was insane and achieved reverse gnosis, he thought the entire universe was him and probably wanted to create some weird fleshy fucked up singularity reality with himself as the conscious dream-head.
Completely fucked, praise azura and lorkhan

Unironically yes. It's such a shame he has to go with the stereotypical black-and-red evil demonic autistic aesthetic and blind followers.

To be fair, all dunmer have the black and red demonic aesthetic going on.

No way dude

Oh right, I thought you meant his body.

You seen a sixth house base? It's edgy shit.
I much prefer the polished architecture of the tribunal temple but it's clear House Dagoth is doing what's right.

You mean the Dremora.

Dunmer have more of a blue and gold aesthetic.


Vivec sucks

Obviously. He wished for divinity to be available to the people and opposed the Tribunal which upheld private ownership of divinity. Absolute legend.

Might as well support those genocidal, knife eared s'wits from the Summerset Isles. No, the only real /our_guy/ was pic related - and look at how he ended up. Sotha doesn't qualify either, as he only cares about gears.

Dagoth wasn't even awake on the two axes; he merely gained partial lucidity (and longevity) from being near the heart as long as he was. His plan, like himself, was insanity caused by long-term exposure to the heart. (You can only listen to the sound of a thousand dwemer screaming and arguing; reverberating throughout the halls of your keep, filling every nook and cranny; for so long before going crazy.)
Oh, and good luck explaining the Wheel and I to peasant Houses while they still bicker over who owns what amount of guars. And that's assuming the entire race won't zero-sum the moment they acquire even the slightest taste of cosmic insight.

No, the only way to achieve communism on Nirn is through the old fashioned way. Now grab a mace and bash a nobles head in.

We must support Dagoth Ur in his struggle against Cyrodiilic imperialism. Your refusal to take a stance that would compromise your ideological purism just allows for the perpetuation of the occupying Empire of Tamriel regime.


he tried to do what daedric princes achieved, in opposition to tribunal that emulated divines

You're gonna have to explain this take to me.

The Tribunal are very literal aspects of their respective parental Daedra.

daedric princes mocked the aedra who sacrificed parts of themselves to create mundus, and instead formed their planes of oblivion inside them.

Why does he wear the mask?

So they could recycle the Ash Vampire model.

Delete this right now.