Best or worst teacher?

Do you have a best and worst teacher in your school or College?

That's about it

and then everyone stood up and clapped

>"In communism there is no private property therefore if insert name here wants to use insert name here's hat tomorrow then he can"

most of my teachers are socdem/liberal and my fav teacher actully is a rightwinger but at least he stand out and i can argue with him. also he kinda is a "troll" i guess

My history teacher made us read the manifesto and told us to read as much Marx as possible to make our presentation more solid. Current philosophy teacher will also make us read the manifesto.

I don't know about their political stances. I think it's better to keep it low profile.With the election of Trump, however, commies on campus have gained notoriety.

The teacher and a good amount of the female students like to complain that the political climate makes them afraid and hopeless. I say socialism is the philosophy that can actually provide some hope as bleak as things in the US are right now. Anyone relate to this kind of feel?


That's fucking awesome, do you have any dumb campus conservatives in class who try to seriously use the Holodomr as an argument?

No cause this is America no one has any fucking clue what Holodomor is they'll think you're trying to talk about the Holocaust

True but reactionaries pull the "muh famines muhfugga" shit all the time, it's nice to have even a sliver of facts that destroy their entire argument if nothing else.

Please don't sit on the side lines next time Holla Forums is circle jerking about how awesome Rafiq is

Rafiq is 10 times bigger a meme than Zizek.



honestly expected Lithuanian behavior.

Pretty based tbh

closest I ever got was an engineer who was some kind of Irish Eurocommunist. never asked him if he supported the IRA.



I only had one commie teacher and they were some sort of psuedo leftcom TSSI marxist.

so not a communist?


You're lucky OP. All my college professors are either conservative or too worried of their job to make a political stance.


My history teacher is just as dumb.

Share your worst horror story.

Orangetexting it because fuck yall niggaz

holy fuck you are lucky user

is she hot?

I had a traditionalist Native American professor at one point for a gen ed course that kicked me out of a decade of lolbertism, so that was pretty nifty.

Of course, I was then an insufferable Nazbol for more than a year, but it was still useful.

Reminds me of my 1st year in economy.

Great guy.
Ideal for a living t-shirt is still the best shirt btw

Joy Division is fascist


Now that i remember,back in highschool we had a pretty socialist history teacher.
I will always remember this little scene when talking about classes.

Idiot. It's not. That's like saying that fucking sid vicious was a fascist because of the swastika shirt. Joy Division is just an edgy name they choose for the sake of being punk as fuck.

Wait a minute the sociology teacher I had here used to be a high school. Is this just a weird coincidence or did you end up with the same idiot? Did you by any chance live in Maine at some point?

*high school teacher


i had this two teachers of mine who were 100% socialists, we talked about the need of an armed revolution often, one of them actually was a militant in an armed group when younger, thanks to them i grew up as a socialists.
and my worst teacher, was an old unironical pinochetist woman who did history classes

Aw, lucky. I grew up in an insular parochial school where I was taught that communists literally wanted to make me share toothbrushes. I wish I were joking. Of course, once I got out I fell hard and fast. No zealot like a convert and all that.

Oh, I almost forgot probably the crown jewel.

*internal screaming*

I think a made a face somewhat like pic related. I got a couple weird looks but ultimately didn't say anything because again >muh GPA

My Anthopology teacher is an anarchist IWW member I found out later, and now I hang out with him regularly and talk socialism.

He's hilariously a "covert socialist teacher" stereotype, right down to his wife being a gender studies teacher in the same school. He's super chill tho.

Best: one political science professor who was an out and out Marxist, admitting so the first day of class so everyone knew where he stood and where his biases lay.
Worst: Spanish professor who was an IRL ancap Pinochet apologist. Once said to the class "Say what you will about right-wing dictatorships, they at least leave their countries economically intact and don't starve their own people."

You know, except for that one time.

I had a polisci teacher who sold out and became a socdem-leaning liberal, but she used to a demsoc with revolutionary sympathies. She used to be in both SPUSA and D.S.A., and when she found out I'm a commie and the topic of SALT came up she complained about how a bunch of annoying Trots tried to join and split both groups she was in and everyone else hated them. She went to the site of Eugene Debs' speech in Ohio for her honeymoon. Even when she was complaining about muh civil liberties in Cuba during a lecture about public media vs. private media, she started with "God Bless Fidel Castro, but…".

The highlight was when she inserted a slide into a PowerPoint, and this slide was not in the .PPT that we could all download from the class site, specifically to recommend everyone read Lenin's Imperialism, and then she told the class not to tell anyone she recommended it.

Yugos asking the real questions here

nothing spectacularly bad, but there's a lot of anti-socialist bullshit (socialism is government central planning which means they lack information, read hayek) and neoliberal/libertarian shit
the textbook I'm supposed to use says unions didn't actually do anything but withhold labour supply, thus increasing the price cause muh supply and demand
as if the way to raise worker bargaining power isn't by increasing employment


read rafiq

fuck off rafiq

who made this guy an authority and why can't he make a point without a wall of rambling text

Personal property is a retarded meme, "possession" makes a lot more sense for a range of reasons.

I fucking loved that guy. He was the best teacher I had.

Oh yeah. The blood he had pooling was the spread of communism throughout the Eastern Bloc. It was pretty accurate beginning with bits in Poland and Bavaria, then the Bolsheviks.

Good to see the gerontic hand of cold war propagandistic hyperbole still has its day in American schools

This remidns me of my grandfather. He worked all his life as a financial police officer, mainly doing border patrols to stop contraband.
He eventually formed a sort of friendship with his superior officer and he had the authorization to see the intelligence reports about the field agents compiled by the intelligence agency.
He was classified as a communist sympatizing catholic.
He asked "and what the hell does that mean?"
And his superior replied "I have no clue"

Traditionalist as in traditional western values, or did he support traditional native societies?

no fucking joke


You should seriously have asked them if that was before or after they rounded up women and children to lock them into buildings they then burned down.

The latter. It's more or less the same idea though; universalism is bunk, mysticism is valid, individual is less important than the community, "blood and soil", so on and so forth.