Vice is doing a series of episodes on Twinoaks and other communes

Can't wait for the Acorn Community Farm one if they do one.


Lifestylism, here we go.


You're telling me you haven't thought about it?

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The comment section. FUCK why do so many idiots exist.

Like clockwork


lol,read marx


If they get to Kibbutz, I hope they bring up the absolute lack of "degeneracy" and prevalency of "traditional" values that organically arose just to blow out Holla Forums
Then again, its Vice


They are still ruled by the market. They sell stuff. Thats capitalism. They are a golorified coop.

they're literally the same thing
t. Karl Marx

socialism and communism are the same thing.

On this episode of VICE we take a look at these interesting people attempting to live outside the societal norms of thier society, but at the same time remind you that capitalism IS powering, and that these people are just a misguided fringe ;^)

even Marx made a difference between lower and higher stage communism. Which later on became to mean Socialism and Communism

There's some retard proudhonian in the comments section getting cozy with AnCaps, can some LeftComs give me back up?

not ur le army

I always interpret communism to mean ML at it's final stage and socialism to have a broader meaning

I hate this attitude here. Google Mutual Aid or Solidarity. It's like those term don't exist. And if you're an Egoist, google rational self-interest.


You're either new or I'm calling bs. If you don't know your shit don't wear a flag dude come on. You're embarrassing those people that stick by it…

Communism is the end goal. Socialism is the transition. What kind of transition depends on what kind of socialism. It could be ML, it could be something else, like DemSocs or Ancoms.

and I'm the newfag?

you are

whats the advantage inn waiting for macro economics changes in a shitty apartment working a shittty job instead of a commune

Communism is only the end goal of Marxism.
Socialism isn't necessarily Marxist, it's a completely valid not-necessarily-communist societal model.

What tool would you use to stop someone infected with greed and a lust for power in a commune? Would a specific person be assigned to protect the commune from the infection of greed, lust, and lording power over other humans?

Agree, it's not necessarily marxist, but all seek to achieve communism one way or the other. Even anarchist seek to achieve communism, they just wish to do it without a state. The end goal of socialism is always communism, it just depends how you wish to transition.

No advantage whatsoever.
Just don't call it "dropping out of capitalism" cuz you are not dropping out of anything really.

direct consensus democracy, where people elected by a participatory democracy only hold executive power to ensure the decisions made the way previously mentioned are followed.

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yeah. Slavoj Zizek is arguing with a Zionist Conservative cuck

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