What do you think of the year 2007...

What do you think of the year 2007? It's said on virtually every board to be the year things started really going downhill.

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2007 was the year we started summoning the NazBol gods for the upcoming storm. The ritual is not yet complete.

if you're interested here's significant events from 2007

signs of financial crisis under Bush

Gee, I wonder why that is.

Things started going downhill in 1913 if not sooner


t. Ron Paul

Things started going downhill the first time someone dropped meat in a fire by accident, and they hit rock bottom at the height of the sexual revolution

You should be in your cell, Ted.

In my country its universally associated with the excess, rapid growth and cockiness that preceded 2008 and the hardships that fallowed. Its become almost a sort of boogieman that is supposed to be feared. "Its like 2007 all over again! Now its just a matter of time before another crash" is something that is not uncommon to hear.

Things started to go downhill the moment the sophist school was established, everything after that has been a slow decline

Things have been going downhill since like the 70s. The poor are getting poorer globally, the only reduction in poverty is happening in China. In America, essentially all new wealth is going to the top 1%, people are working worse jobs with worse benefits. Racism is also not improving: Black households are barely improving their income, for many years their income was going down, imprisonment is going on.

basically, for 99% of the world, over the past three decades, all progress narratives are totally unfounded.

Things have been going downhill since cities were invented tbh.


Get fucked dualist nigger. Everything after the Presocratics was a downturn.

Typical city dweller, looks only at the symptoms and not the root causes.

Obviously the start of 2008 crash which further alienated workers. 2007 is the last time I remember chan culture wasn't full of poltards Personally think intelligence agencies Subverted the chans once user formed (quickly compromised)

I was in 11th grade



Death of the intertubes, the end of the wide open frontier, the enclosure of the commons. Our only hope is to create a new distributed darknet free of cucked normalfags, and reignite the spirit of what was lost.

No, LITERALLY CURRENT YEAR was 2014. 2007 wasn't something anyone noticed was cancer at the time, but it was when the seeds for everything that eventually went wrong were planted. 2014 was when all of those trends came to a head, and asserted themselves as impossible to ignore, it was the tipping point of no return.

I miss those days

>games went to shit after halo 3
Identifying the cancer without is useless if you can't identify the cancer within

Civilization is impossible without the Polis, fag.

It's a good signpost and symbolic hate symbol but the actual material forces existed long before it.
So fuck 2007, but let's not pretend that you can just roll things back to 2006 and save the world.

(To draw a similar analogy, 1971, 1973 and 1979 are all good dates to argue that we died on as social democracy collapsed - but the reality is that forces were at play since 1944 that were always going to ruin everyone's day.)

Basically this.
However we've also began to decouple ourselves from the progress narrative entirely, I'd argue to attune us to the fact we've been cheated out of our modernist birthright of continued progression.


My nigga

Fuck that got me

Absolutely Porky

fuck the polis

t. zerzan

all transgressions have a transgression that came before. Even pre-1970s, France was massacring Africans, US was lynching blacks. Before then, we had world wars and the birth of the society of the spectacle. Before then…etc There's no point looking back to find grievances, only to find solutions.

In "Against the Day" the author makes the creation of the NY Stock Exchange the big moment, and it's pretty creative.
A bunch of porkies finance an expedition to the arctic to dig up some sort of creature or demon. The demon is man-shaped and encased in ice but somehow burning with "dark fire" at all times. It's alive & conscious even while frozen & it has human eyes. It warns them constantly that their world will be shattered completely if they bring it to human civilization, but of course they do, they install it underground and build the NYSE over it. It's chilling to read.

How do we go back?
I really want to go back


We need to start over from scratch

Ian Smith and Boris Yeltsin died. So that was good

2007 changed absolutely fucking nothing. We live virtually the same lives under virtually the same economic policy. Most countries are already pretty over it. And regular people felt the crisis for a few years and then, for the most part, moved on.

I think the reason leftists keep bringing it up is because it allows us to tell ourselves the same old narratives and, by extension, keep falling into the same traps. E.g. people want to attribute all recent support to leftist ideas and movements to a wave of mechanistic reaction to the financial crisis, or people who want, once again, to wax poetic about how radical the youth is, and to assume that we'll carry this radicalism into our advanced years because those of us who came into adulthood after 2007 have a magical anti-capitalist DNA. And there's, of course, those who want to believe post-2008 capitalism is some different beats that doesn't allow for the same degree of comformism among the working masses that post-war capitalism did, and that it was only fixed by creating certain political instabilities that will eventually destroy the entire structure.

Basically, many people of the Left, particularly the leftoid academia, want 2007 to be this huge dividing waters moment because they want their same old tired comformity to work this time. It's all the woe about "neoliberalism" all over again, the belief that we're living in a new stage of capitalism that will soon rob the working people out of the illusions that keep them away from us.

Of course, we'll all live up to see the new radicals "grow up" and become conservatives just like any other generation before ours, to see the masses become skeptical of Socialism again, to see the system carry on as if nothing bad ever happened. But then a new crisis will happen and the people of the Leftoid academia will just remove the dust of these old delusions and repeat them once again.

We're never going back.

Better than 2017.

This. I first discovered imageboards in 2013, it thought it was a good place on the Internet! What a joke. Later realized my understanding of imageboards was its shadow from 2007.

NNTPChan has been around for more than 3 years yet it doesn't have any contents. Even if there is a new distributed network, are you sure if won't just simply become yet another Holla Forums-web? Believing of the existence of a good place within "darknet" or the obscure corner of the Internet was my biggest mistake. Spended much time looking for it. Later realized it was a joke.


There is no going back but alcohol eases the pain


Chans have been compromised since their beginning, which makes it even funnier when some people, most notably right-wingers, think that the internet and its anonymity will take down The Deep State because it's the one thing it never counted on not being controlled. It's like really? The folks who created it and who have created and learned its very ins and outs don't know how to use it to counter-act any and all of your organizing? A government agent doesn't know how to make a fucking YT account and look like a normal, average joe railing against the establishment?