Russian Agrarian Socialists

Do these guys have any theory and how would the USSR be different if they took control of it?

it would make for very interesting alternate history discussion, tbh

the narodnik currents of the 19th century, which the second article is referring to, were basically extinct far before that point

They still influenced the SRs of Russia. Also I want to know if they have any theory.

it's pretty obscure shit. i bet if you happen to know russian it'd help tremendously. though there's probably a few related books i can try to find and link here.

probably in a day tbh


Peasants aren't treated as chattel slaves and the great failure of collectivization never happens. Instead big landholder possesions are socialized into village communes.
The USSR definitely wouldn't industrialize as fast, because the state wouldn't be literally herding peasants into factories, but it would definitely be more numerous population wise.
I'd be pretty lit and way less repressove than Bolshevism.
If anyone has any writings by Chernov, pls share


Agricultural production under socialism should be talked about more often.

MLs never bring it up of course, given how poorly collectivization went in practice and muh privileged the urban over the rural. Feeding people and ensuring agricultural abundance is kind of a big deal regardless of which economic system is in practice.

Wtf, why are we acting like we've never seen something like this? Mao already did this with the communes…


If the Agrarian Socialists would’ve taken over Russia, it would’ve been before WW1 so Russia wouldn’t be involved in the war and Germany would’ve won and Nazism would’ve never existed.

instead of being stabbed for being a splitting bitch newspaper man would have been shot for having glass in front of his face


What’s wrong with agrarian socialists?

Do you have a single non-imperlaist source to back up your claims.


They live in a fantasy land of barbarism.

What are you talking about. Direct face to face democracy is easer in areas with low population density. Factories that employ a few hundred people can exist in small towns.


A fucking 4

trots haven’t changed since Makhno