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Can't find a cringe thread so I had to start one

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Yeah here's a real cringer: OP being such a faggot he censored the names in his pic despite being on an imageboard and both people being e-celebs


woha !.
is this real?

not reading bordiga tbqh

Have some fresh cringe from a "socialist" on my normiebook feed. It's my fault for using one tbh since I only log on to get mad

Leftists from the old leftist forums claiming to have migrated in some mass exodus to this facebook shithole was one of the biggest idiotic mistakes tbqh

Yeah every single facebook group is absolutely worthless tankie-SJW bullshit that makes reddit socialists look calm and well read by comparison. Except sometimes with MM which is always a hilarious diaper-filling extravaganza

need moar aut-rightism

Watch out antifa! True cascadia is coming for u xD


I was just browsing the page of Democratic Cops of America out of curiosity and I saw this



shit crop hold on

Tanks are quite literally useless against guerrilla forces.




literally pic related

Pink and blue can get fucked. Green and brown all the way.




The reviews and comments of the reviews on their page are pretty funny. Color scheme represents the same guys


Why do pseudo-leftists hate based /ourguy/ and NKVD secret-agent Ernest Hemingway so much?

diverse crowd

would also

pic related was the original review btw. also,


The eternal anarcho-liberal strikes again.


Holly shit, contra is a nazi.

Damn that guy took the bog pill.





I love MM. It’s leftist ideology with Trump’s personality. MM is the real chad.

Does the Pink person know what Vietnam is?

Hey, 1800’s American outfits look cool. It’s much better then what burgers nowadays where. (especially for men)


Just why are some people so clingy?

God save us.

I feel like most people in the far-right are hipsters before there fascists.

I will radicalize them with my dick

Undyne's kind of fashy tbh fam. I'm more annoyed that they portray the Boss Monsters (who appear to be the ruler caste of an ethno-feudal society) as soviets. Alphys as a burger is perfect though. The real cringe is superimposing broad-strokes historical politics of WWII onto a game about nonviolence.




Fuck this


I can see bringing up tanks and drones, but why nukes? Do libs think that the government would nuke their own soil to atop a rebellion?

If anything would tip Burgerstan over the Godzilla threshold it's a commie revolution within its own borders. Realistically though even a drone strike would lose them the war almost immediately. People would get that shit on film and show Americans dead and dying, buildings collapsing, all that shit. And even if all the MSM buried it, that shit would be all over social media. It would be inescapable. The kind of shit people grab their unplugged co-workers to show them. Nobody in America gives a fuck when brown people wailing in some foreign language are shown mourning their dead kids. But you show them some Americans holding children's corpses and babbling about Jesus' mercy you are going to turn almost everybody against the government in a heartbeat. Especially the fucking military, most of whom believe that they're "fighting them over there so they don't have to fight them over here." A drone strike on American soil is the kind of thing that would prompt someone inside the government to try to assassinate the president for ordering it.

How do we stop them guys? I swear to god I can't take it anymore, everywhere I go online I'm getting bombarded with reactionary anti-SJW propaganda or straight up fascist bullshit. Like I can't be a 20 something white guy who's into anime and vidya without this fucking scum trying to rope me into their bullshit ideology.
Please tell me there's something we can do

Good points.
On the other hand Undyne's very passionate about protecting everyone's hopes and dreams.
Her violence and fury is directed more or less only against those who jeopardize the future and happiness of others. The protagonist does this by simply not giving their soul by dying, by obstructing the liberation of the underground. Naturally she does take quite a hard turn in the authoritarian direction if she's the one left in charge of the underground in one of the neutral endings, but this is more due to the damage, suffering and resentment caused by the protagonist, thirst for revenge, rather than purely fascist tendencies.
She's more of an "the-ends-justify-the-means" sort of person with a heart of gold. I can however see that the before-mentioned can be considered quite fashy.

you need to make bullying great again

My reading of Undyne as fashy is based mostly on the general racism the Underground harbors toward humans and their construction of society around the idea of salvation through destroying the "other." Most of the monsters attack the protagonist out of fear and/or lack of understanding that they'll be rekt by their attacks. Undyne is one of the only characters who not only knows exactly what she's doing in fighting the human but knows the bigger picture as well.

The only other boss character who is aware of the plan is Asgore and he's clearly not got his heart in it. On the other hand that's strongly implied to be because he knows he can't beat the human because of how Determination works. On the other other hand it's made apparent in the true pacifist ending that he never wanted to attack the surface and was stalling for time by waiting for 7 souls.


It get’s worse.

I'm not sure if the symbol on the top right was intended to be a swastika



guess he skipped class when they were teaching how the commune ended

though the rant about "muh socialist social services" is stupid hes on point about liberals being goverment bootlickers t b h


Sidenote here - Undertale does a fantastic (unintentional) job of showing how liberal pacifist ideology fits with and enables fascist ideology. The idea that the protagonist could fix the socially foundational racism of a large group of people through love is pretty much fairy tale nonsense (which explicitly rests on the protagonist have Groundhog Day style super powers), and the very real problems with monster society's treatment of humans and each other gets white washed in the name of "tolerance" (but really because otherwise the audience would have a hard time stomaching pacifism) ultimately undermining the point the game tries to make about pacifism if you examine it. For instance, Alphys' treatment of monsters is some Dr. Mengele shit but the only trauma portrayed there is her guilt over causing it. The only concession to the fantastic nature of Undertale's pacifism is in Asriel's dialogue if you walk all the way back to the first screen in the true pacifist epilogue, where he says that the real world isn't so nice. Overall the game is a well executed piece of liberal propaganda but it's kind of poetic how it contains most of the necessary ingredients for its own refutation.

This reads like Zizek's review of Undertale



The only good thing about undertale is chara hentai and the music

wow look at all these people of color

Ah yes tpusa
They're dick heads basically
They had a debate with my school's socialist society
The socialist society sent students to debate, tpusa flew in regional directors from Chicago or some shit, and yet the tpusa fags still got shitstomped by some students
They're having another debate next semester and they claim they're going to send students this time, if they do they're going to get utterly destroyed

How can people say capitalism is natural then turn around and blame people for having children? Having a child is the most fucking natural thing that can happen

How did the debate go?

You ain't seen nothing yet


Tpusa got shitted on
They kept throwing the same tired old strawmen and appeals to "muh human nature" etc and they were more or less dumbfounded at 1. The mention of rojava (they'd not heard of it) and 2. The idea of a non-authoritarian form of communism (revolutionary Catalonia was mentioned in specific)

Someone should edit the "you make it, they take it" and turn it into "you make it, he takes it" with a porky pasted on.

And instead of "socialism" it's "capitalism" up top. Sage for double post

who is the black lady

Here's for hoping this is satire

Before the next debate happens, you should tell people about the other successful implementations of socialism

The simple answer is that they didn't. North Vietnam had a professional military, and they lost handily to the Americans. Only later did they make their way south after the Americans pulled out and that's when they finished off ARVN. Militarily, the Vietnamese rice farmer didn't do shit.

They're reasonably well read but I'll definitely bring them up

shes a somalian activist
she mostly talks about how fucked up islam is and how it abuses women with FGM and shit like that in most islamic countries
shes ok shame that shes a favorite of aut-right idiots

Oath Keepers aren't alt-right.

Is this a joke image or do you unironically believe that any of the examples are a success?

There is this veedee-o game called Under-tale. It is *sniff* verry popular with leebrals (identitarian leeburrals een partikkular) because the entire point of the game - the shtory, the… ehm… game mekkaniks, the music - all of eet reinforshes the leeburral ideal that *sniff* everryone is this -you know- good genuine pershun deep down. From beginning to end, the game teaches you how at firsht everybody, all these monshters seem like these bad guys. But it teaches you that even as the monshters are lethally attacking you, my God, it ish your duty to try and undershtand them. Over and over again you meet these bad guys who attack you on shight and the "correct" reshponse ish to sholve their pershonal problems. The protagonist must embody the Lacanian Big Other and succesfully sublate the enemy's identity as this "good pershon deep down" and their animoshity toward the protagonist as an object of racism into a more functional identity where the former enemy - the human protagonist - is now a pershonal hero, a friend, and so on and so on. And if you do not comply, the game lectures you at the end and ashksh you to play it again but to inshtead comply this time. It is leeburral propaganda and training par excellence.

You have far too much hope my man


pick one

bad meme t b h


None of us said they're the same, they're all different but equally cringey right wingers. Feel free to speak up and tell us which autistic group you personally belong to though

If i would be explaining to you how good white nationalism is and posted a 40 min long video by a guy with a hitler profile picture and a thick german accent you'd tell me to fuck off.

fuck off

yeah, seems they haven't done much really. It's pretty much thats shes a frog girl and pepe is a frog I guess. Luckily they've been leaving her alone mostly.

Can somebody give me a quick rundown on that last guy?






Brainfart. Meant to put He instead of They

you shut your whore mouth about muke

Rightwing cringe shit isnt all on the aut-right. III% and Oathkeeperesque militia autists are full of pussy weekend warriors who LARP like they're a military.



You didn't show "dissent" you just smugly complained about lefty hypocrisy and basically asked to get bullied

constitutionalists get the bullet too.

What if the opposite is true?

Also i didn't imply, anywhere, that "leftwing is when gubmint"
If you think people beholden to a piece of paper enough to autistically create a movement based around it are anything other than libertarians then you're just lying to make yourself feel better, my guy.


Yes, that's how it works since you posted first.

if I ask to be bullied will you bully me


retard. Fascists are centrist.

Anyone got that pic of that lolbert youtuber slowly turning into a fascist?


Only if you own a lot of leather

they are facts.

Fascism is left wing ur all dum

i lold

You wouldn't say being democratic is any kind of wing so why would it apply to fascism?

I've met communists who tick every box that a fascist would, because fascism is a way of conducting government, not a political belief.
I'd say communism is inherently fascist, because in a communist system there is no place for people who do not want to be communist other than lined up against a wall or in a gulag.

democracy is left-wing.

And your basis for that is?

damn right

Fuckboi Mussolini tryna look deep as always



Damn that's some peak reddit right there.




This has to be a troll image.


Tell that to him

What happened to that page? It used to be sjw shit with a marxist halloween mask. Now it's done a 180.

We really should follow some of these kekistanis home after their autism spergout and set them on fire once they're alone.


this shit just totally demoralises me. these bastards can spew outright lies and slander and people just eat it up and ask for more. and facts are powerless against it. god help us

that horrible fake medal on the guy cutting the cake is possibly the worst thing I have seen today.

If anyone wants a good source of neonazi bullshit

This guy has been doing facebook archaeology on documenting so many neo nazis and all of them are fucking terrible looking bastards

If you ever want a source of what these people actually look like when they publicly display their ideology for everyone to see, just dive in here.

Fucking saved, good stuff my man, thanks!

Neapolitan ice cream?

Eh pretty much every story contrivance in undertale exists in the context of a larger video game trope. There's really nothing political, just a story taking classic video game logic to its extreme while also being meta of course.
This is an example of someone obsessed with something, whether it be politics, religion, whatever, missing the forest for the trees.

Eh pretty much every story contrivance in undertale exists in the context of a larger video game trope. There's really nothing political, just a story taking classic video game (especially rpg/dungeon crawling) logic to its extreme while also being meta of course.
This is an example of someone obsessed with something, whether it be politics, religion, deegenwacy, whatever, missing the forest for the trees.






I like how all the people you brought up founded massively corrupt regimes and were either brought down by OTHER SOCIALISTS or non Socialists and used it as an example of Socialism being "successfully implemented".

Also, the list is full of fucking lies. Tito's socialism wasn't brought down by Reagan's administration, Tito's socialism was brought down by the fact that it was entirely resting on Tito's ability to extract funds from foreign entities and keep the various local powers and communists in check.

When Tito died it all, very predictably, went to shit.

Just like Holla Forums and the rest of Holla Forums you're just a sham.

I like how all your fascists were Socialists, found their roots in Socialists movements and went on to found various Socialist governments.

And all your Anti-Fascists were also either plain not Socialists or anti-Socialist as well(such as Welles)

anyone have the webm of the kek autist sperging out about their flag being taken at this years NYC May Day?

How very….morally upright of you. Did you strangle your conscience or were you simply born devoid of one?

the entire USA is a safe space for "patriots"




Nice to see the signs from the what about the memes video survived.



They're entirely consistent, as far as they're concerned any interaction with any idea or tendency to the left of Trump is brainwashing, since leftism is entirely alien from this glorious society and totally not a product of the contradictions within.





Nice track comrade, love aphex.








Orwell was a moderate centrist, between the positions of Tankie and Anarchist when it came to political organization for the purpose of overthrowing capitalism.

until he sold out to the british government

How can an american dog call himself nativist with a straight face? Fuck the jewish question, the american question is the 21th century problem

This is what long-term heavy metal poisoning does to your brain.

lol wow, so 4chan is a bunch of old people now? These are the fucks that raid our containment board? I know one of those reddit handles, shes a middle aged spanish lady. Really solidifies the whole joke that Holla Forums isn't even fucking white. Sweet baby jesus

this is b8 image




Like South Park, I bet this guy leans to the right.

He's a molymeme fan so he's probably just another example of fishhook theory (i.e. a "centrist" who is actually a fascist.)

I'm not here
This isn't happening

Actually fascism is a pretty specifically identifiable system who's name just happens to be misued a lot.

It took me a bit to realize this was a shitpost.

Most of those were brought down by outside military forces rather thani ternal failings. Still though the Marxist-Leninists countries are shit and Titoism still involves too much government direction of the economy.

I can't tell if you're centrist scum or not from your post tbh.

This guy is a centrist in the context of American discourse, which means he's center-right. The fact that he thinks liberals are the left proves this. Silicon valley programmer drones in general are the most politically moronic demographic in history, it's all ancaps or neoreactionaries.

This thread

Holla Forums has been trying to infiltrate /g/ all summer. All those virgin gaymers are really easy to trick too. Fortunately now that school is back in session the Holla Forumsposting has died down.

That sounds disgusting. Glad I stopped browsing most boards during the 2016 election. /vr/ and One Piece threads on /a/ are the only places I still go.