Russian on Holla Forums BTFOs an american on yuri bezmenov and alleged subversion


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And the vicious cycle continues

Awesome! Well done!

That could be true.
Enough people don't know jack about the history of their own country that I could believe it.

what's "cuckulanism"?

It's like cuckoldry but instead og fucking someone else's wife, you fuck your own wife

USSR user debunks the good old starvation meme


Did you really open that many tabs just to make a 69 joke?

I open tabs and forget about them, sorry about that

It's okay friend

Go back and stay in Holla Forums

Mind providing a link?

It's not okay. It's this type of shit that got Trump elected.

Atheism apparently.

I want to know the etymology of that one.

Remember this is what Marx and Engels wanted.

he never said he was a communist

He was defending the USSR's "communism".

In fact, he seems to be anti-fun.

lmao it's what they said was happening under capitalism as women were traded like commodities you illiterate.

…that's it? that's his "BTFOing"?

And Engels and Marx wanted to do away with marriage altogether, so there's no such thing as "owning women" or men or women having loyalty/committed to a relationship.

This is far and above the capitalism "women trading".

Remind me why Holla Forums deny the holocaust again ?

he's saying people weren't starving and the KGB isn't responsible for LGBT.
I know by American standards that's considered far left but it really doesn't make you a communist.

No, in his own post, he's defending his "history of communism" and decrying bourgeois "degeneracy trash".

Sounds like he's a nazbol comrade.

Idiot. Marx never said this shit. He wanted to abolish BORGOUISE marriage as an institution, not marriage

have you already installed 8pool?


Oh boy, so bourgeois marriage is different than regular marriage?

Is bourgeois food different than regular food as well?

Marx advocated free love, not monogamous relationship.


Yes it is. There is a big difference between the borgouise istitution of marriage (marriage for financial reasons) and marriage between two lovers. The first one needs to be abolished


Pretty sure Marx or Engels advocated for the abolition of the institution called marriage in general.

Did you even read marx and engels? You sound like a Holla Forumstard more than anything.

Maybe in the 1800's. I don't think that's true anymore.

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