ok MLs im an anarkiddie redpill me on why your ideology is superior.

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It's like capitalism but I get to be in power.

Nice sectarianism

read Bordiga

nice consumerist identity ideology of "left unity"

first post best post

Its a failed ideology and we need socialism that actually works in real life.

its too early, I read this as why is Marxist-Feminism better than Anarchism

state ownership over the means of production
under a one-party system

irony is astonishing

Well why aren't you an ML in the first place?


no sense of self-awareness

because i don't understand it that well it's confusing and it has a bad rep for being unnecessarily repressive to those who live under its government

we should have a middle ground between Marxism and anarchism. anarchist policy where needed and Marxist policy to fill in the gaps

Bigger body counts!
We Marxist-Leninists have killed millions and held the entire world hostage with nukes in the pursuit of national liberation communist revolution.
Anarchists have only managed to kill a few thousand during the few times they actually held territory. Fucking casuals!

They let you post in prison, Apo?

So butthurt at ML you have to spout right wing propaganda

incoherent late stalinism and bookchin's bad theory is not quite "Marxism and anarchism"

But only after you murder and un-person anyone who would dare to cross you.

this is all the proof you need
bonus points for whoever knows where this picture was taken

this. reminder that stalin's secret police tortured and murdered countless bolsheviks for more than a decade

It's the only one that is able to deliver a correct historical materialist analysis of things, and has developed the most successful praxis due to decades of hardship and experience. The utter and complete failure of every other marxist tendency, as well as their anti-materialist tabula rasa in their analysis of actually-existing socialism are not an alternative and reek more like appeal to liberals as of intellectual honesty. See arguments in this thread (muh gorillions).

Watch this:

Flavor of leftism that actually fought and defeated imperialism, overthrew the bourgeois and was able to establish socialist states that lasted more than 3 months


where did marx actually use the term πρᾶξις outside of Theses on Feuerbach?

Unironically this
I know leftypol likes to shit on horseshit theory (rightfully so) but there's value in taking advantage of things, stop being principled and start being a pragmaticist

Communisation theory?


most successful parxis in creating capitalism
this makes zero sense. Marxism is opposed to anarchism. it isn't a fucking restaurant menu where you can chose a little from this and little from that

the anarchist versions of communisation(the invisible committee and tiqqun) are complete horseshit and no one cares about


If ML worked and the workers where really in control of the soviet union why where the revisionist able to dismantle it?

After Stalin died the next leaders of the Soviet Union stopped deporting counterrevolutionaries to gulags, thus allowing corrupt oligarchs to climb the social ladder and restore capitalism. The same oligarchs that control Russia today

Meant for

Can someone sum Communisation theory in a paragraph for me? I'm not afraid of reading, I'm planning to read the Dauve text, its just useful to have a definition so I know what it's NOT

If ML requires a brilliant leader to keep everyone in check isn't proof of that the it is flawed? This pretty much shows that the workers where unable to control the state, and once what was essential the leftist verision of an enlightened despot is gone things will collapse back into capitalism.

It's anarchism for leftcoms.

but the USSR was never socialist

It's anarchism but you get to feel superior to anarchists.

the anarchist tendencies in communisation like The Invisible Committee are garbage. the marxist ones like endnotes, Theorie Communiste and chuang are pretty good.

can this meme die already

check this it's helpful

But your link agrees that it's basically anarchism and your attitude that the only reason you still don't admit it is to feel superior to anarchists.

I said there are anarchist theories that fall within the communisation umbrella, like TIC and Tiqqun. but the marxist ones are completely different and there is no anarchism to them.

Just because they've arrived at anarchism from a Marxist perspective doesn't make them any less anarchists.

It's anarchist-communism. The outright anarchists advocate building dual power while the "marxists" masturbate more in an effort to feel superior. The Coming Insurrection and Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Communist Movement are two texts to look at.

they didn't "arrive at anarchism" what the fuck are you talking about? you have no idea what communisation is fuck off

google bookchin

This comment is about as sensible as this meme.

Marxism in the streets
Anarchism in the sheets

You're better off with anarchists, just loot whatever doesn't suck from marxists and laugh it off with muh holodomor when they screech about gulags

They did, are you illiterate or something?

Actual plans

stop saying stupid shit

Truth is not stupid shit, user.

It's anarchism with added pretenstion to make up for lack of action.

so you know nothing about communisation theory

They know more than you that's for sure

I've endnotes, Dauve, and some of Chaung in addition to Tiqqun and TIC. It's more likely you don't know anything about anarchism to recognise it even when you peddle it.

it's chuang you moron.

Oh fuck I mispelled something, how will I ever recover.

and don't lie you never read any of that. you probably saw a meme by an illiterate moron conflating communisation with anarchism. so you, being an illiterate moron yourself started repeating it because you thought it made you look smart

Every post you made so far just reinforced . Instead of being so buttdevastated, why don't you explain how is it not anarchism?

I have read all of that and there has never been a meme posted on Holla Forums how communization is anarchism, that gets said because anarchists looked at what you were advocating for and saw the same thing they had been talking about since the bread book. If you had bothered to read up on anarchism instead of screeching like a child you'd understand that. Now do us all a favor and fuck off back to reddit.