19th CPC National Congress

Xi Jinping and 47 other leaders of Communist Party of China membership have been elected as delegates to the Party's 19th National Congress, which opens on Oct 18. Xi, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee as well as China's president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, was elected as a delegate by a unanimous vote at the 12th CPC Guizhou provincial congress in April.

The announcement of Xi's election by more than 730 provincial congress delegates won long and warm applause.

Other members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee-Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan and Zhang Gaoli-were elected delegates, respectively, in the Guangxi Zhuang, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous regions and Yunnan, Hunan and Shaanxi provinces.

The choice of places or electoral units where Party and State leaders participate in elections is intended to strengthen Party governance, assist in implementing national development strategies and allow the voices of grassroots Party members to be heard.

Party and State leaders did not participate in elections in places like their hometowns or where they have worked, except for holding concurrent posts as Party secretaries of electoral units. Leaders from ethnic minority regions can participate in autonomous regions, according to the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee.

The fact that Party and State leaders, especially members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, participate in elections in underdeveloped provinces and regions densely populated by ethnic minorities sets an example in the implementation of the Party's and State's major development strategies, said Professor Zhu Lingjun of the CPC Central Committee Party School.

The arrangement is important to forming a sound political atmosphere and motivating cadres and citizens, said Professor Wang Yukai, with the Chinese Academy of Governance.

"We will try to translate General Secretary Xi's concerns and the CPC Central Committee's poverty eradication policies into better lives that the people can see and enjoy," said Yang Bo, a provincial delegate and a village official in Guizhou.

A total of 2,287 delegates have been elected to attend the national congress on behalf of more than 89 million Party members.


The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (commonly referred to as Shijiu-da; Chinese: 十九大) will be held in Beijing, People's Republic of China, opening on 18 October 2017. The congress is closely watched mostly due to a far-reaching change in the makeup of the top leadership of the Communist Party of China. A majority of the Politburo Standing Committee (top decision-making body) is expected to retire at this congress.

The party delegates at the congress will elect the new leadership of the Communist Party of China, including the Central Committee and alternate members of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. During the meeting of new Central Committee, the elections of General Secretary (party leader), Politburo, Politburo Standing Committee and Central Military Commission will be held.


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for what purpose

this. Why should we care exactly? It's not like the PRC is going to stop being hyper-porky any time soon

i will post this everyday until you like it but still sage

fuck forgot

read Bordiga

And its controlled by 100 million member Communist Party. How are these elections not relevant to leftist politics?

China is now the largest economy in the world so obviously market reforms were the right move instead of the system collapsing like in Soviet Union. I view market socialism as a transitional stage to communism but certain material conditions must be met before you can implement it. You cannot create communism in a poor 3rd world country that cant feed its own citizen.


you are the most cancerous poster currently on this board tbqh, read Rafiq:
None of the characteristics you mention qualify China as socialist. In fact, the qualifications you give us, such as the magnitude to which the state owns banks and plans the economy, are meaningless as far as a proletarian dictatorship goes: There is nothing inherently socialist about "public banking". the point is simple: In whose interest is the state run, regulated, and so on? Tell us of how China is a proletarian dictatorship. It is not. Rather, it is, like the United States since New Deal (though more proficient, with its handling of the stock market as you mention) a "scientifically managed" capitalist society (an ironic term). The Chinese proletariat must be pacified by the state, in its struggles with the Chinese bourgeoisie and foreign barons of industry, the Chinese state hardly champions its aspirations, whether economic or political. Even then, a new proletariat emerges - besides the precariat - in China: Has it ever occurred to you that there is a mass of hundreds of millions of Chinese who are not even muh privileged with the right of being exploited in the factories by foreign capital? The rural Chinese petite-bourgeoisie and proletariat who are tossed aside, afforded no security, and continually dispossessed. This mass will not even be destined to join the ranks of the Chinese industrial proletariat as it was for the English peasantry - they, like the slum-dwelling poor of the favelas, are simply outside.

The Chinese Communist Party is an irredeemable institution. It serves capital, and capital alone - even perhaps at the expense of the immediate prerogatives of the bourgeoisie. Shame, shame on the defenders of this twisted leviathan. Should a proletarian dictatorship occur in our lifetime, be sure that China will be among the first nations to attack it. You don't need to go on Revleft to find the foremost defenders of the Chinese state, look no further than the fucking creeps in Silicon Valley, the reactionary modernist technocrats of all Western (and Japanese) countries. We live in a fucking epoch where it is pubilcally acceptable to debate the "merits" of democracy, as though formal democracy is now a muh privilege, and not an absolute an unconditional publicly recognized ethical axiom.

kys left-wing capitalist

The only purpose China's got in the leadup to worldwide communism is being a nuke sponge for NATO when World War III temporarily brings in the age of anarcho-tribalism.

"What is socialism and what is Marxism? We were not quite clear about this in the past. Marxism attaches utmost importance to developing the productive forces. We have said that socialism is the primary stage of communism and that at the advanced stage the principle of from each according to his ability and to each according to his needs will be applied. This calls for highly developed productive forces and an overwhelming abundance of material wealth. Therefore, the fundamental task for the socialist stage is to develop the productive forces. The superiority of the socialist system is demonstrated, in the final analysis, by faster and greater development of those forces than under the capitalist system. As they develop, the people's material and cultural life will constantly improve. One of our shortcomings after the founding of the People's Republic was that we didn't pay enough attention to developing the productive forces. Socialism means eliminating poverty. Poverty is not socialism, still less communism."

— Deng Xiaoping, on 30 June 1984 at a Central Committee plenum, in a speech discussing Marxist theory



being a dengist should be a bannable offense as much as fascists, seeing as how much capitalism in china shares with them.

Its not even market ""socialist"" like Yugoslavia dude. Its just a mega porky state

What are you smoking?

The constitution of China’s Communist Party will be amended during the 19th party congress next month to include the political thoughts of President Xi Jinping, state media reported on Monday.

Political analysts have long pondered how Xi’s political theories might be added to the charter, but the wait will soon be over, as the party’s 25-member politburo has already discussed a draft amendment that will be tabled for discussion at the twice-a-decade meeting, which opens on October 18, Xinhua reported.

“The party will write key theory and strategic thoughts [taken from] the report on the 19th Party Congress into [its] constitution,” the report said.
“The revised constitution will reflect the major strategic thoughts the central leadership has set forth since the 18th party congress”, it said.

China’s ruling party has published huge volumes on Xi’s political thoughts since he came to power five years ago. The inclusion of a personal political philosophy in the charter is an honour bestowed on several of Xi’s predecessors, but the big question now is whether the addition will also carry his name.

The draft amendment discussed by the politburo will next be submitted to a plenary session of the Communist Party’s 205-member Central Committee on October 11, which will be the final stage of preparation for the congress.

Beijing-based political analyst Zhang Lifan said that besides agreeing the final wording of the amendment, the main purpose of the plenary session would be to decide whether Xi’s name should be pinned to it.

“Once Xi’s name is incorporated in the constitution, his status in the party will be comparable to that of Mao [Zedong] and Deng [Xiaoping],” he said.
“If it is not, Xi will be regarded in much the same way as his predecessors Jiang [Zemin] and Hu [Jintao].”

The political philosophy of Xi’s immediate predecessor Hu Jintao, which was titled “Scientific Outlook on Development” became official a month before the 17th party congress, which convened in October 2007, at the end of his first term of office.

Jiang Zemin’s “Three Represents” was added to the party constitution at the 16th party congress in 2002, when he retired as the party’s general secretary.
Beijing has yet to make public the official name of Xi’s political philosophy, and Xinhua’s report about the politburo meeting made no mention of “Xi Jinping Thought”.

The 19th party congress will be attended by about 3,000 delegates who will “elect” the country’s top leadership for the next five years.


You can say that for this whole thread. I bet if the Soviet Union still existed Russia would be about the same.

China using a hammer and sickle is like if there was a perfectly non-racist country that assimilates all people into it's culture perfectly using a fucking Nazi swastika as their symbol.

By whom?

Confuscianism is a helluva drug.

tito would be disgusted t b h

Sense the birds its been all downhill for the CPC.

By 89 million party members.

People give Deng all the credit for the modern PRC, but we should really look back on who ACTUALLY master-minded this all:


The funny thing is, this is probably still too much democracy for the average Marxist-Leninist.

What kind of insane troll logic is that? Any country which abides by the logic of capital accumulation is by definition a slave to capital, no matter what rights they might 'legally' enshrine.

The Communist Party is the vanguard of the working class and represents all of the people.

Also, to everyone in the thread saying the PRC is just another capitalist regime and has no special characteristics that make it more promising for the class struggle, please read this:


Says the Communist party and only the Communist Party

The United Front in the People's Republic of China is a popular front of the legally permitted parties in the country, led by the Communist Party of China. Besides the CPC, it includes eight minor parties and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. It is managed by the United Front Work Department (Chinese: 中共中央统战部) of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Its current department head is Sun Chunlan.

Orwell has been outdone, it seems

China is Marxist-Leninist-Maoist and upholds the principles of democratic centralism.

If Mao saw what China has become, he would be indignant and mortified

And I don't even like Mao
Except it doesn't uphold the democratic or (increasingly) the centralist parts of democratic centralism.

Mao was the great revolutionary leader but his economic policies were a disaster. Deng turned the backwards country into a Superpower in few decades. It is up to the Communist Party how will they advance socialism and world communism.

bottomline, will the CPC go back to socialist policies? Are they to enchanted by Capitalism now? Will the Chinese labourer get a cent more? Tune in next week for an awesome turn of events!

Yugoposter if I recalll correctly , the CPC mantains China will move towards socialist planned economy in the future (and eventualy to communism when the material conditions are present)
I've heard this move towards socialist planning will be done in 2040, is this correct?

The Communist Party of China has two "centenary goals".

In 2020, China will be a “moderately well-off society” – meaning, in hard terms, that the per capita income in China will be double the 2010 figure. China will attempt to double its current GDP in that same time.

2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC

Of course, China will not be completely finished growing in 2020. For that, the world will have to wait for the second of China’s “centenary goals” to come around – 2049, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. By that date, China’s leaders have pledged, China will be “a modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious.”

More like a modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious with Chinese characteristics.

So, still capitalist with people making cooking oil out of sewage and being eaten by escalators?

The two centenary goals

“This year’s NCCPC would be different from the former ones. Because of the overarching issues in China and the opportunities for the future, the vision of this national congress looks like it will be much more than five years in terms of the goals. The developmental plan will be set at the 19th Party congress and that sets the agenda and strategy to go all the way potentially to 2050,” Robert Lawrence Kuhn, a public intellectual and China expert who has advised the Chinese government, told People’s Daily Online.

The Two Centenaries includes the 100 year anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 2021 and the centenary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 2049. The first goal, which is within the next five years’ plan, aims to build a moderately prosperous society in China, while the latter aims to make China a strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious, and modern socialist country by 2049.

“The second centenary goal is the highlight of this year’s National Congress, because that is when China would blossom and mature into a fully modernized socialist country. By then, China’s all aspects of society, its industry, its science, technology, culture would all be at world-class standard, and that’s really a massive undertaking,"

So bourgeois culture. Porky always calls himself "culturally advanced” compared to the trailer-trash prols. It’s a meaningless term.


KYS. I guarantee NONE of you know anything about China other than Trotskyist NATO propaganda.

While I think that a long game strategy would be best if it could be executed faithfully, you have to consider its realistic implications. China has now reached the stages of advanced capitalist development, and even if Deng wanted to do this before moving back to socialism, the fact is that there is now an increasingly influential bourgeois element in the Chinese elite, who won't simply allow themselves to be made irrelevant. Either Marxist hardliners will have to take control of the state and use its power to crush these elements, or there will be another revolution. This is the only way that socialism can be brought to China.

Is there though? Like, are they really influential? As I posted in the other thread, China executes and incarcerates billionaires, and the Forbes list of the richest people in China is treated as a "kill pigs list":


Ancoms and Leftcoms will bitch about China not being socialist all day. They are lile liberals.

China is Socialist.

if you actually believe this, you're hopeless.


and you're fresh from reddit or some other liberal shithole. read all the old and new revolutionary theory instead of jacking off to "actually existing socialist" militarism and capitalism.

China is Not Socialism.

Fucking word filters

We should pay attention to the CPC national congress for the same reason we pay attention to world news in general. Not everything in based news user's thread is related to socialist states, most of the news is not. To understand the world we must observe China.