China hasn't abandoned Marxism

It is important to realize that despite the capitalist liberalization of the economy, China remains vigilant as a revolutionary engine. We should realize that China and the CPC are our friends, and haven't abandoned the path of socialism.

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China throws billionaires into prison:

China's income equality declining:

Chinese state renationalizes firms:

wtf I love the PRC now


Deng was right. Opening up China to imperialism (using Lenin's definition) tricked the western capitalists into moving almost their entire industrial base overseas.

I would laugh so fucking hard if China used its economic position and military power to force the west to allow it to spread socialism throughout the world.


Almost got me OP.

almost certainly not but it would be nice

Even if the bureaucracy eventually WANTED to fully socialize production (which is very doubtful; Deng's justification for the "socialist market economy" was building up China's productive forces; the productive forces have been built up and yet there's no sign of clamping down on capital accumulation) they still wouldn't be able to do it. The Chinese capitalist class wields too much economic and political power; revving up the class struggle would be tantamount to national suicide.

Capitalist restoration/counter-revolution is almost inevitable in China at this point. Our sole hope is workers' revolution, which doesn't seem to be in the cards.

If only, in reality, China is just a red Capitalist state. I'm going to need more proofs than what is apparently one (unarchived) article in support of China.

Opinion discarded.

I swear to God if deng was playing 39d backgammon i will move to China and become a dengist

Fucking this. If Den was actually that pure of a person I would probably snap and become a sleeper cell for the Dengster.

also mate they shou've closed the trap about 5 years ago, production is moving quickly out of china.

Telesur is just sucking up to china because they're getting closer to venezuela, another psuedo-leftist regime. Anyone who unironically believes that there's anything socialist about china or dengism is the biggest of rubes, even more so than alt-right fags

This is shit thread. 'Communist'' china does nothing to help at least slightly left wing countries like Venezuela, Cuba or Vietnam. They don't support Communists parties in East Europe, where communists really need help and support. They barely even help their own puppets like North Korea. Those selfish, greedy bastards deserve death.

Jinping revived self-crit too

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But why they rob citizens by huge rent prices?

To direct population towards other cities, diversifying the economy.

Literally nothing China does has to do with ideology. It's either capitalist development or capital reacting to crisis and restructuring.
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Uh, it already happened.

They hasn't abandoned corruption and inequality either

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pol shills troll by playing purist

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Yup, China is still socialist. They're just biding their time. Any day now. They'll establish communism soon. It'll happen, trust me. You're fucking idiots.

what do you think is causing the C-consciousness to glitch out right now?


Cuba and Venezuela could have turned around with proper assistance.

My point exactly. Cuba's problem is that it is small, and it has no industry. Really its only problem. Same is with Venezuela. Both have high life expectancy, literacy. Cuba has good doctors etc.

Not sure if Holla Forums shill or suicidal tankie desperate for relevance

Xi's speech at the party congress, he says Marxism continues to be the main guiding principle of China. He says that Engels said Marxism is not a dogma but a guide to scientific analysis. The construction of a socialist society would continue, but is still in a rudimentary phase.

Why would anti-communists try to associate communism with China? It's a success story.

So what's the deal with leftism in Taiwan?

What was that meme about China nationalizing the entire industry by 2040 or something?

nice, I knew Neo-Maoism would happen eventually

It's called Dengism


supposedly they will achieve communism by 2040 and are now socialist

who do they want independence from? u.s.a?


You are an imbecile. Venezuela is a total shithole.

Learn to read idiot. I said that Venezuela could have been great if it did receive at least some support from so called 'Communist China.
They could have helped them to reach self sufficiency and help with with imports. But sadly China is ruled by selfish billionaires, who neither help nations that at least try to be left wing or Communist parties

That's some hot logic you've got there.

Some of China's communist party members are literally billionaires

Less talk, more action.

.t Am in china and not impressed.

plz dont deport me

Venezuela could have been great if it's propped by other countries, the exact same shit behind East Germany's "greatness".

No, teach a man how to fish, not give him the fish.

Really old men and women have to get by by fishing plastic bottles out of trashcans, theres scammy low quality vendors everywhere, there isnt any safety net, your infra and buildings are crumbling and nothing is done to maintain it. Instead of using labour like it should, you have people in "standing jobs" doing FUCK ALL litterally EVERYWHERE. Every goddamn building has at least two guards paid with public money and you have soldiers looking idiotic like its the fucking stalinist era on half the corners in your Capital.

At least get your shit together a little bit, this is ridiculous. The number of useless jobs being done and the amount of jobs that need to be done are large even when compared to the first world which has stock brokers and corporate lawyers. Also your ads suck.

The food is nice though, very tasty.

Give a man a combine and he can grow food. Knowledge alone doesnt give you anything.


A man can grow his own food without a combine.

What the fuck is your man smoking?

Farming by hand cant support an industrial civilisation and thus doesnt allow a country to produce technologies and infrastructure to increase its own labour power.

Yes, so we should give him the fish, until we are too poor to support him, and he sells the fish to the large bloodthirsty man.

But I'm not talking about a country, I'm talking about a man.

Why can other countries do technological exchange and buy foreign machinery? Why can't Venezuela?

A man doesnt live on his own, righttard.

You think venezuela cant farm?
Also, the limiting factor is always the ability to trad which is difficult with embargos. Giving free machines to make more machines or stuff always helps.

A man does live on his own, he even takes care of his family.
I dunno, can they farm? Didn't Maduro say something about raising rabbits to reduce starvation?
Excuses, excuses, excuses, their ability to sell oil is not embargo.
Except your free machines do not make more machines, they are just used until they are broken. There's no intelligence or forethought here.

And giving them blueprints without them having welding machines and ores to make machines doesnt give them shit either. You need both.

They can buy the fucking machines, the blueprints and everything.

Other countries like Argentina were building machines out of blueprint they bought.


Maybe this smaller Venezuela could have supported itself?



What the fuck is the point of "workers of the world unite" if you're just going to go "lol fuck off and die in a ditch"?

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Okay, okay.
But why then China didn't send engineers into Venezuela to to build factories, improve infrastructure etc?
Why didin't it teach Venezuela vertical farming, programming, farming,construction?

Better just ignore that idiot, he is lost cause.

America did, Japan did, Singapore did, heck, fucking Russia and China did.

We can help for a fee.

China sends those to fucking Africa, maybe because Venezuela didn't pay?

Fuck off, Porky.

America was big country with many people emigrating there
Japan was industrialized by many countries including USA.
Singapore is tax heaven, I don't know if it creates at least one thing.
Russia had sold grain and natural resources to western countries and then hired engineers from those countries
China had help from Soviet Union and then western countries moved their industry there

You sound like total crapitalist,

Venezuala has help from the USA, its neighbors and Russia.

It wasn't all alone either, so point is moot.

Venezuela has more natural resources than fucking Singapore and Japan.

For one, better infrastructure.

Then why did Fidel Castro think China is the leading hope for the 3rd world?

because fidel was an illusioned bourgeois-romantic revolutionary

I tried to google it but, couldn't find anything of the sorts. I have also failed to find any good information about anything good that China has done for third world, other than mining resources from them.

china isnt socialist
NK isnt socialist

I want to know where this meme started. Any ideas? My guess is, someone read some obscure Deng speech and got hopeful that the CCP will pull a global "yoink".



The only thing these threads do is get delusional hope up

Why would you even doubt them. Even if theyre theoretically communist, its still good enough. We dont have luxury to be picky.


Taiwanese people want a Taiwanese state, not a Chinese government-in-exile.
Contrary to what you may think Taiwanese people are not Chinese.
It'd be pretty disastrous for the ROC since it would mean the only territories they would have left are a few rocks in the ocean.

If they actually haven't abandoned Marxism then you'd be posting about their efforts to build internationalism and preparing their peasant and working classes for global revolution instead of bourgeois number games like "wealth inequality."

Its a powerful communist country and the best ally we got.

''ally' that does nothing to help other leftist nations or leftist parties.

The International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee is an agency under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in charge of conducting its foreign relations with other political parties.

Up till now, the CPC has established contacts and exchanges with more than 400 political parties and organizations in over 140 countries, most of which are either parties in office or parties participating in government.

As the scope of the Party's international exchanges has been further enlarged, their contents are getting richer and forms more diversified.

High level contacts, working visits, study trips, theoretical discussions, leadership training, economic cooperation, cultural exchanges and the like have enriched the contents of the new-type party-to-party relations.

Maoists building weapons factories in India with help from China

Maoists are now manufacturing rocket and grenade launchers, assault rifles and mortars

A secret Intelligence Bureau (IB) report suggests that the Maoists' expansion plan has been as meticulous and carefully organised. While they have been strengthening their cadres by enlisting educated rebels to lead the cause, they are also inducting technically proficient men and women, capable of setting up weapons factories and advanced offensive hardware.
Apart from the regular weapons Maoists are normally associated with, they now have facilities to manufacture parts for even complex systems like grenade and rocket launchers. The IB report also establishes that the Maoists are aided in their efforts to build modern weapons by the Chinese intelligence.

The CPC continues to have relations with non-ruling communist and workers' parties and attends international communist conferences, most notably the International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties.[114] Delegates of foreign communist parties still visit China; in 2013, for instance, the General Secretary of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), Jeronimo de Sousa, personally met with Liu Qibao, a member of the Central Politburo.[115] In another instance, Pierre Laurent, the National Secretary of the French Communist Party (FCP), met with Liu Yunshan, a Politburo Standing Committee member.[116] In 2014 Xi Jinping, the CPC general secretary, personally met with Gennady Zyuganov, the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), to discuss party-to-party relations.[117] While the CPC retains contact with major parties such as the PCP,[115] FCP,[116] the CPRF,[118] the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia,[119] the Communist Party of Brazil,[120] the Communist Party of Nepal[121] and the Communist Party of Spain,[122] the party retains relations with minor communist and workers' parties, such as the Communist Party of Australia,[123] the Workers Party of Bangladesh, the Communist Party of Bangladesh (Marxist–Leninist) (Barua), the Communist Party of Sri Lanka, the Workers' Party of Belgium, the Hungarian Workers' Party, the Dominican Workers' Party and the Party for the Transformation of Honduras, for instance.[124] In recent years, noting the self-reform of the European social democratic movement in the 1980s and 1990s, the CPC "has noted the increased marginalization of West European communist parties."

does that taiwanese state include ending taiwan's status as a u.s. satellite? i.e. actual independence? or do they just want more hostility with the prc?

Theoretically what would happen if I were to go to Chinese embassy as a communist and ask for at least minimal support?
( I am Balt)

QT Asians

China are red capitalists in every sense of the term. They are bigger bullshitters than America. At least our government does not lie about being controlled by capital and hating its workers. They are not revolutionary, they are not sticking to some huge longterm plan where they will flip a switch for Furry Automater Rucksurry Gommunisms. The closest to socialism is Cuba and that is sad as fuck.

at least it doesn't invade and exploit other states like the crapitalist bff murika

China does that to entire Africa.

They have also occupied Tibet and invaded Vietnam, and are responsible for genocide in Cambodia. Not to mention hostility with its neighbors, including India.

Chinese investments were the best thing to happen to that postcolonial hellhole

You can do it without using a military. They do it in Africa.

This article just reads like state propaganda to me. I hope most of it is true but some things in it are patentedly false, like this:

Actions speak louder than words. Smog in Beijing is still horrendous, their rivers are insanely polluted with chemicals and trash.

But quotes like this give me hope:

Paying local warlords so that they would enslave their local population is good investment.

fuck off


citation needed

Common sense moslty.
I could give you online links, but then you would just attack the source or whatever. It almost always work like this. China is motivated by profit only. It's oligarchy maskarating as communism. It's not leftists.

China is not communism, but pure technocracy.

Not even that.

China is not leftist at all, we might as well have rolling thread just about Trump like Holla Forums then.

If China was a technocracy it wouldn't have useless bureaucrats who can't into population policy, people free falling in elevators, falling inside escalators, chemical explosions, torturing animals before eating them, shark finning, gutter oil, bootlegging industry, poaching animals for pseudomedicine, organ harvesting, etc. China is probably the closest you'll get to unregulated free market capitalism other than coca-cola death squads.

Technocracy has economic planning though.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics: 10 ideas to share with the world

Just out of interest, what do you guys actually know about China? Because it feels like you are talking out of your ass about how the Chinese economy works or how much public ownership actually exists in China. Just an example, you are aware you can't buy or sell land in China?
Here is a list of documents Ismail has compiled about modern China:
Basically, the fact that it has capitalism, doesn't disprove that they are pursuing the path of socialist development. The existence of the NEP didn't disprove that the bolsheviks were pursuing a path of socialist development. The rough treatment and imprisonment of billionaires, sinking income inequality and tbe strengthening of Marxism as a science im China convinces me that China is on the right path - you would never hear about this in the western media who continues to sell you the image of a China being a purely capitalist country that has given up Marxism-Leninism.

Smog in Beijing is still horrendous, their rivers are insanely polluted with chemicals and trash
You are aware of the density and size of the Chinese population, and the insane pace of Chinese development? The fact that this exists doesn't disprove that they are not bend on a more ecological, sustainable policy. They've not only improved the situation tremendously compared to the 90s and have government projects that are reciprocally working together with local councils in building sustainable new towns, they are also planning stuff like this:
Could you imagine the American administration ever planning something like this? Especially with China's mentality "to get shit done" this could very well be realized in a few years.

That's a stupid thing to say. Chinese investments are very different from the western ones, and also revered among Africans for that very reason. Westen investments are pure ressource extraction, making it impossible for a national bourgeoisie to emerge who would accumulate and reinvest. I mean, this is basic Marxist economics. If you don't believe that non-imperialist capitalism doesn't bring about development in tribal societies, you are rather undialectical.
What China does is accelerating capitalism. When the west runs out of untapped backwards countries to exploit we are getting revolutionary potential, China is clearly suited for that acceleration, while the west is eating itself up already. As I said, China actually gets shit done and has a very scientific, undogmatic outlook on history.

Weak argument. CPC is also member of the IMCWP, and finance it.

this reads like a cpc press release. most of these aren't even ideas, just "the chinese government has been really great and we've done all these great things!" is "primary stage of socialism" chinese for "liberalism?"
not an argument

If it was liberalsm, you would have big money in politics like in bourgeois liberal elections. The reason the Chinese government does well is because generating profits for the bourgeoisie is not a main drive in its policies. This allows them to actually make the scientifically correct decisions within their planned economy.
It's not an argument to deny thay the CPC doesn't work together with other communist parties despite the evidence, and then go on about hurrdurr Wikipedia.

I aksed this in previous thread, I will ask this again.

Why do tankies defend contemporary Mao?
Deng is basically mix of Kruschev and Gorbachev.

I know that Chinese cp doesn't work with other parties firsthand.

Thanks FBI


They wouldnt hesitate to move if there was even a hint of instability, it would only take a few years to set themselves up elsewhere. And dont forget its already moving out because china is expensive to operate in now.

China is so cool

isn't marxism theory of capitalism anyway?

They also haven't abandoned the path of arresting people for discussing democracy.

They did help Venezuela. They were literally one of the last countries to keep lending money (and huge amounts of money) to Venezuela as shit kept hitting the fan. I don't know if they're still giving loans because I haven't kept track.