I don't see anyone else talking about this here yet so I figured I'd start it off:

I don't see anyone else talking about this here yet so I figured I'd start it off:

Yeah I know I know
…plus the whole thing is just chock full of liberalism. But all the characters in this piece are throwing a bitchfit over this new article on social media so I figured it's at least worth looking through to see if there's anything worth noting wrt their strategies, communications, etc.

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and yes, I know I'm a retard who put the subject in the name field

I think this is a new record

It's pretty above average for a buzzfeed piece which means the author probably won't have to be working for buzzfeed much longer

This is worse than being a nazi tbh

Guess Mercer-posting user was right



Who's moarphius?

the guy who offers you the Blue Pill in the hit spring blockbuster The Matrix™ by the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Wachowski🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 brothers

But he offers the red pill too, if anything he's the major "red-piller" of the movie

Oh right I jerked off to his daughter before

fake news


oh lordy

I'd give them the guillotine for talking like a bunch of plebbitors.


Fucking rubes, every single Holla Forums poster, r/thedonald user, Breitbart reader, all fucking rubes.

Isn't this saying that they're NOT the "real hatemongers" but just random memers?

I'm more surprised a decent buzzfeed article exists than milo and breitbart courting nazis.

Buzzfeed's political team is usually pretty good. But they really have to distance themselves from the rest of the site.

Looks like Milo is REALLY committed to his role as a house nigger for the alt-right.

Yeah it's basically become a meme that their politics writers only last a few months because half of them write articles too good to be on buzzfeed and then get hired by a more "respectable" publication

This and the thread user made about Rebekah Mercer leaves a real interesting taste in your mouth.

This is the guy that's supposed to be the mastermind behind all this shit

What the fuck is magenalia


It's because the pretense of "anti-establishmentism" is cracking.



Google only turns up this very same article and a bunch of baldur's gate stuff.

Maybe he meant "marginalia"?

Either meant to say "marginalia" or, knowing bannon, it's some sort of really cheap booze


Jewish-capitalists/celebrities, Zionists and Nazis are deeply entangled within a false-dichotomy and are codependent on each other.

More recent example is the work Israeli agents did helping the Nazis in Ukraine in the aftermath of Maidan.

But it’s not really a new thing, Hitler had his mischlings, the vast majority of concentration camp Kapos were Zionists, the Zionists had secret deals with Nazi Germany and Hjamlar Schact was a Talmud-reading international banker.

Similarly, the Italian fascist part of Italy was disproportionately Jewish and most scholars agree that Jews were only persecuted during the Nazi-puppet social republic created in 1943.

In Latin America, during Operation Condor Nazis working for the CIA and in-exile and Zionists took turns helping the right-wing regimes torture leftists and arm themselves.

Both Nazi intelligence agencies and Zionist networks were utilized by the US for the purposes of intel collection and covert operations behind the Iron Curtain after WWII.

We’re dealing with a very insidious form of identity politics. Some people reject Zionism and embrace Nazism; others do the opposite but either the way their capitalist paymasters laugh all the way to the bank.


I've honestly never heard that. I thought I was the only one that appreciated buzzfeed politics.

This. Zionists and Nazis both get the bullet.

Reminder that if you're a jewish prole and a zionist you are getting fucking cucked

I’d prefer not to read an article about the top ten times Bannon said something sexual.


Good thing it's just a fairly straightforward overview of alt-right communications and media strategies instead

Why not? Number three will blow your mind!

You know this nigga sucks his own dick right? Why the fuck would you not?

here you go

Even their higher ups have no fucking clue about leftism/communism and just talk like the average fox news grandpa

meant for

i like that Moldbug was in contact with milo, lel

nazis support Zionism because they want to separate Jews from their societies. the most logical place for them to go is Israel.

moldbug identifies basically everything left of monarchy as logically ending in Communism

so does marx tbh

The Mercers probably think the same shit, which is the most frightening aspect of all this. The Mercers scare the shit out of me more than the Kochs, they're absolutely fucking mental and have a sudden influence in media to lobbying I haven't seen porkies take active control over really.

Don't compare these stupid chuds to Marx

he means that marx thought communism was logically inevitable, which is true

But the Kochs do everything the Mercers do and probably for longer too

well, Marx would say that it's due to historical necessity due to the innately transitory nature of the capitalist mode of production, Moldbug would probably just say something along the lines of "the type of Universalism promoted by the Cathedral inevitably ends in Communism".

well Robert Mercer is an actual genius, the Kochs probably not so much. he is a bit kooky with literal ayn-rand tier libertarianism though.

I wouldn't go that far. You know he sued someone over "over charging him" for a train set right? As a grown ass man?

He maybe bright but I'm suspicious he's autistic.

rentech is filled with people with PhDs in math, physics and CS from top tier US schools, you can't be an idiot and work there

I have a feeling a lot of them are autistic, which is why they do bizarre shit like sue people over the giant train set you're building.

Well, and their politics.

you can be autistic and still be a genius.

source: personal experience with people with PhDs in the aforementioned fields

No I'm not denying that at all. It's just when they start getting politically motivated in grand ideas does it start to become dangerous. As ridiculous as that sounds.

Autists are attracted to idealism. Bourgeois autists are going to be the reactionary "vanguard" of the 21st century. An ideal socialist society would use genetic engineering and screening to make sure that autistic people were a thing of the past.

Is autism fully genetic?

So GamerGate was Mercer astroturfing?

Unironically, somewhat. They took advantage of it and helped popularize.

The initial drama wasn't, but seeing the reaction to it and being somewhat involved in hindsight it looks like after the first few months it was transformed from butthurt gamers to the precursor to the aut-right.

I can only imagine what sort of debauchery took place

They made pizzzagate look wholesome.

Lmao. Baked Alaska is the cuckiest of cucks.

Wow Holy shit that is pretty fucked. Do you have any reason any sort of funding at all should be dedicated to purging autism from the population at large?

No one would be purged. It would simply become impossible for more autists to be born. Autism is not an adaptation. It is a dysfunction of the mind, like any other mental illness or disorder. It hampers the abilities of normal humans and prevents them from engaging in social relations properly.

If purging offends you I'll use remove. You didn't answer what I said. Any conceivable reason why Autism should be gene magic ed out of the population, and more importantly, can it even be done?

Just because you have to be smart to work somewhere doesn’t mean the guy who runs it is a genius fam

Imagine paying him money to do work

My prior that David Auerbach is truthful: very high.
My prior that a Buzzfeed writer is truthful: very low.

Article disregarded until viable corroborating evidence surfaces. Chances: low.

Milo openly confirmed that all the email were real

Not only that, but Auerbach didn't even deny the emails were real, he just denied "writing them himself"


But that is still pretty ridiculous to witch hunt him for mails to Milo before people even knew what the aut-right was. Punching nazis:ok. Punching people for knowning nazis:eh. Punching people for knowing people who know nazis:no.
This is clearly goon revenge for not obeying their tribe directives during GG. He could have handled it better, but I certainely won't condone that

Not everything is gamergate, and who the fuck is "punching Auerbach"?

meant to say "not everything is goons*"

jesus christ, step back and stop idolizing a fucking nobody who worked with Milo to push the GG garbage

Auerbach was publicly anti-GG, what "directives"?

He actually tried to understand shit while everyone decided to go "LA LA LA, internet pure evil". Thinking he is some secret aut right co-conspirator is bizarro/pol/-tier.

I'm sure that in new leftism, pretend journalists vendetta and twitter feuds is an high value, and talking to the other side is heresy, but if you think I'm gonna take fucking buzzfeed side…

Yes, this is "trying to understand shit" you smooth brain

Lol whatever dude, I'd bet you're about to see a decent number of people you consider "goons" implicated when the full list comes out, and you'll be singing a different tune because this is all cliques and ingroup preference to you

feeding stories to fucking breitbart isn't "talking to the other side"


Maybe Holla Forums is not a tragedy, but a natural state when political entropy reach maximum and everyone is reduced to MY TRIBE>UR TRIBE.

Also now Holla Forums is defending fucking Mcintosh and Arthur Chu. What's next, SJWs dindu nuthin and all politics are identity politics, r/CTH/?

That's a good point.
This raises the chances of the leak itself being real, while retaining a consistent picture of journalistic malpractice expected from Buzzfeed.

Note there's no email address of this "David Auerbach" person displayed.


You have to be literally autistic to think this is in any way a significant focus of the article

Spoiler alert: Tons of billionaires give to various political causes as a hobby. Be it for amoral profit, playing socerer apprentice with world politics, liking the concept of fantasy party team simulator, trying to find redemption from being a shithead porky, you'll the be judge.

It's not really a conspiracy at the end, just simple power mechanics. I doubt those philantropists even have a plan, it's just high stakes kickstarter for them.

lmao holy fuck you're seriously so assblasted about GG that you're defending the Mercers? Honestly kys dude


Note the reasons I given. Do they look sympathetic to you?

They look dismissive when porky families like the Kochs and Mercers literally bankrolling and actively astroturfing political campaigning is both relatively well-known to anyone who pays the slightest attention to their activities. The idea that it's just a "sideline gig" for them instead of an active attempt to have continual high level political support in their pocket isn't blatantly "sympathetic" but it's definitely apologia

Here's a fun game, contrast that statement to anything said about Chu or Mcintosh (who wasn't even mentioned in the article or this thread except by you lmao). You think they're "being defended" when no one here is saying shit about them and yet you think you're not defending the fucking Mercers here

Imagine being so assblasted about GG this is your reaction when reading that post.

Why would they fund entire ideologies when they already bought every side anyway. Sometimes, some uncontrolled movements can pop here and there,but most political parties are full of "consultants" that are transparent porky managers anyway. Sometimes some get sacrified in political scandals (that are glorified offfice politics), but at the end, the house always win.

The whole "new movements are bought in" is not necessary today, because bureaucracy gonna do your job anyway; All that social justice, alt-right, Trump, Open society or whatever, this is just a side gig given to "intellectuals" and "pundits" to entertain porky.

It's pretty clear cause you can see the verified idiots on twitter all in apoplexy over predictable events. Cause those guys are clueless, but porkys place their bets on what will be the next episode of "World of Thrones".

Only faggots care about GG on either side, which is why I didn't randomly bring it up

The alt-right and right-wing brexit campaigns were heavily subsidized by the Mercers from the start, similarly to how the tea party movement was funded and started by the Kochs. There is no organic "grassroots" element to any of these campaigns, even in the early stages

I would just like to point out that in light of the majority support the brexit campaign ultimately received the question of who funded it is tertiary to any proper understanding of it.

This would be true if you took the campaign leaders at their word (hell knows there are plenty of good leftist reasons to leave the EU), but the Mercer's saw in it a method and opportunity to grasp another aspect of UK political discourse and derail most of the important talks of economic implications (which is why Brexit became only about "muh immigrants") and have their tendrils tightly wrapped around the people who are supposed to make it a reality.

lol what a fucking edge lord. I bet his atm pin is 1488 too