I Want to Play a Game

Let's play a game. Admittedly , all this information is from 2010, but let's just play this game. Let's start with a name, of who's funding alt-right media ventures. Let's start with a top name like Mercer, Rebekkah Mercer. This reptilian looking woman. Let's take a trip back to 2010, where she was, who she was, and why she's here now.

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You see, Rebekah "Bekah" Mercer is an American foundation director and Republican donor. She's quite the porky, inherited it all from Dad. Robert Mercer. As of now she now directs The Mercer Family Foundation" (founded by father, Robert Mercer), its a private grant-making foundation in the United States. As of 2013, it had $37 million in 2013. The fuck you see here is Robert Mercer. But this is more about her daughter.

Rebekkah Mercer currently funds Breitbart, has a large investment and hand in creating whatever the fuck Milo was. And is one of this administration's donors as well.

But let's go a little deeper, where was she? Not too long ago, just 7 years?

Why is her face concave?

Back in 2010, she was a member of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. Renamed in 1981 from the International Center for Economic Policy Studies, of course. Manhattan Institute for Policy Research sounds more pleasant on the tongue.

She had some wonderful interesting colleagues as of 2010.

One of them, was Harvey Golub

Harvey Golub was, and is, a very wealthy man. Golub attended Cornell University and received a Bachelor of Science from the New York University

He first worked as a Senior Partner with McKinsey & Company, a worldwide management consulting firm. It conducted, and conducts, qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to evaluate management decisions across the public and private sectors. It has relation to Bain Capital, which if you're familiar is where Mitt Romney made his interesting time. I'm sure they bumped shoulders a few times.

But Golub was meant for bigger things.

From 1993 to 2001, Harvey Golub was Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of American Express. And if you don't know, Amex, is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in New York. It's been with us for a while. Golub made a lot of money.

Harvey Golub served as Chairman of the Board at the Campbell Soup Company from November 2004 to July 2009


Harvey Golub served as Chairman of the American International Group (AIG) during the 2008 financial crisis from which AIG was partially responsible. His resignation as AIG Chairman was announced on July 16, 2010.

Just here to give my thanks to OP and confirm to you that at least I (and you ) are lurking.

WHICH of course, brings Harvey Golub into contact with the topic of this thread, Rebekkah Mercer. Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

You see, despite not facing any criminal charges from his work with AIG besides stepping down, he actually was ingratiated with job offers.

Harvey Golub became on the board of directors of The Hess Energy Corporation, an American global energy company engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas.

He was brought into the fold of the honor of member of The American Enterprise Institute, quite a gigantic think tank, full of wonderful people you can imagine.

And part of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, another think tank with a wealthy past. Of, whom Rebekah "Bekah" Mercer was a colleague.

Let's skip to today. Rebekah "Bekah" Mercer.

You see, Rebekah "Bekah" Mercer is an American foundation director and Republican donor. She's quite the porky, inherited it all from Dad. Robert Mercer. As of now she now directs The Mercer Family Foundation" (founded by father, Robert Mercer), its a private grant-making foundation in the United States. As of 2013, it had 37 million in 2013. The fuck you see here is Robert Mercer. But this is more about her daughter.

She funded Breitbart with Steve Bannon on the Trump Administration during the presidential race. She helped "create" Milo, funded him from the start, ground up.

She continues to be a wealthy political donor, her agenda includes the privatization of schools. The continued privatization of American health care, and the complete deregulation of Wall Street.

And not just Seven Fucking Years Ago, she was bumping shoulders with someone who worked with fucking Harvey Golub at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.

The "Disgraced" Chairman of AIG, who helped cause the fucking 2008 financial crisis.

Who was also at the time part of the American Enterprise Institute and the Hess Energy Corporation.

Not to bring in the larger father Mercer's influence, no doubt he helped get her a stint in the Manhattan Institute of Policy Research. And this lizard cunt was very likely probably happy to please her new esteemed colleagues within the Think Tank, especially given 2010's rise in conservative (Which no doubt, was partially because of work done at the the Manhattan Institute of Policy Research, with Golub. The man partially responsible for 2008. Don't forget that name.

She's now successfully turned it around so SHE and Steve Bannon, the Trump Administration, they all now give a fuck about your worker's rights more than the leftists. They care. She cares. Doesn't that look like the smile of someone who cares?

Just dropping in to say this is good as hell and that we should have threads like this tracking porky activity more often

And what do you know the American people bought it up. They bought it up. They really believed Trump could do anything thanks in large part due to her time at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research with people such as Harvey Golub, who let me not remind you,

Helped cause the 2008 financial catastrophe.

She helped turn it all around so not only was Bernie Sanders a communist, but Antifa is out to get you and your rights, the statues of Confederate Monuments deserve to be respected, Medicare for all is Communism, and she's glad Unions died.

And she wants to help make it worse. By lobbying the government for more private schools, more military funding, and all manner of devious shit.

And wouldn't you know it, the alt-right is being fed media bought on her watch.

The bitch who got all her money from daddy, the cunt of The Manhattan Policy Institute who worked with the "Disgraced" AIG Chairman Harvey Gollub

Don't think for a second her reach doesn't extend to InfoWars, it does. It may be a guess on my part, but her interest in creating a figure like Milo and funding him since Day 1? Who's not to say she takes an interest in PJW? Or Alex Jones? Who also, continually defend the Administration and Breitbart?

(Seen top left)

So, remember Holla Forums, that we can help thank Rebekkah Mercer, for coming up with some of the bullshit the past year and a half, that the Trump Administration was actually populist, the fucking Right was discriminated against, and are clearly Anti Establishment, and all this bullshit they keep eating, while this god damn fucking cunt was a member of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research with Harvey Golub, the man who helped cause 2008 among others, brought to wealth by nothing but Daddy money, pushing her agenda as for the greater good for all and her lobbying interests (which are also so clearly anti establishment?)

The American people bought this reptilian porky looking cunt's lies from her forked tongue hook line and sinker.

And she keeps fucking lobbying from her position, and keeps funding the media to promote her own lobbying agenda, and she has no plans for quitting anytime soon. Hell will be cold before she lets the message stray from anything short the American right are patron saints of the worker, and the feminists want to tear men down, and the fags have gone too far, and that we're all in this together, except for the Unions and the left, and the public schools. And the poor who don't try, and the communists. Everything you heard the last administration, was in large part due, to the machinations, of this concave cunt.

You see, "Bekah", did you know, also in the time between 2010 and now, worked as a Wall Street trader at Renaissance Technologies, the hedge fund her father has helped lead, and, with her sisters. Nothing feudal about that.

Clearly anti establishment.

Didn't you also know, this cunt had helped in successfully lobbying against others as secretary of state, and for particularly, Senator Jeff Sessions as attorney general. She saw him, one of the hardest right lawyers in the country, to see this administration's justice be done in America.

Between 2010 and now, she also owned a gourmet cookie company, Ruby et Violette. Google Review gives it 1.8 stars.

Let's jump back a bit in time to 2003.

She had her father's fortune, and attended Stanford University with open arms by the faculty.

She met Sylvain Mirochnikoff. The couple married in 2003. People rarely ever see Sylvain. But he has a financial record.

Sylvain Mirochnikoff, lucky man who married this cunt. Got access to her vast fortune. Is rarely seen, let's see what his job resume looks like for pounding this reptilian snatch

thanks for dedicating a whole thread to her and being very forward about it rather than bashing her in a covert or underhanded way

From 2015 to currently as we speak, Sylvain Mirochnikoff works at Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC.

For those that don't know, Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services firm providing investment banking, securities, wealth management and investment management services. They were also, partially responsible, for the 2008 crash, just like our former American Express friend from earlier, Harvey Golub

Which puts our rarely seen Sylvain Mirochnikoff in the hands of some dark and shady people, but don't worry. The Mercer's know.

Because you see, Sylvain Mirochnikoff had a previous job associated to the 2008 financial crisis, just like Harvey Golub

Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated, May 2008 –Jun 2014

Got a job at Morgan Stanley in 2008


Reminder that while we oppose a system porky exists, he always has a name and an address.

You see this cunt was double teaming all sorts of people related to the 2008 finnancial crisis all because of her father's money

Now she's one of the most powerful lobbyists and partially responsible for the narrative the alt right loves the working class even more than the left and their disgusting communist unions

But let's continue on with the man the public rarely sees, this Sylvain Mirochnikoff

Credit Suisse, Jul 1999 –Mar 2008.

Fired, because of the 2008 financial crisis

Deauville Capital Management Lp, Jun 2014 –Sep 2015

Only a year, wonder why he left

But who is this rarely seen husband?

“Sylvain Mirochnikoff is currently a Managing Director of the Institutional Equity Division at Morgan Stanley. In his current role, Mr. Mirochnikoff heads the Automated Market Making group as well as exotic and corporate derivatives trading. Prior to Morgan Stanley, he occupied several roles in equity derivatives trading at Credit Suisse from 1997 to 2008. Mr. Mirochnikoff has an M.S. in Engineering, Economic Systems, and Operations Research from Stanford University, and a M.S. in Applied Mathematics from ENSAE, the National School of Statistics and Economic Administration, in France.”

Alas, as her public presence demanded her a more active role, it was not meant to be. This mysterious Sylvain Mirochnikoff, is getting a divorce this year. A rarely seen man, caught in love with the lazy reptilian skeletal Heiress at Stanford in 2003 with a fortune of money.

Active role? What's that, you might ask?

According to new financial disclosures reveal that Rebekkah Mercer has donated to Rep. Evan Jenkins' Senate campaign.

Did I forget to mention the fucking Mercer's are part owner of Breitbart before Bannon arrived, and have more influence about its articles than fucking Steve Bannon

I think I forgot to mention that she has more power over Breitbart than Steve

In fact, she single handidly decided Steve Bannon should give up his position temporarily at Breitbart to work with the Trump Administration during the election after the fallout with Paul Manafort.

But remember despite all this, she (A fucking heiress cunt) and Steve Bannon (fucked around with money for over a decade) have more in mind for the American worker, than the left and the unions and the strikes ever did

Tsk Tsk lefties

Tsk Tsk

She loves all American workers, and wants their rights represented in our government

I just wanted to share this with you.

She's admitadly, a public figure. In the future, I want to make threads about the lobbyists we don't see, every day. Their history, their lives, and their donations, and their agendas

And I want to show you just how universal they are, and how predictable they are, and how in agreement, they are

This was fun, see you tomorrow.

I liked this, user. Thank you.

No problem. Tomorrow I want to explore just who else was around Mercer at around the time she last had influence in designing policy at the Manhattan Institute. The sordid history of those alongside the previously mentioned Harvey Golub.

Archived this

Appreciate it user. Thanks.

Anyone know the "keywiki" site where some deranged kiwi logs all the info he has on everyone left of center in the world (esp. USA)?

We should legit start a wiki detailing just porky corruption and scheming from a leftist perspective.


Make a video about this so this information can be more widespread.

Robert Mercer once spent $2 million on a model train set and the sued the company who built it for overcharging:

Here is some more detailed information about the lawsuit.

Hahahaha holy shit

The rich are purified autism

This is like some shit Felix or Virgil would joke about

What the fuck was a hedge fund billionaire doing building a model train set

They're not literally lizard-people in the Alex Jones sense but porkies this big are about as close as it gets

Robert Mercer is a techie and probably is autistic to some degree (thus the reactionary politics.)

Sage for conspiracy theory-tier, not in the sense that I don't believe in the particular connections, as they're clearly real, but in the sense that knowing these particular connections aren't especially useful for class struggle. For now Mercer is a useful tool for the system, but even if you took her out of the equation or made her useless, some other rich porky will come along and fund propaganda. I mean what do you expect is to do with this information. Its only useful for posting on Holla Forums, Reddit, YouTube or Twitter to circlejerk over since they love eating up investigative stuff like this. At best maybe you can convince some media rag to push it, but there's not much meaningful action to get out of this.

Daughter of a hedge fund billionaire, funder of various media figures, tells Steve Bannon what to do, hugged up to people responsible for the financial crisis in 2008 at the Brooklyn Institute, frequent lobbyist.

Her resume goes on like a list of sins.

She isn't "a tool for the system" she is part of it.

And don't worry I'm doing this everyday

She's not "a part of the system", she is the system. Also, you know how nazis post profiles of prominent Jews with all of their nefarious exploits to radicalize normies? This shit is exactly what we should be doing.

nice one OP you should start doing it for self-identified left-wing porky-tier organizations like Refuse Fascism and BAMN

Did you read this, OP? You may find it pertinent.


I did. I actually read it after I finished up, coincidentally enough

Great article illustrating the points I was trying to make her. The Mercer's own Bannon and everyone buying Breitbart's faux populist crap was sold pathetically thin. Thinking about people reading Milo loyally when half his articles were fucking ghost written while he prances around as the Mercer's new play thing isn't as laughable as it is fucking pathetic

i mean the alt lite and their funneling to the alt right is a big deal
but milo as a figure is kinda dead at the moment

It's less about Milo and more how the Mercer's groomed him with advice and money to become what he was. Billionaires taking that active a part in media is always sickening. That he was ghost written while prancing around is the cherry on top.

My point is, he's an example of the Mercer's experimenting with what they can get away with. My advice? Look at InfoWars. Every bone in my body says the Mercer's are "minor" associates. That's pure speculation on my part but it's basically right there for anyone to see.

They want a new tiny little media empire they can get chuds and rubes suckered into.

this is how almost all media works. a rich patron funds the organization and directs the output in the general direction they want. Yes, even leftist media.

Wasn't saying otherwise. The Mercer's are just particularly loathsome manipulative reptile people. Not that all Porkies aren't but.

Not all media paints itself as anti-establishment. Look at our news threads and see if any of the publications linked aren't really obvious with where they're coming from and their biases (RT, BBC, reuters, etc)

well, Breitbart is certainly opposed to "an" establishment, namely, the liberal establishment. it depends on what your view of "the establishment" is. Obviously, if you're a Marxist, the establishment is the bourgeoisie, so Breitbart would not be anti-establishment.

With that said, I imagine many people in America would prefer Bannonism to, say, Clintonism. At least you have less third-world immigration under Bannonism.

I've engaged enough with the "alt-lite" and other more normie readers of Breitbart to know that a large part of the appeal of the "anti-globalism" message is that it contrasts with what they (correctly) see as liberal establishment hypocrisy ("you claim to fight for marginalized groups and for "progress" yet you have establishment backing, acceptance, funding, etc.")

Parallel to this was the unspoken understanding that Breitbart, while funded by rich people, wasn't the direct brainchild of "the real" establishment. They legit are convinced that all the richest people are on clinton's side and that all their rich guys are "self-made" and "deserve it". If you don't believe me, go check the original thread this thread branched off from where Trump supporters earnestly made that argument and said that the populist right wing/alt right were fighting the upper class.

well, their understanding of "the upper class" is pretty much equivalent to limousine liberals, who definitely support Clinton. undoubtedly both candidates had bourgeois support, but Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Big Pharma, most of the news media barring Fox and Breitbart, almost all of academia, almost all the political class, etc. were almost all openly pro-Clinton.

also, I would say that "anti-globalism" is pretty much just anti "free-trade" and anti third-world immigration, which are both justifiable to oppose within the framework of the average proles' economic calculus.

I don't think we're really disagreeing, I just think you're underestimating the Mercer family digestibility with the broader alt-right as "not globalist cucks".

i think a lot of people just don't want diversity so anyone who is on board with that is close enough to "uncucked" tbh

There are no anti-"globalist" porkies. Mercer et al are just mad that they aren't the ones deciding what gets globalized.

That's not a good thing

Honestly I think the "Trump supporters just want less brown people" to be mostly a liberal meme. Sure there are plenty of racists amongst them but for the rank and file it isn't issue #1. Immigration and free trade are correct though and that ties in, but it is also largely about economics (even if it's stuff they only loosely understand).

To the people who are legit full racist this association is bad for the opposite reason (Milo is a kike deg.enerate shill that is one step removed form Sargon normie bullshit for the hardcore alt-right and every "real" fascist that deals with him directly is taking a reputation hit from that base)

I'll bite my own nipples off before I play devil's advocate to a fucking crone and her lackeys the way you're doing now. Have some god damn decency.


What do you imagine I'm saying here?

You're missing the larger point that the Mercer's agenda isn't just about borders. If you think it's nothing beyond that you're an absolute fool.

Total privatization of schools and lobbying for it while pretending to own a rag that's "Against the globalist agenda", whatever the fuck that means. I mean read the thread, anyone who falls for this trite shit is being deceived. It is obvious who these people are.

Majority of Trump voters made more than 75k/year. They aren't working class. Their economic concerns are related to taxation (they want less of it.) Trump is what the petty bourgeoisie imagines life at the top of the porky pile is like. They basically worship the guy.

You guys are conflating the end of this conversation to where it began (with speculating on the midwest "normies" that fell for the ruse), and whether they'd be properly turned off by the association with Mercer. I'm arguing that this can cause the normies to be turned off because they were attracted to the thing "anti-establishment" smokescreen in the first place, and cause a shitshow among the real alt-right since some of "their guys" are colluding with civic nationalist cucks.

What the porky at the top wants/believes is besides the point, I'm arguing how we can leverage this on their base if at all

It's the point of the thread itself.

Talking hypothetical strategy on imageboards is hell. I'll rephrase. I'm asking "how could we use this info to our advantage?" and "could this hurt the right-wing base?"

Exposing every lobbyist and their associates and their history can paint a pretty bad picture for any politician to the public at large. And the Mercer's clan is a particularly loathsome bunch.

wrong, Trump's popularity is based on three main pillars (okay maybe 4) based on his campaign rhetoric:

free trade with China and outsourcing more generally - stop doing it
third-world immigration - stop it, especially illegal immigration. Something like 40% of Americans want zero immigration.
pointless wars like Iraq - stop doing it.
finally, people were opposed to "political correctness" and the general browbeating, moralist, quasi-Victorian tendencies of the liberal elite. Racism has replaced sex as the new boogeyman, but it's otherwise similar.

Yeah that's pretty much what I was trying to get at but it's late and maybe I didn't phrase it right.

if you want to hurt a right-wing politician, paint them as weak on immigration. the Trump base is defined by anti-immigration sentiment, not sure how you could miss this being right next to Holla Forums all this time.

You're really overstating it with the immigration thing

Is that Kellyanne Conway?

If I had to rank those issues for the whole right-wing base it would be PC correctness, free trade, immigration, and wars in that order

not really. go on any right-wing message board or news outlet's comment section and see for yourself. it's all immigration and PC.

If Mercer died today some other rich fuck will take her place. By focusing so much on a single individual, you implicitly imply that the only issue you have to resolve is removing bad actors, and the system will start working for working class people, when it clearly won't. Instead of desperately attempting to find everything that could delegitimize the right's narrative, you should try to promote leftist theories. Otherwise the way you're going all you get is endless shitflinging where you claim the right is all just astroturf by Mercer and the Koch brothers, and they just parrot back their Sorosbux theory.

tl;dr: You'll never get anywhere if the only thing you argue is that your opponents are astroturf.

Focusing on the actions of a really porky bitch who has influence in everything from media to politics to market to think tanks, isn't bad, actually.

Is this the left's George Soros?

No, there's plenty of other people I can name that nobody in the media is even reporting on who influence the public in various ways just as fucking vile. It's just the Mercer's influence is particularly virulent when it comes to the rise of what you would consider the past year, "The Alt-Right".

Nope, just one family member of a larger empire, that is itself only one family in a vast capitalist class with largely unified interests and goals.

Yep, all these people take orders from the same handful of billionaires when you really get into the weeds

Well, okay, so like George Soros.

Like the Rothschild.


George Soros is "the left's" George Soros. We're all fucking communists we don't make exceptions.

Why are you trying to distract from this vile cunt by making banal comparisons

Everyone and their drunk uncle knows about Soros

But George Soros funds communist and socialist organizations in the US.

Not a year ago, no.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Read the thread. This is the career history of the heiress cunt partially responsible for the "The right cares more about the workers than those silly unions who don't get the working class". Also a gigantic lobbyist whore who's pushing agenda in Washington.

Generally just an evil piece of shit who ruined everything the past year from what she learned during and after her time in the Manhattan Institute, where she bumped shoulders with colleagues that included the Chairman of AIG during the financial crisis.

This cunt manipulated the American public, basically, to have less standards and vote against their own interests. Not that this is unique, but there's something vile about this lizard bitch.

Oh right how I forgot, we all get Soros bucks here. I think mine are late

No, he funds liberal organizations in the US while funding anti-communist and anti-socialist efforts abroad. There are no "communist" billionaires because that's retarded

And then you actually get Soros bucks.


Well, they call themselves communist, and nobody's bothering them about that.

Soros is such a commie that he was one of the men responsible for the downfall of the Soviet Union

No, I'm pretty sure he funds socialist and communist organizations.
No, just billionaires that fund communists.

Name a single communist organization in the US funded by Soros

This thread is filled with details about a specific person and not only are you randomly bringing up George Soros in an attempt at WhatAboutIsm when everyone here hates George Soros

But you're not giving the details anyone here could give about the bastard.

literally read Bordiga

Be specific

Like Trotsky? Or actual communists in general?

I thought the USSR was a revisionist empire?

Just leave

Oh, so the USSR is communist now?


Yes. In fact people defend this position all the time here. They also don't agree with it.

Why are you trying to distract from what the topic was about, which is about someone with enormous influence. Not everyone with enormous influence.

Your WhatAboutIsm is transparent

Seems legit

What does Trotsky have to do with what I just said?

Good thread OP but stop replying to this derailing faggot.

But people here also says the USSR is not communist, it's even not socialist.

How is the USSR communist in any sense? Because communism is the state does stuff?

Trotsky was a communist and he was anti the USSR, much like other true communists (like perhaps, Mr. George Soros).

Yeah, I plan on continuing doing career histories of some of the most noxious influential people who have influence in America (And beyond America).

This guy can continue to bitch about George Soros in every thread.


It might even be interesting to do one on George Soros or other liberal Billionaires funding anticommunists. Though going with someone unheard of compared to say Jeff Bezos is good for the time being,

Trotsky defended the Soviet Union until the end. You know nothing.


really makes me think

Yeah I think is actually a pretty solid idea and that porkypedia or whatever you call it should absolutely have a soros entry

either that or it should go on youtube



I'm OP and I would 100% be for the creation of something like that.

As in, I'd be more than glad to help create it.

new thread?

It's 9am and I'm researching on who I should do next. As in, who has active lobbying hands in this Administration's agenda, who has a checkered past. It'll come up later today.

This need to be a thing NOW.
You can never reach people with only abstraction, you need example of Bougies shitty behavior.

Definitely can't be done on wikia though so someone needs to host, which is an issue

i'm not sure if this is updated anymore but this site could help with making some connections:

Wikia have some rules against documenting rich people activities?

Not explicit, but it seems unwise to put yourself under their jurisdiction

probably. i'm sure that a ban could be easily and automatically triggered for other reasons.

I remember that at some point, the GG crowd put their support behind some kind of similar tool do document games "journos" errands. What form did it had and can something be learned from it?

You mean this?

we need to go deeper

No but it helped me find out what i tried to remember.

It's crazy how much energy they've wasted on such a non-issue.

here we go


I totally understand Americans wanting less immigration. (I myself want less immigration) But privatizing schools is WAY to much of a price to pay for that, and most Trump supporters agree. So what they do is they’ll sneak the school privatization in at the last minute.

Name a single communist organization in Soros funds.

Hardmode: CPUSA doesn’t count because there general secretary isn’t a communist.

He doesn't even fund CPUSA


What's with this anti-immigration bs I've been seeing here? Anti-immigration main purpose is to further divide proles. I.E. Nation boundaries are a social construct that hurt more than help the working class, everytime.

American immigration history is basically a series of attempts (and failures) to keep out perceived undesirables, don't let some poem on the Statue of Liberty lead you to believe otherwise. Obviously, you can argue that America has a moral duty to take in the rest of the world as part of atonement for its crimes, but most Americans don't really care.

you mean a series of ~failed~ attempts, anyway learn to is-ought.


Begone you foul, island-dwelling filth!

Yes yes, six degrees of Kevin Bacon is a fun game.

Bascily as soon as America forms a sold culture it gets destablized by mass immigration causeing america to forever have a very shallow culture compared to the rest of the world.

See above

Wait, why is the Alt-right funded by Jews?

Because bourgeois Jews see themselves as rich first and jewish second.

Not to mention that the alt-right is harmless, they are unwilling to tackle the Israeli lobby, a secular issue that they could easily work with grass roots leftists on but they more than happy to support conservatives including their beloved Trump who is ostensibly backing Israel to the hilt.


This 2 steps from porky thing is dumb.

google is communist!!! they censor my freespeech just like the nazis!!!(who had some very good ideas btw isn't it strange how nazis are always put down by the LYING mainsteram media wake up sheeple)

Interesting fact about the Mercers: The final speech of the villain of S3 of Fargo is pretty much word for word something Robert Mercer said"
>Magerman told the Wall Street Journal that Mercer’s political opinions “show contempt for the social safety net that he doesn’t need, but many Americans do.” He also said that Mercer wants the U.S. government to be “shrunk down to the size of a pinhead.” Several former colleagues of Mercer’s said that his views are akin to Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Magerman told me, “Bob believes that human beings have no inherent value other than how much money they make. A cat has value, he’s said, because it provides pleasure to humans. But if someone is on welfare they have negative value. If he earns a thousand times more than a schoolteacher, then he’s a thousand times more valuable.” Magerman added, “He thinks society is upside down—that government helps the weak people get strong, and makes the strong people weak by taking their money away, through taxes.” He said that this mind-set was typical of “instant billionaires” in finance, who “have no stake in society,” unlike the industrialists of the past, who “built real things.”
Last five minutes of Fargo S3 (watch it if you haven't since it's good and this scene spoils the entire series)

lel, this is making it sound like they're just uninterested in tackling the problem when they're all actively pro-Israel

"porky funds their own propaganda directly" is such an obvious thing that you have to be a super brainlet to think it's a conspiracy when the connection is brought up

No I mean it's dumb because it implies this AIG guy has the same goals and ideology as Steve Bannon when this is almost certainly not the case.