What do you guys do to limit your participation with capitalism?

What do you guys do to limit your participation with capitalism?

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Occasional shoplifting of minor things.

not buying shit

Why would I want to do that? Capitalism is lit.
That doesn't mean we can't do better

I buy game systems and pc parts used and I pirate games when possible (especially 3ds- right now I'm playing a game that's not even been released thanks to cfw)


absolutely nothing

Buy books about how capitalism is bad

Sticking with small businesses when possible, not paying for govt subsidies of corporations, not taking out loans or using big banks… not working for capitalists and letting them exploit me as a worker….. not driving….. not huge things.

not all of us are suburbanite scum

Absolutely nothing
It doesn't need your consent, it will go on with or without you.
Liberation is not achieved by going against capital, but by going through it.

uhhh it's people in the suburbs who need cars

good lil' socdem

they still have public transport
what if you are rural?

I grow as much food as I can, so I'm not buying it. When I do buy shit I try to buy from small companies. Not because they aren't guilty of exploitation, but simply because I'd rather see big companies collapse leading to economic disaster. And in general I try not to be materialistic, leading to consumerism (praise Buddha)

Organize within and support the worker's party.

lifestylism the thread

Kek, I'm not a sucdem, I don't believe the system should be stabilized in any way.

He's not wrong. Lifestylism gets you nowhere



This tbqh. Buying luxury items just makes me depressed so now my spending money just accumulates. Also just makes me realize how nice this money would be if I got out more.

I buy the 12 year subscription to Brazzers to cull my support of the porn industry.

you need to buy the fanciest shit for the cheapest price to make sure the bourgies are exploiting the workers as much as possible and competing with each other for the best Capital and technology.
You can't abstain from a mode of production, neither should you.

Lifestylism is the cringiest fucking approach to politics. Honestly just kill yourself if you seriously think it works. You cannot avoid living under capitalism any more than you can avoid living on earth.

steal shit


nothing because i'm not a fucking idiot.

i'm not sure if you are aware, but we in america at least live in a society where there is little to no revolutionary movement, so it would be pretty fucking self-sabotaging to abstain from the system you live in which determines every aspect of your well being.

any "limiting" of my "participation" is a meaningless performance for an audience of no one.

if anyone needed a reminder that anarchism is a petty bourgeois consciousness, here you go.

I just increasingly feel depressed about any hope that we have for getting out of this nightmare. I’m a britbong living in America and the ignorance I get talking to the average American about politics makes me so fucking depressed. I always just remind myself that it’s their material conditions that make them this way but it’s honestly cringe worthy how ignorant many Americans are about the world outside of their tiny bubble

Buy used; pirate games and and don't have kids that would serve as future labor and tax payers.

shut the fuck up nigger one tripfag doesn't represent all anarchists

I don't have a job and hopefully never will do long term wage labour again, so if that counts…

I don't really do else, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong about enjoying the fruits of bourgeoisie society as long as you don't go out of your way to oppress and exploit others. My cause isn't about self-inflicted suffering.

Not fostering ridiculous petitbourg fantasies about small business and startups
Not pursuing any kind of family model
Not gambling
Not eating processed food or chemical laden shit, but growing some of one's own food
Not getting lost in the spectacle, but staying informed about happenings
Staying unionized
Stealing whenever possible
Spreading leftist ideology

Absolutely nothing whatsoever.

Kill yourself liberal, petit bourgies are the worst.

literally read Bordiga. your proposal is fundamentally flawed.

Nothing because I’m a student, but when I grow up I’ll try to learn how to make as much of the stuff I consume using my own labor as possible. This way I won’t have to work at a job as much and the stuff I do won’t be so fucking receptive and boring.

wow, you guys sure told that tripfag.
i guess i'll be buying all my fruit and veg from Wal Mart from now on because i'm fundamentally against consumerist capitalism.
that'll show 'em

I grow my own okra.

you just brought the corporatocracy to it's knees.

It's not an aproach to politics. It's simply a method of clearing your conciseness by knowing you're not actively supporting and financing corporations that oppress the proletariat and participating in an oppressive system.

I live in a cabin in the jungle which I constructed with local materials using tools I crafted with my bare hands and subsist entirely on food I can grow or collect myself.

meditate on commodity fetishism and how our entire world view is a hallucination based on the repression of the social character of labor. Reflect on the way commodity form shapes our perception of 'things.' Through acts of imagination, try to restore an understanding of the social character of human labor. Thus sow seeds for the inevitable collapse of capitalism.

My family once accidentally grew cantelopes in our front yard from the recycled compost we fertilized our flower bed with. We ate them, and they were delicious.

Is that socialism?

Do you also have a youtube channel called Primitive Technology?

that is literally seizing the means

Not sure if irony. Is growing ones own food now bad or something?

It's not an aproach to politics. It's simply a method of clearing your conciseness by not supporting and financing corporations that oppress the proletariat and not participating in an oppressive system.

that bloke is the best thing on youtube

Only if your a leftcom.

Lifestylism won’t change stuff, but it’s still enjoyable.