Will democratizing the workplace be enough to make work enjoyable, or will there have to be more done?

Getting rid of useless/redundant work will reduce the amount of labor people do and make labor less exhausting and uncomfortable. Maybe even enjoyable. But it's not "work" if you enjoy it.

I don't know if "democratizing" is the right word here, but transforming work into being an activity more based on mutual aid and creativity and less on domination and monotomy would make it greatly more enjoyable and fulfilling.


As long as I don't feel like I'm working for nothing when I show up for work, I'm good.

there has to be done more, dummy. That's why we need democratized workplaces.

it will make it fairly painless, and your new self-ownership will likely give you some fulfilling enjoyment, but so long as the market exists, you will be forced to exploit yourself as market demands in order to stay profitable. This fact makes both tankies and anarchists very angry, and they'll condemn the whole program over it. I think it's more pathological than anything, like they have any hope of abolishing the value form. you start talking Market Socialism on a forum they moderate, they'll make up some reason to ban you.

You need to end commodity production itself. Without it work is still alienating and exploitative, even if the workplace is democratic.
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workplace democracy is fine, but market socialism as a whole is just stupid.

no shit.

Workers own the company and decide democratically if they want to get higher profits or have more free time. They keep full value of their labor and own the means of production they use.

that's not what your post suggested you oaf

who funds the company

State owned banks finance investments. This is until communism is achieved.

We are talking a bit about this here too:

I figure worker ownership and management will decrease alienation and thus increase subjective quality of life, but it's not enough to make an unfulfilling job pleasant. Part of the point of full automation and ending the need for labor is that, ultimately, work is martyrdom.

Democratizing the workplace wont solve the issue that drives the capitalist system which is the competition, private property and production for exchange.


Marxist leninist want to create a new capitalist class of state controlled bureaucracy. Only with direct worker control of the means of production can we achieve true communism.

fuck off "market" socialist. ML is the most modern theory and its adherents are the most intelligent and well read socialist

The workers control nothing in Marxism-Leninism. True socialism is about workers controlling MOP not politburo members.