Harvard/Northeastern Survey: Just 3% of Adults Own HALF of America's Guns



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Other results from that survey/study

I'm not surprised by that. You'll often find that rural-ish counties with relatively low populations have some of the highest firearm per-capita rates. Makes sense in a way because you can actually, you know, hunt out there, plus you don't have to go somewhere that isn't an asshole gun range with a fucking drill instructor being up in your shit for not putting the gun down and stepping back immediately when he blows a whistle.

What we really need is to arm the poor.

There's more people in poverty who commit suicide by gun in America, than there are people willing to arm themselves for a cause. "Arming the poor" in this way, is just the opposite of what we want. What we really should be fighting for is better mental health care in America and more equitable rights and better health care, before we can even manage something like that.

Socialism first then social issues.


But how are we going to fight for socialism if the people we're trying to appeal to, to use their firearms collectively, are the people who are most vulnerable to suicide by gun than any other income bracket.

More people commit suicide by gun in America than even hunt.

This doesn't even bring up formal training, etc.

Just arming the poor and hoping they win doesn't sound like a really smart strategy to me. As it stands we need to figure out what best case scenario would exist first for us to arm the people. Or who to exactly trust with arms. We need more organization before we can just throw guns and say take up arms.

I'm good with doing both of those things. Oddly enough building/finding a community of people to talk to is about the best way to combat depression, and if all of those people are your comrades then your life may finally have a purpose which drives it.

I think people are so atomized these days, that organization seems near impossible. That's why people would rather commit suicide than take up arms together for their respective class, and we have to look into how to combat that. Look into the community how we can combat suicide and transfer that into mobilization.

I agree with statement. In addition I feel like the amount of people who are mentally compromised is not a large enough % if the proles to affect a revolution. I know that sounds cruel and I’m not some eugenics or whatever but I’m of the opinion that true social change cannot happen under capitalism. It’s kinda like revving a car stuck in mud. First you need to get the car out of the mud the rev the engine. First you need to get means of productions in the hands of the proles and the we can properly address social issues. I just feel that’s more pragmatic.

You don't have to be "mentally compromised" to commit suicide. You just have to be poor, and in poverty, and reality reflects that. More than any other purpose, guns are used for suicide.

In order to combat this and bring communities together SO people aren't atomized, can we actually get results from firearms as they currently stand. In order to bring people together, we first have to confront the suicide rate in America.

Well the best way to stop poor people from killing themselves because there poor is abolishing capitalism.

Because if we don't act as a community for the poor who might commit suicide before, during, or after, in the same amount of mass. What are we really fighting for at all. The suicide rate keeps climbing and the percentage of that, that's by gun stays steady.

If so many people feel they have nothing to lose but to grab a gun by impulse and die, surely we can transfer that to something more positive if we're better organized with the poor in America. This should be our goal.

Well, yes and no. You're technically correct but we have to think about the position we're currently in, and that's people want guns to commit suicide than for any other purpose, and go from there how to reverse it for a large enough percentage of the community.

I think there's an implicit assumption here that people who are this depressed and alienated wouldn't find another way to kill themselves if guns weren't as available. Guns make it easier, to be sure, but fuck man, the three people I've know who have killed themselves (in burgerland) used falls from 20+ feet and hanging as their method.

Some to think of it I've known of a few more friends of friends who have killed themselves and I actually can't recall an instance of someone using a firearm. I think statistically you are probably correct, that guns are the most common method, but that doesn't mean that getting rid of guns would even effect that number to a very high degree.

Another opportunity is finding out just who the 3% of Americans who own that many guns are, and turning them somehow.

Guns are not why people are commiting suicide. They are merely a tool to that end. The proletariat being unarmed is a worse scenario than a large sum of proles killing themselves from guns. The solution to this is being more involved in your local community. You wanna stop people killing themselves? Then greet your neighbor when you pass by them offer to help them with chores make them feel like they belong.

Also I have known of 5 suicides in my times of people I knew. Only 1 was with a gun. I know that’s anecdotal so someone get some stats on that.

I'm not really saying that. Suicide is really more often an impulsive act, and if you want something to commit suicide with, what better to do than a gun. Click of the trigger you're gone. That's what makes guns the most popular suicide method in America.

I'm just thinking out loud how we can use this properly organized, as a statistic to rally behind.

They don't care when you want to die, but they start caring when you're organized etc.

Yes, I agree. But people go for guns more than they ever go for a noose or a car in a garage. There's a reason for that, and there's a reason for suicide. Both I think, should be addressed before we can actually think of mobilizing. So we don't just end up being responsible accidentally for multiple suicides after people feel good about bringing a gun home for class purposes etc.

I looked up the sources and I found actually that I was wrong. Intimate partner gun deaths (2,406 in 2010) are nearly 10 times more prevalent than self-defense gun deaths (278 in 2010).

So guns in America are used for two purpose, lining up with income bracket. Sudden rage at a partner/spouse first, suicide second.

Sadly, the chance that a worker uses a gun to shoot himself or people close to him is a whole lot greater than the chance he uses the gun in a revolutionary uprising. That's a lot of proles who die pointlessly thanks to the handy point and click interface of guns.

So what should we do then? The proles must be armed. Should we have a Vanguard reserve of guns? I feel guns are a right a government should offer its citizen and it would surely hurt the revolution of arms were harder to be obtained.

We organize communities together without the aid of the state to make suicide and impulse driven spousal/partner murder less of an impulse for the working class.

Before we can hope to organize a solution to capitalism, we have to have the trust of the working class to organize a solution. So what I'm saying is, we need to organize in the streets for better communities to get people together under the banner of the worker and our rights (which Americans want to be behind), before we just hope one day it will happen.

We have to be the change we want to see so people aren't buying guns for revolutionary purposes one day, out of interest of this board, only to end up committing suicide some future date.

I agree with that sentiment, but as a burger of redneck linkage it is HARD. The necks both love the idea of other necks and hate actual other necks. Of course not as much as they hate Jews, Blacks, Gays, and Strawman ad infintum. They also hate their boss but love capitalism because capitalism is just the best system we have.audio tract. People have been trying to get the American working class aware of their situation for years. I just don’t know if you can get through to them on meaningful numbers. Not even in a revolutionary sense. Americans have community. The suburbs are a bunch of separated little tribes of Nuke Men that all hate there fellow nuke men.

That's why I'm saying we have to combat that somehow, we need to find a way to bring people of disparate identities together under unifying class. Especially in order to make guns a more viable defense for us to rely on. We need to make the people less atomized.

How, I don't know. But I think people are getting more class aware, aware of their place in the game.

I know it sounds cheesy but I think a good place to start is with yourself. Examples always do more than words and being a pillar of the community and an outspoken socialist could awaken people to the truth.

They fall into to categories

1. Porkies

2. Piss poor redneck peasents

I guess America is getting barberism or agrarian socialism.

Literally? How do the military and police factor into this? Is it just privately owned? Top Kek either way America never dissapoints.

This is about privately owned firearms.

I think the problem with suisides is a lack of community. So what we need to do is de-atonomize people and bring communites together. Once that’s done we should use guns to form working class militas. If the guns we need aren’t legal, we can make them. youtube.com/watch?v=zBWjA_5ptSk

There’s some people in bwrgerland who own twenty+ guns as a hobby because they think it’s interesting.

Surely this will bring the revolution to fruition.

Also that makes an average of 40 guns for each person in that 3% of US adults. Better be safe than sorry amirite

That seems like a neurotic addiction at that point. Like an obsessive compulsive need to buy guns.

Or there's some criminal cartel shit/or its porky, or both.

Some of them have to have a psychological need to buy guns though.

This is true. My ma swears that the cableman stole her handgun years ago but never reported it. It probably ended up killing someone.

Have you not heard of the collecting hobby?

Violent revolution is not going to come to america within our lifetimes, get over it.

A man once said: If you only followed the parables, you yourselves would become parables and with that rid yourself of all your daily cares.

Another said: I bet, that is also a parable.

The first said: You have won.

The second said: But unfortunately only in parable.



I'd say it's close to the top of the list for violent revolution. I mean it will probably be a fascist one, but still. It's an incredibly violent culture, there's also a kind of mass psychosis that could get out of control at any time. Look how many followers Alex Jones has, or the others of that ilk.

My father owns 7 or 8.

Some people have guns as there hobby.

No, it’s likely there will be a violent revolution somewhere. Which I would be glad to volunteer for.

I mean I get it. But at what point does it become a serious collection issue that might be some deeper obsessive neurosis. Like, 70 or 80 guns right

That's too many for just one person to own.

Someone out there owns 150 guns probably.

read the chart newfag

Confession time: I own 15 guns, mostly antique, mostly rifles.
I have 1 handgun and one (antique, muzzle loading) shotgun.
I bought most of them when they were dirt fucking cheap back in the 90s, just as collectables and because I like target shooting.
So, yeah.

i agree but fuck psychiatry tbh

i am not going to talk to them and get put on all these fucking drugs and go through that whole fucked up system, all they care about is fucking $

Their called the US Armed Forces

Nah this is private ownership

I blame the oathkeepers.

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Wow, what a totally inane article. Actually useful question: What percentage of American households own at least one gun.

Wow, busy proles living in poverty stricken high-density alienated urban areas don't have training? Better take those naughty guns away!

Perhaps a refreshing swig of bleach will help enlighten you?

Direct violent revolution is far from the only use political activists have for guns. For instance, compare the reaction of law enforcement toward Bundy Ranch (initially stood away due to a small number of guns, then ran away and dropped all charges when more guns showed up), versus Standing Rock (walked all over us and laughed off our pleas). Even without firing a single shot, the mere threat of violence can be sufficient to keep government and corporations respectful.

Wrong, we need to give niggers more guns so they can keep de-populating themselves and leave more room/resources for the white working class.

Also, white women shouldn't be forced to travel through nigger ghettos without a gun.

perfect Holla Forums satire, how do you do it? I just can´t be that reactionary even if I tried!

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I wish I will be there in the next crisis when the workers will be crushed by reactionnaries and police to see your face. I will make you look and tell you it's your fault for this iresponsible ideology that is gun control.

ffs and what do you think you will achieve with chanting and banners ? this is a shitty legacy of social democracy, the bourgeoisie and the state only respect might. If redneck wasn't there at charlotteville the fash would have swarm the injured and the medic team.

Why ? because evil guns ?

. Of course we won't abolish capitalism anymore with let's say 10% of the population in an open insurrection a la bolshevik, the technological gap is too big. It doesn't matter if technology today make look firearms like toys, because it will always be a bargaining power and an insurrectionnary tool for asymetrical warfare. We don't want to hold a territory we want the abolishment of the current state of things. Also the abolition of the division of labor has to start right now with the proletariat in arm, it's not a distant goal after the revolution, it must be done to reclaim some control on our lifes. Professionalization of security and violence is one the most toxic consequences of our society, because it allows all the rest to happen.