Why is every subculture/online community so full of "alt-right" Holla Forums-style faggots?

Why is every subculture/online community so full of "alt-right" Holla Forums-style faggots?

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alt-right panders to beta incel young men and most online communities are beta incel young men

what i want to know is why 'commie' is now an insult used by teenagers on the internet

do they know what it means?

Wasn't that an insult since the Cold War?

Imperialist US proganda

being pro-capitalism and supporting the president is the new counterculture

Because the world is full of alt-right Holla Forums-style faggots, they are the majority of people.
You don't know it because you live in a bubble.

Yeah tough hard edged Holla Forums posters just living a normal life like everyone else

midwest burgerstani fox news dads and aut right online dipshits aren't the same group at all

most people are virtue signaling liberals. even in the usa most people voted for hillary clinton.


maybe in your middle school

because being leftist right now is is comparable to being a subhuman or piece of shit in the eyes of certian groups on the internet. Since communism is very far left it's an example of them using an extreme of something they don't like as an insult. Also muh cultural marxism or something like that.

nah, it's mostly on the internet. places like Holla Forums were able to coerce disgruntled gamers tired of having neoliberal's nose in their stuff and /r9k/ types as the political climate began to heat up. These people aren't comparable to right wing boomers though, who still outnumber them. Given enough time however, people will get sick of them and internet communities will swing away from this. Will probably take a while though, and a whole lot of kekistan kiddies making a fool of themselves as well as the american public getting sick of a more or less republican controlled political climate.

There's just a lot more of them nowadays, so they get everywhere inevitably. The far right is having a shitty renaissance.

Because SJWs keep pushing IDpol

4chan and the Alt-Right attract the same audience. Mostly people who aren't victims but live in a society that romanticizes victimhood. Leftist meanwhile attract people who sees that as destructive and flawed. I think our main problem is our need to fix things while the alt-right promotes that many people are ideal (white, Christian, middle-class, etc)

I'm not trying to be idpol or anything, I'm just saying that the right-wing has a rhetorical advantage over the left.

it's politics for normies. 4chan is normie now


t. bubbleman
People in real life are usually moderate or neocons.

I think the shift will happened when people get tired of Trump (the Mueller investigation can help this).

The left is outside hugging trees

What do you consider tree hugging

Is this, what, the 1000th time we've had a thread like this?

outdoor activities

Wrong flag.

what flag should i pick then m8?

How can a counterculture support the culture?

By being commodified under a capitalist culture.

Because stormfag kekistanis are the new bronies who themselves were the new furries. Shitting up every discussion board and comments section with their autism. They'll grow out of it and something even more autistic will come along.

They are the new fedoras. It's literally the same demographic (young suburban males from non-working class backgrounds.)

The brony phenomena wasn't nearly as bad as this. At least that stayed contained to the internet and nerd cons. This kekistan/alt-right shit has reached project chanology levels of cancer.

No, you see, the problem is that you guys really don't know people.
On the surface nobody is going to show anything more than soft tones of either conservatism or liberalism. It's only after really knowing people for long enough that some of them might show their true colors, deep inside most people do agree with aut right opinions and ideology.
Hell, do you think most of those faggots that showed at Charlottesville really go out spouting their rotten bullshit for everyone to hear IRL? no, they fucking hide their powerlevel as do millions of people.

Heh. It's significance is vastly overblown. 4chan has been a breeding ground for race based neo reaction going back all the way to 2010 with the /int/ and /new/ boards.

t. knower

these fuckers have even infected fucking the feminist community via TERFs

they know no limits

TERFs are a boogeyman created by hysterical transwomen who don't want to confront their anti-cis women prejudice. Also read Engels.

Welcome to the spectacle, enjoy your stay

Yeah but bronies were about cartoon horses where as this is about maymaying about politics

More accurately the mainstream "left" (and I use that term loosely) have spent the last 20 years doing their absolute best to piss off absolutely everyone who isn't a middle class liberal with normalfag hobbies. The alt-right pander to betas only insofar as they aren't actively trying to ban or subvert their hobbies.

At one point Holla Forums seemed to be on track to offer a viable alternative to the alt-right, but it's pretty much just deteriorated into a cesspit of retarded shitposting at this point.

This? Have a bonus image too


It's fun having to see you struggle to separate yourselves

You guys were calling yourselves "alt-right" until Hillary used the term then there was a narrative shift on Holla Forums that it was a term forced upon them. Or are you new?

based grandma! xDD

This is true, lots of boomers are closet Holla Forums style racists. I had an uncle say that universal healthcare was communist and bad because "we don't need more mexicans breeding and niggers need to learn to take care of themselves."

no disputing that, but other than a vague shared racism they don't share that much in common. Put Bubba in a room with Spencer and he'll still end up kicking his ass out of annoyance even though they're both on the "racist side"

because you faggot retards are out of touch and fail to see just how much deeply triggering and problematic nonsense is being spewed from your side, at the very same time white people (americans especially) are entering into a mode of not only becoming a minority, which itself is historic and traumatic, but becoming pushed aside by automation, foreigners, drug addiction, nihilism, etc.

Where else do you expect these people to turn? Have you any of you been to a neighborhood of white people that isn't your own? They're not all rich and well off. In fact, most are not. But you, the left, have pushed this narrative that white people deserve to be, at worst, vanquished, and at best, peacefully dispossessed.

I haven't been doing that, and you'll find that many on Holla Forums haven't either, but you're completely right about the left in general. It's a sad state of affairs when the far right is more accepting of "degenerate" hobbies like anime than the left.

The alt-right have more roots in the bowtie-spinning middle/upper middle-class lolbert style dweebs than in poor working class communities. You'll see more self-described "alt right" at your local college's young republican convention than in the closest factory.

and in addition to this, you 'real' communists will never change that. On the one hand you realize SJW's are an actual issue, and that the majority of the left are not working class at all, and you would actually need to organize poor people across racial lines, on the other hand though, you don't dare speak to black nationalists about these glaring issues, because you're not a racist or something. I've seen more leftists call heroin addicted white people racist, praise deeply triggering and problematic violence or rhetoric, far more than I've seen the left try and help. I'm working-class. My parents are poor, I'm poor, and at one time, I desperately wanted the left in this country to actually do something about poverty and all the horrible things about capitalism, but you aren't, and you never will. This is why nationalism is growing, and will continue to grow. We give answers to the white people who have no hope in the world. We give answers to those scared of terrorism. We give answers to those who lost their jobs. We give answers to the people in trailer parks who are being told their muh privileged by all the wealthy left-wing media outlets, and frizzy haired mulatto black girls.

That's not true for me, or the people I've spoken to about racial identity. Most of my white family and friends agree with me. The left is a lost cause, and it's time for white people to actually do something about these troubling times. Of course, you could actually help disenfranchised white people, but you won't, because you know you'll be cast out as a racist. The left is utterly fucked.

Are they really?
All I see about this are Holla Forumsyps pushing boogeymen and strawmaning whatever some retarded sjw publication post something stupid, blowing it out of proportions as if they were all out to get your anime tiddies from you. But in reality and historically cuntservatives always cuntserv in the end.

I'm sure that's a lot of people. 3 or 4. Maybe 2. Including you.

why don't theses people just die already

It is true, most of the alt-right is deeply suburban
I'm a fairly active political organizer that works with ~90% white people because of the location and relevant demographics. I guess I could change my approach based on your immediate family and circle of friends but I think I'm better off staying the course

White young republicans are truly the most disgusting subset of the youth today I've ever seen in my life.

Not to say you're a liar or anything, but the last time I got a spiel from someone about how working class they were it took only a few posts for them to come out with the idea that they're working class because they own a "blue-collar" business (plumbing). Pretty funny stuff

Nothing to do with them being white, but suburbans young republicans are all the worst people you will ever meet, and they all somehow manage to have a naturally punchable face

It's nice to see the phantom of the opera getting work these days

Jesus fucking christ, that should be spoilered

Yeah, it's true, my family isn't large, but it's taboo message to begin with, and I'm not into converting people. People in my classes, work, or family will simply ask my opinion, and I give it to them. They agree with me. They discuss the issue further. I'm not saying I'm trying to raise some kind of army. I'm just giving my experiences, and what I believe to be a shift in believes among many people that are ACTUALLY of the lower-class that you supposedly love so much. I'm not even trying to start some cliche internet argument. It's just amazing that after all the bullshit (putting it softly) the left has engaged in, you have the confidence to ask why the alt-right exists or is growing. That's really surprising to me.

Dude, college Republicans are going to vote Republican regardless. They're not alt-right. They're not nationalists. At most they just support the freedom of speech for the alt-right and like to use the word 'triggere d'. Not discrediting your experiences. I'm just telling you mine. People going towards nationalist rhetoric happened across class lines, but it heavily skewed that poor whites showed the most support towards him. I mean, at least that's what I was told before and after the election. You know, the 'uneducated' trailer dwelling 'white trash' and all.

Not sure where you're from, but the culture of (I'm assuming you're American) your state is probably different than where I live, which could affect your situation. Most white people I know went for an openly nationalistic candidate that had every card stacked against him. They did that in an environment of hostility towards people who voted for him. There is a reason for this that you don't want to address. Most white people are not scheming business owners or young republicans, despite the myths and the stereotypes. Most of the rich were pretty against Donald Trump, or at least the super rich.

Jesus Christ, I just went to check the thread that screencap is from and it's worse than I thought. They're on Holla Forums, too.

They don't even have their own best interests at heart if you're thinking that their attempt at populism was Trump. Sooner or later they will have to stubbornly admit bringing back unionization and worker's rights is the only way forward.

If they want to further accelerate the contradictions inherit within Capitalism before they realize they can't live like this anymore, it's fine with us.

You have to understand that the swing towards the alt-right was a rejection of both traditional conservatism and leftism. The traditionalists on the right had always been anti-fun but they were seen as a waning power. A new wave of left-wing liberalism had swept through the youth, and that was seen as the future. When that liberalism gave way to anti-fun authoritarian feminism while still maintaining much of its momentum, that was seen as the real threat. It turned out those fears were justified, since we've seen far more censorship and general shitting up of previously fun hobbies thanks to the so-called "left" than we have from the conservatives. The right won the hearts and minds of the nerds because of the old adage, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." They were seen as the only serious opposition to feminism, and hence natural allies.

As for the current state of affairs, I shouldn't have to point out that Holla Forums is an overwhelmingly alt-right site where all of the "worst" fun is hosted. If there was a left-wing alternative with the same level of freedom and even a fraction of the popularity, I'd be there already. The left still hasn't managed to dissociate itself from feminism, so leftist sites almost invariably end up heavily censored.

That's the part of the message you're missing. I've seen the voter rolls and registrations. I've seen the numbers from 2012 to 2016. The right-wing voting base didn't change all that much they just found a new favorite hat color. The much, much more significant shift is the Dem party implosion and voter apathy.

Now, did the Repubs pick up a few percentage points in some important areas? Absolutely. But it wouldn't have been anywhere close to enough without the Dems publicly self-immolating in an autistic, screechy mess.

Feminism Feminism Feminism

It's always Feminism with you fucking Americans.

Look in the mirror and see your working problems don't fucking feminism or your feelings.

*Don't involve fucking feminism or your feelings

Not an American, but nice try.

Then what are you even speaking on behalf of American politics for, besides an outsiders view of it. I hear the same things regurgitated over and over but I fail to see how addressing liberal feminism more than the material problems that the working class DESERVES to focus on, will get us anywhere.

You are the attention that feeds its very existence. You're there to screech right alongside them. Every time.

The working class DESERVES more than its currently getting. You're cancer, your answers are dead ends.

Also, asking the question in the OP but explicitly rejecting answers which mention feminism is like asking why the tide comes in but rejecting answers which mention the moon.

But framing your answer as giving them the identity high they want isn't the answer. At all. They need the opposite of what they really want. And that's to sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and talk about the material problems that effect them like the good men they are.

Mercer, Kochs, Murdoch, Singer, Johnson, Thiel, Adelson, Friess, Braman, Langone

just off the top of my head

It's not American politics - it's internet politics. If you don't even understand that, there's no helping you. This kind of willful ignorance is exactly why we didn't see a left-wing alternative spring up back then, and it's why we won't see one now. Most of you are completely out of touch with the people you're trying to win over.

I'm giving an explanation, not a fucking counseling session. I don't care what they "need". I'm explaining what actually happened.

They all supported/support our current government in whatever shambles state its in, and they don't want to rock the boat.

For old people to talk about browsing Holla Forums so casually is a testament to how sadism is normalized in America. What a fucking hellhole, thank god I live nowhere near your dump of a "nation".

You give answers that will bite them in the ass in 10-15 years.


Bullshit, your holier than though apologetics for everyone on the internet is the fucking applause of skeletons. I hate seeing you fuckers put yourself on the pyre for fucking not convincing enough people of, whatever you think we should convince them of in whatever fucking way. You explain how, but you offer no criticism of HOW. In fact you do a piss poor job of explaining how we got here.

If you don't care about what the working class needs you shouldn't be posting here whatsoever.

Most of that list have actively funded astroturf campaigns (Kochs were even the major driving force behind the "grassroots" tea party movement) and plaster propaganda across international media. They certainly don't sit around and just make sure to "not rock the boat"

Would be pretty cool if it wasn't for the racism

The working class is heavily influenced by ideology, even more than Gramsci could have foreseen. Environmental damage, stagnating wages, exploding rents, pensions being cut - you can point this out as a leftist and focus on this, but I can 100% tell you that the working will continue to vote for the right despite being aware of these issues because 1) muh migrants and muh SJWs, which they perceive as a threat and as a contradiction within the left's agenda and b) they perceive even the alternative left as part of the establishment, or at least not heavily opposed to it, therefore voting for the right-winger which stirs up more shit is a better tool in shaking up the system.

The most fatal blow to the alternative left would be once right-wingers adopt social keynesian programs, like Marie LePen.

You mean "would be pretty cool if they weren't just lying on the internet"

Bu they do. They don't want the populace to ever shift, why do you think they fucking pull this shit. Those are just figures the media knows and reports on anyways.

You'll never hear about every other fucking disgusting pickled corpse in a jar looking fuck on a corporation's board of directors who's lobbying his own interests, from fucking food companies to farming to oil to weapons to whatever you could imagine.

None of them are for rocking the boat. If you think they're rocking the boat against each other you profoundly don't understand the problem we're in today. The problem is not feminism, the problem is not race. The problem is not fucking anything but capitalism. That is what got us there, that's what we will see until we die

"alt left"

Get the fuck out of here

I'm not against unionization myself. I could be accused of being a commie on my side of things, but I try not to be dogmatic with issues like that. But back to the original topic, unionization will be difficult when you have things like 'anti-white day' happening at Evergreen college. People see that, you know. How can you expect the majority of a country to gravitate towards you, or unionize, if the character of the people trying to achieve such goals call their own members muh privileged? That works with white people who were already explicitly liberal or left-leaning from the start. You can't survive on those people alone, if you want something done.The left is dominated by SJW's, terrorist apologists, and screeching BLM people, who are hostile towards everything Europeans and Americans know. Evergreen college had an 'anti-white day' or something. Your comrades have already declared they're anti-majority of the country. How can you be for the people, if you hate two thirds of the people based on liberal lies? There is a problem with your side that is unappealing at best. That's all I'm trying to say basically. Now, you can take what I say, and try and fix some big flaws in your movement, or you can continue being silent while your comrades run any realistic potential for your side to grow into the ground. Don't tell me that 'revolution is inevitable' or something. I don't believe that. The texts of Marx to me are like the Bible is to a Christian. Sure, it's relevant, some of it may be true in a sense, but much of it is out of reality.

Unless you actually want your side to be based on deeply triggering and problematic politics, in which case I say… well, okay.. at least you're being honest now.

What would you call the new leftist populist movements like Sanders, Corbyn, Melanchon, Podemos, Die Linke, etc.? They are certainly not communists, but also not establishment left.

First of all, nobody here is talking about Democratic politicians, we actually want to organize the work force. Second of all, two thirds of Americans hate two thirds of Americans, there's no stopping this ever so quit your fucking sorry eyed dopey crocodile tears speech fucking out of here.

I would like to call them something undescribed by fucking Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and every one of those two's shitheel cock suckers

You have absolutely no idea how to go about coming up with a solution to a problem, do you?

You think that rather than agreeing on the actual cause of the problem before deciding on a solution, we should agree on a fake cause which, if the working class hear it (which they won't, because we're on a fucking imageboard), will somehow solve their inherent psychological problems and make them sit down and shut up?

I cannot think of a more retarded approach to problem solving. I take back my previous statement. It isn't willful ignorance. It's just pure ignorance. You are fundamentally unequipped to solve any problems.

Just the "populist left" works I guess. They're socdems and demsocs

Classic socdems.

I don't doubt that there are tons of names I don't know off the top of my head, but I also have no trouble believing that the ruling class making decisions in both govt and media are much, much tinier than they want to appear.

I don't disagree with this, though I'm not sure how that fits in with your earlier post about how "white identity issues" weren't addressed? (if that wasn't you I apologize)

Agreed. I took "don't rock the boat" to mean that they were "hands off" who didn't do anything to influence politics personally, which I obviously disagree with. I agree they're not set out to change capitalism, but I do think capitalism is actually not very self sustaining unless you funnel enormous propaganda campaigns constantly and work tirelessly to keep it upright when the ground is falling beneath you.

1) "Inherent psychological problems" what a bunch of bullshit

2) Yes. It's called your material needs, Americans don't have it, Americans want it met, regardless of what they get fed by Democrats or Republicans eventually they will sit down and shut up.

I didn't specifically call them "alt-left". I said alternative left, as opposed to the mainstream left. This doesn't include communists. Communists have been advocating for the same thing since Lenin, and haven't changed their stance.

One reason why socialists are marginalized in the leftist discourse is mainly due to a new era of consumerism within the west, that literally encompasses you with a numb field of paralysis towards all polticial between Instagram posts, Netflix and smartphones. The thing is even poor working class people have access to these things now, and the effects are visible.

As an addendum, the conservative Lobbyist you listed, Mercer. Rebekah Mercer, in particular? She was part of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. A conservative policy think tank, along with so many members, on so many different boards. All with the same interests in mind for themselves and the donors they want to influence policy wise.

No shit a capitalist cunt like her fucking shilled the hell out of Milo, and everyone else distracting the population and bashing the left, and fucking vomiting up money for Breitbart. Hell she probably wanted Clinton to run.

That's about as fucking "Don't rock the boat" as you could possibly get.

Everything I'm hearing from you smells like consumer activist bullshit ironically enough.

Fuckin reptoid hiding under that forehead.

Sorry, I should have made that sentence structure simpler so you could follow it. I was implying that you thought they had "inherent psychological problems" which needed to be fixed by correctly "framing" (read: falsifying) the answer to the OP's question.

So, you're saying that when the crisis of capitalism continues to escalate and people can't put food on the table, they'll sit down and shut up so you can use your brilliant problem solving skills to lead them out of the darkness? That's hilarious.

When you have no options left to but to protect your rights to work, what do you think they'll honestly do? Not march for their own worker's rights? That's hilarious.

You have a very interesting definition of "sit down and shut up". Is English your second language?

My definition of sit down and shut up has your name written all over it.

That's bullshit though. I've made a threat here recently how to battle consumerism in the sense that it destroys polticial consciousness, that having access to Coca-Cola for one buck and following the newest hashtags on Instagram is more important for the average western worker than the hardships a socialist revolution would bring. Nobody had a solution for that, basically the consensus was to wait until the contradictions of capitalism grow so much until human misery is so accelerated that people have no choice -
which sounds extremly armchairish/third worldist to me. I'd argue that not having access to this stuff was one of the main facilitating factors in the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, and is still very bothersome for countries like Cuba and the DPRK (Cuba uses it by liberalization, DPRK goes full autistic isolation).

I meant Robert Mercer, a principle funder of Breitbart News, Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and Brexit, and also the principal benefactor of the Make America Number 1 super PAC. The point being that all of these "anti-establishment" right wing campaigns are as establishment as they get.
Political dynasties being what they are under the capitalist hellscape, Rebekah is his daughter
Like I said in my other post, we were just operating on different definitions of "don't rock the boat". I thought you meant they don't personally involve themselves in politics and just sit on the sidelines, but that's obviously not what you're saying. The main message I was trying to convey is that all of the "anti-establishment" right wing populist campaigns are a heavily funded, astroturf smoke screen just as backed by the major billionaires as "mainstream" republicanism.

Because only betas participate in online communities and all Holla Forumstards are betas.

But not all betas are Holla Forumstards ;(

I think your idea of what constitutes American problems is at best temporary. None of these problems are going to pale in comparison to what Americans will have to deal with in the coming years.

here's his picture if anyone wants to continue the amateur herpetology

I think we're done here. At least OP got a live demonstration of why the left has been totally incapable of presenting any kind of coherent alternative to the alt-right. Enjoy your clusterfuck.

confirmation bias the thread.

Husband and wife

Agreed. At the time Rebekkah Mercer, this sorry lizard looking cunt, served within the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, to lobby all her great fuckin ideas with all the other porkies in it. She was colleges with a Harvey Golub. Also pictured.

Guess what he was board member of? And what Think Tank, at the same god damn time?

The Hess Corporation, an American global energy company engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas.

But what else? The American Interprise Institute.

These crooked fucking porky fucks care about one thing alone, and that is making all our lives as miserable as possible for their continued legacy of profit and mercantile horse shit. Shoving different ideas down our throat to make us argue on anything but the one thing, and that's THEM. If your answer isn't anything short of that of THEM. Then you aren't on the same page we should be on.

Everything pales in comparison to the capitalists and their influence.

It's a global problem. The fact that the west has easy access to these means of consumption and leisure (remember that social media is for free, and movies can be streamed for free) creates a drive amongst young people to move their country to a direction of capitalist opening. Capitalism is associated with cheap gadgets, and one might even say rightly so as a potential socialist revolution would be isolated and boycotted. In revolutionary times, like the 20s workers had absolutely no means of leisure they could afford, their life was dire even when they were paid a little better. Today it's vastly different.

Whether or not the US is going to crash remains to be seen. Ironically, a SocDem like Sanders could fix America's problems with a New Deal 2.0, now that the neoliberal business cycle comes to and end. It all depends how fucking stupid the ruling class is going to be, enforcing neoliberal ideology way above its expiration date, same in Europe with the masochistic austerity bullshit.

You are kind of overlooking the fact that both the republicans and the democrats spent decades attacking and undermining every leftist movement in this country. They spent decades making sure that anything left of the Koch brothers became a dirty word and shunned in society.

There's also the fact that america's upper middle class is extremely reactionary and they will do anything to maintain their class status in society. They are very well aware of just how good they have it and that's why they spend a lot of time and money making sure that their garden stays walled off to the lower classes. Economic leftism has been dead for so long in this country that the only thing people hyper-focus on are social issues. The upper classes don't ever have to worry about pitchforks because everyone under upper middle class is too busy fighting about transgender bathrooms and the flag. They have successfully removed economics from political discussion. No one is going to rock the boat and mess with the livelihoods of the upper classes.

There's a lot, and I mean a lot more to this than just "the right has the rhetorical advantage". Our country has been turned into a breeding ground for reactionary parasites. I mean it's great and all that for the first time in decades leftism has had a resurgence in the US, but a lot of people seem to be delusional about this country as a whole. America is a right-wing shithole. Begin all your arguments with that in mind and then proceed from there.

If you ever realized, how deeply tied these people are to it, you'd realize they'd die before letting their baby drown. They're going down with the ship and blaming anyone they can take with them, and they will have it no other way. While the fucking internet bitches about feminism they'll all be trying to get security for their private island.

As a Yuropoor who visited the US, this was one of the most shocking things for me to see as well. I've never been in a country where the upper middle class literally walls itself with guarded fences from the rest of the people. I didn't even see this shit Africa.

No it's his daughter, not that it makes much of a difference but it does add to the whole neo-feudalist vibe our society is going for.

Honestly, reading about these fucks just gets depressing real fast. It's all so insular and powerful at the same time

Their goal is to shitpost and invade every corner of the internet. Tho most places that are effected have little to no moderation.

Don't forget before his stint with Rebekkah Mercer at the Manhattan Institute (while simultaneously part of the American Enterprise Insitute and the Hess Energy Corporation); Harvey Golub was (From 1993 to 2001) the Chief Executive Officer of American Express.

Yes, American Express, that fucking gigantic financial corporation. The list Golub was part of goes on.

In short, Rebekkah Mercer, this lizard cunt, is bringing ideology from the greatest policy minds at the Manhattan Institute as someone who was CEO of fucking American Express once, was part of the board of Hess Energy Corporation while he was colleagues with her, is now fucking funneling money to Breitbart (And Milo in particular) about how feminism is making men sensitive faggots and how the union loving left doesn't care about your worker's rights

Doesn't that sound a little suspicious to you? Doesn't that sound like there could be a little bit of fuckery going on in there? Just a little bit of shenanigans going on there?

Oh but that's just one way of doing it

many more do it by living in off-route suburbs that no public transportation can get to and that allow no low income housing to be built whatsoever, they also veto any kind of school integration with the poorer kids and of course they also prevent any businesses they think would attract the lower classes (any type of fast food places or big big box stores, etc). these neighborhoods are also watched by cops very closely.

you see the american upper middle class have become experts at keeping out the poors. they just do it in round about ways and hide their reasoning behind "property value" and "quality of education".


If you dig a little deeper into ANY of these alt-right or alt-lite media types it all comes back to one of these porky fucks. It's fucking astroturf all the way down.

They'll get dragged down kicking and screaming, this is the begining of their fall and they're trying to rationalize it while """"people"""" like Rebekkah Mercer (see >>2133466) give them answers that are palatable to them and their fucked up little Republican kids. About the right being the "new punk rock" fucking lmfao

I don't know how long their cognitive dissonance is going to last, but I'm betting they'll swallow and gulp boat loads of shit before they admit there's a problem with all the shit that's flooding into my mouth

T*RFs do exist and they are reactionary shit heels

99% of nationalists are useful idiots for the rich, who the fuck cares what they think?

now you're just messing with us. no way could anyone believe this.

These billionaires need to be named in public speeches. Just like Huey used to name em


I actually talk to terfs rather regularly, they are chill sometimes.

terf > lib fem

and I say that as a tranny

Because most of the people hate being oppressed by evil Jewish tyrants. Is it really that hard for you to figure out? Do you really not possess the ability to comprehend that?

Because a lot of the left has unconsciously allowed itself to be associated with "anti-fun" and thus has suffered backlash so the right looks at this situation and sees it as an opportunity to become trendy, trust me it wont last, I grew up in a heavily religious no fun allowed right wing family, sooner or later the memers who fell in line with this latest advertising campaign are going to realize its not what it seems underneath.

The Mercers dug their claws in you good

Suburban white boys are often hardcore reactionaries. Guess who hangs out on those websites?

I miss him.

Wut are you talking about?
No fun is a monopoly of the sjw left. The right is all about loving freedom.
Now watch me defend pedophilia and how my freedom loving followers will support me.

The right IRL is still overwhelmingly old boomer. They are insanely anti-fun.

First it's Jews, then it's Blacks, then it's Mexicans, now it's Jews again
when are you going to make up your mind?

Exactly. Hence my claim that this new marketing campaign will fall away one day.

I know your joking but people like Milo is exactly what I'm talking about, the man is an advertiser and nothing more, his politics is just a slightly more right wing liberalism to serve as a gateway, hell if you look at the comments for some of his articles like the video game ones you can see the old guard sperging out and calling him a leftist traitor for defending evil violent video games.


Didn't you read the article that came out from leaked emails and correspondence?

Half the fucking fraud's articles for Breitbart were ghost written

The poor fool, he doesn't know Holla Forums isn't white

Anyone with any sense knew from day 1 the entire "alt-right" was just another astroturf campaign. Cuckchan could have stayed the course and remained above it but they instead decided a globalist billionaire with Clinton/Soros/Pizzagate connections himself was somehow anti-establishment and "punkrock xd", and sided with the very websites and communities they once claimed to hate.

Not to mention decided that people who associated with the fucking Brooklyn Institute and Hedge Funds who became lobbyists controlling the click bait media they loved the most is A OK

Say friend, have you ever heard of George Soros bucks tho?

the alt-right is a reaction to diversity and the cultural left, and it's popular online because the average person will get un-personed from polite society for sympathizing with them, even slightly. not really surprising that it would be popular in online subcultures among more marginalized young men.

Suburbanite white kids are not "marginalized." Anti-social nerds deserve to be bullied though honestly.

i forgot to say "socially marginalized", obviously, they are benificiaries of the white supremacist system and are in fact the ones marginalizing communities of color :^)

but seriously, you're sort of proving my point here. if you can see a bunch of oversocialized upper middle-class liberal arts types constantly berating you to gain status and elevating ethnic minorities who despise you, what's the incentive to join them?

Bro… you gotta let go and just admit that chan culture was always unironically racist. I know, it hurts, but you have to move on bud. It's kind of like finding out that JFK lowkey hated black people.


Not necessarily. It used to be a place where you can share your opinion without (involuntary) tags attached. Coincidentally, race realism and PC concept was emerging to surface when Chan space was cultivating so lots of folks just talked 'frankly' about stereotypes and stuffs. Not really sure if its the innate structure of chan or the users to be blamed for the downhill it went from there.

It was racist in the "lol niggers" sense, not in the unironic "muh 14 words" sense. White idpol really took off after gg. Shoving those tards onto Holla Forums was probably the worst thing that moot could have ever done.

Bush year user was definitely not proto-nazis. I get what you're saying but it's not even comparable. Chanology and then Gamergate just broke everyone's brains

again, if you're the average socially marginalized white person approaching this from an ingroup/outgroup framework, how do you benefit from the rising tide of color that wants revenge on you? they can (correctly) see that people of color are used as a beatstick by the liberal aristocracy to gain power and enrich themselves, while simultaneously providing moral justification for their own superior class position: "I'm not racist! See, look at how I'm elevating these outgroup members and using them against you. You racist. Diversity and third-world immigration are our strength!"

racism in this framework is a "logically" justifiable response to ensure that you can secure more resources by marginalizing people of color.

I'm not siding with liberals here or anything but I don't think that's even remotely close to being true, it's just that liberals are more recent so people remember them better. But while liberals like to browbeat people, conservatives enforced their morals with an iron fucking fist. When liberals are censoring things, occasionally a video game character will have her tits shrunk a size or a lingering ass shot will be taken out, or a comic book character will have her boob window taken out. Or nothing at all will happen, thicctits mcslutty will still wear her chainmail microthong and pasties while she fucks and sucks orcs to death, you'll just have people on tumblr throwing a fit for a few weeks until they get tired and start whining about something else. When conservatives are censoring things, this shit just plain doesn't get made at all. Saying 'shit' on television is considered extremely risque. Absolutely everything is censored to fuck and back under a million draconian laws. You simply cannot find anything that doesn't promote good, clean right wing values because the right don't just whine about it, they actually fucking enforce their bullshit.

Is this what you really think undiluted by your autism

The nerds deceived by the Mercer's political agenda to fuck them over, being loud as obnoxious as possible about how they love Breitbart, truly the most oppressed race

i'm not defending racism. but from an amoral standpoint, racism certainly benefits white people. many socially excluded white people don't feel that they have a moral duty to help people of color, that's really all there is to it.



And from that basic, just bare bones idea, they can and have been manipulated to a shocking degree

Is the magnification of both of their eyes an edit? Holy shit, those kids can't see if not.

Of course they can't see, look at what the inane shit they're falling for

It's an edit I believe. In the original the two fedora lords were showing up at some subscribers home in order to give him a free fedora (thus the extra hat.) Don't ask me why I know this.

But at the same time they think non-whites should be worshiping the ground they walk on.

of course, the way in which this moral duty is to be carried out just so happens to align with the material interests of the liberal aristocracy. opposition to third-world immigration is racist because it marginalizes the global poor, while the bourgeoisie spends millions lobbying for it. opposition to free trade is racist because it's instrumental in building up the Chinese and Indian middle classes, while the bourgeoisie spends millions lobbying for more trade deals, and so on. class struggle is of course frustrated by all this, and unsurprisingly intersectionality is a largely bourgeois construction - if one or two outgroups can frustrate class struggle, let's have 20.

this is why the vast majority of Communists are useful idiots - they align with the liberal aristocracy on everything but capitalism, and they'll happily take their money to get out and protest. they certainly don't consider full-blown Communists a serious threat, or they wouldn't be everywhere in universities. if you think I'm exaggerating here, just see how fast the donors act when Israel is criticized.

pretty sure most alt-rightists just want most brown people to go away and stop demanding entry into their countries. they don't care about past colonial wrongs, imperialism, international solidarity, etc.

Liberal Aristocracy? What the fuck it's Capitalism, it's capitalism, they're all on the god damn same page and same lobbyists.

Mercer claws: Fully hooked

the bourgeoisie is almost wholly liberal in the economic sense, yes. there are effectively no true Reactionaries left. American conservatives are just radlibs from 100 years ago.

moar leik SUCCdems


Lemme guess, you started browsing image boards somewhere around 2011 or latter.



Sit back and enjoy as these morons destroy their lives and future.

Kendrick Lamar warrants black genocide tbh

The alt-right or left rubbish is not real. It's a bridge to the left or right wing so they won't be in gulag or hang by the neck. They are scared for their life so I don't feel sorry for them.

That meme is 100% spot on and if you don't think so you are a fucking liar.

Uber assholes pretending they are pure warriors iof good aren't really coded politically. They exist in every community ever.

1) Learn to SAGE pol bait/pol derailed threads
2) stop trying to spoonfed Holla Forumstards who've refused to read forever
3) These arguments from leftypol here were appaulling bar 10%, maybe we really have gone done the shitter

this isn't one of those threads though


what a stupid post. read rafiq

Yup they are like leeches so screw them. I hate self-attention seeking wannabes.


btw, this thread is a useful Holla Forumsyp magnet for bans

You've been doing your damnedest to shit every public or private imageboard, forum, and comments section with your death cult for a decade. That's why nobody likes you, you UMC cunts

During the Bush years, the internet was dominated by atheism and many of the pre SJW idpol ideas you would have found among that same demographic (i.e. reddit, tumblr, even much of early 4chan). This generation grew up with that, got bludgeoned over the head with it constantly, saw it grow into comically insane SJWism over the past 10 years and have reacted by running towards the most extreme ideologies of opposition, whether it's fascism, fundamentalist religion, monarchism, etc.. This isn't rocket science, it's generally how things have always worked.

Are you one of those retards who actually think the Democratic party isn't a party of the elite trillion dollar establishment as much of the Republicans? Even moreso than the Republicans in recent years, most of the big moneyed interests were with the DNC in the last election.

What part of his post made you think that in any way shape or form? Where is a defense of the democratic party within that post? Are you mentally ill?

What is even with this idiotic post? In no way did the statement he made absolve the DNC of anything or even attempt to downplay their actions, this post just reeks of desperate attempts to mitigate the actions of the GOP as if it is anything substantially different than that of the DNC, fuck off with this nonsense.

forgot shitposting flag

I love these threads becaue they are dripping with fear.

Who the FUCK is Rafiq? I keep hearing about him

Oh hey I remember that fag.

He was a schizophrenic poster on RevLeft who would post long rants with uncommon words that impresses kids.

inb4 your examples are just long words

Yeah this. The 'racism' was never from a place of real hate, just politically incorrect.

it's trendy + easy to understand.

You all know the answer to that question. If you don't, you're from leddit.

Almost as if reality was alt-right.

The alt-right is incredibly small though. Trump only won because boomers voted for him en masse.

This is objectively true. Only mentally ill people would disagree

It's a long established rethorical giveaway of every despotic power grabber in existence. Trying to create false impression of popular support by claiming "that's what everyun thinks amirite?"

But isn't this exactly what Marxists have been doing for the last 50 years in the US to the point that they actually taught the US population how to do it by example?
Isn't that even the exact thing Marx himself SAID to do in the US?
Oh shit does that rub against your cognitive dissonance?

It was always like this.There was never a time when subcultures and communities didn't have their fair share of pathetic reactionaries.

I agree that there's more of them than we can imagine but this is just over exaggeration. They aren't even the majority in online communities (except for 4chan and Holla Forums and other anonymous imageboards but as said, these places are literally crowded with beta incels) and let alone IRL.

The thing is, they unironically believe they brought Trump into power. Unlike furries and bronies, they actually believe their shitposting makes a difference. They believe they found a way to be influential and there's no reason for them to stop.

Because nothing has killed them yet. It'll happen eventually. But don't worry, they're indoctrinating their kids, so we'll get to have this fight again. Again and again, over and over, until Humanity fulfills its death drive and the survivors are driven into stone age communes.

Because anuddah shoah courtesy of jews is real.

Right wingers have lQ