Is prostitution equatable to "rent"?

They live from just owning the means of *re*production.
Nobody should make a living without actual contributions to society, and there are expensive whores making six figures.

This is where it's morally wrong in my eyes

It also takes talent to run an enterprise
The point is not that they don't work, but rather that what they earn is unfair to society, just like porkies

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This is where it's morally wrong in my eyes


Prostitution is NOT socially necessary labour. No such position will exist under socialism.

Arguing about morality is liberal-tier, wanting to put arbitrary laws about protecting your feels

There is only one solution: SEX WORKER SOVIETS.

That is all.

comrade pls.

Talking about the legitimacy of sex work is like walking on egg shells here, and this shouldn't be the case.

Sex work isn't legitimate work, prostitutes everywhere are robbing people

One baseless claim and one generalization, but they both go hand in hand.

You don't own your body. To even be talking about your Self in ownership terms is already liberal ideology at work. They rent out their vagoo no less than workers rent out their own hands, or mind, or whatever. It's a pointless way to talk about these things.

Elaborate on how it's a baseless claim

We've got a lot of spooked fucks here user. But there is good discussion and hooker anfem is qt

You said it wasn't labor (I'm going to assume) because you said they robbed people (not described how, why)

It's labor, it's just not legitimate work. Prostitutes don't do anything productive or otherwise meaningful in regards to society, the allegation of robbing people is in a similar sense to people selling snake oil or whatnot, it's not literal robbery but it's similar in a sense; they're paying for nothing, in essence
The prostitutes aren't the bad guys however, the blame is to be placed on the pimps

Does work have to be meaningful to be work? What does "meaningful" even mean in this context? This sounds like morality play nonsense.

If sex workers want to continue to be sex workers on an individual by individual basis instead, explain to me why that should be still be illegal.

Fucking is plenty meaningful to a lot of people. Offering it for money to those that can't get it for free gives them use value.

Meaningful in this context meaning socially useful/necessary/productive. Consider making Apple pies vs mud pies. Mud pies are useless and it's not legitimate work, it's in no way shape or form socially productive, whereas Apple pies can be eaten and are therefore useful
Also, I'm not arguing it should be illegal, merely that it isn't legitimate in that it's completely unproductive

How are we designating what isn't useful and what is useful, that's what I'm trying to get you to explain. Your "pie" metaphor doesn't make the cut.


Sex without the intent of reproduction is actually wasteful
Energy is consumed during the act and semen is wasted when it's finished

Things that are useful, such as production of food, medicine, clothes or other essential items, or services that are useful, such as repairing someone's house, road work(repairs), or doctors providing healthcare to patients. Society needs people to produce necessities and provide services that keep it functioning. Having sex isn't one of these, humans looking to reproduce will manage to do so without needing any sort of financial compensation for it, as currently is the case

By this definition, like 90% of collar workers are not legitimate workers.

And sex with the intent of reproduction is pure evil.

*white collar workers

of course
minor porkies, especially for girls who are independent. They are 100% petite bourgie.


On the other hand, prostitutes are less porky tan your average gold digger. They charge less and provide better service.

You're not incorrect

You are incorrect, not to mention morality is a spook. Antinatalists get the volcano, reproduction is necessary for society to continue


What nonsense. We don't exist to minimize our energy use, only to fulfill our selfish aims as best we can while either helping each other or without getting in each other's way too much. Sex includes that.

you are the real spooked here

I cant use society for my purposes if it doesn't exist, now can I?

Bullied into submission

Tell that to the rs3 community

Where will the demand go for it? You're telling me the world's oldest profession will disappear under socialism?

It's 2017 my man. They don't exist anymore. All prostitutes are self employed or contractors nowadays

Not a tankie but yes, with the abolishment of capitalism prostitution will disappear. Of course under capitalism we should support sex workers as we would any other worker, which is contrary to the rants of our retarded friends.

What of the demand for prostitutes? Will that disappear? Thanks

You would still have people who exchange sex for status or gifts.

Who is to say?

Yeah but a gf isn't a prostitute.

Nah, if it's for anything except a true attraction, it's whoring.

It was a joke fam. Honestly I don't know what socialism would look like, but I doubt scarcity and needing to trade for gifts would be a thing. As to status, well I'm not sure what you mean but a girl fucking say Zac Efron because he's a movie star doesn't seem like whoring. I honestly doubt prostitution would be similar enough to compare to its capitalist incarnation to compare them, if it exists at all. Ultimatly I don't care about predicting the future and think we should support hookers in efforts to better their conditions while we're in this capitalisr hell.

I don't agree with the rest but yeah, let's just make this party line for now. Make prostitution legal, safe and rare.
in b4 muh reformism

demand for sex won't disappear, but majority of prostitutes are in just because it's the only way they can make living. Women in such positions WILL disappear.

I'm no pimp, I can't be sure who exactly are the majority of their "customers", but I guess it's mostly wealthy bourgs which believe that more pussy they have, more important they are AND men extremely alienated from society, with ugly body created by eating junk food and loathing in depression from their job - both types of men WILL disappear.

But of course, there will always be a few nymphomaniacs which won't reject a few labour vouchers after blowing you, but they won't be prostitutes in form we know them today.

What is so hard about learning to fuck without cumming? Then no semen is wasted.

Or if you are so worried about losing the nutrients, just wear the condom and then slurp it back to reabsorb some of the zinc and other chemicals that are expelled through semen.

The point is, you misunderstand thermodynamics. All living things are far from thermal equilibrium. All living things live on a slope of potential energy. Not in the valley.

If second law of thermodynamics and the existence of life confused you at first, then fill up your education.

Using your logic also physical exercise for the maintenance of the body is also wasteful. Think of sex as a physical exercise that also serves for the mental maintenance.

in Scandinavia there are women (not many but there are them) who choose prostitution despite being able to collect enormous amount s of NEETbucks or a $25/hour fast food job. When interviewed, many say they went in voluntarily and prefer to make money that way

inb4 not socialism


a few horny swedes do not represent worldwide situation.

Rent is the unearned portion of your income. I don't know what that would be for any specific prostitute or prostitution in general.
I guess the question is is that profession socially neccessary or socially desirable?
I don't know.

So is a roller coaster. You spend a lot of energy and end up in the same place you started. Zero work done.

Moral code jsut means whatever you consider to be desirable.
When people say "it's immoral" it just means they wouldn't let it happen if they could.

If you don't consider the exploitation of workers immoral, you are not a leftist.
Stop any time. If it something you wouldn't allow, or at least you wouldn't think it is desirable to happen, it's immoral.

If you are so unspooked stop wasting your time on commie forums and go become a porky yourself.



Leftism isn't a moral argument, it's an efficiency argument. Capitalism is an inefficient system that's prone to crises due to inherent contradictions
If you think leftism is about morals, go back to your reddit torture chamber

Sex work has existed before capitalism and will continue to exist.
"What we have to deal with here is a communist society, not as it has
on its own foundations,
but, on the contrary, just as it
from capitalist society; which is thus in every respect,
economically, morally, and intellectually, still stamped with the birthmarks of the old society from whose
womb it emerges. Accordingly, the individual producer receives back from society – after the deductions
have been made – exactly what he gives to it."