Incels are the perfect fifth column against NEOLIBERALISM and are exploited by almost every radical group...

Incels are the perfect fifth column against NEOLIBERALISM and are exploited by almost every radical group, why can't we use them for our ends?

We don't even have to make good on our promises we can always do a mass purging after our revolution.

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I've tried to spread revolutionary consciousness among incel gathering places, but I'm coming to the conclusion that it's absolutely useless. These people are just brownshirts waiting to happen.

Those who have forsaken themselves should be just put out of their misery.

Aren't they typically reactionary as fuck? It seems like many are of the opinion that losers like them got laid more often 'in the good ol' days'.

Besides, these are the most beta of cucks - any group the join-up with gets instantly worse. Let the alt-right have them tbh. They'll fit in a lot better with the /r9k/ crowd.

I almost want to add your post to the collection

Who else Chad Thundercock here

It's time for the weekly incel board shitting…

Guis, am I, at-least a lesser Chad?

inb4 the autistic incel poster


the soviets, the fucking soviets man

Awwwwah, I didn't know that reddit's incel sub got banned. That doesn't seem fair. I wonder where they all went…

r/incel being banned is worse than the Holodomor

It says it was banned 5 months ago? Do you mean r/incels?

Ah! Yes I did, apparently. Thanks comrade.

What's with the relentless ridicule of these guys here?

How pathetic can someone be?

I wouldn't call it relentless ridicule, but there are a lot of cringy/hilarious examples of incel folks getting butthurt as fuck about things that seem crazy or stupid to anyone who's ever known a female.

Plus they seem to have a lot of crossover with Holla Forums and /r9k/, so they are naturally folks that Holla Forums likes to poke fun at.

Really though, when you think about it, they aren't a group centered around building anything or really doing anythign, they're a group that gets together to cry/complain/rant. That's not a bad thing in its own right, but when the sadness turns to anger at half the population of the planet it becomes rather ugly.

Is there monogamy in socialism. I really like monogamy.

There's clearly a disconnect somewhere that's causing these people to behave this way. Aren't you a materialist? Or do you really believe that this bunch of losers are mad at everyone for no good reason

If they go the right rather than us, that's a stab on us. We haven't given an alternative

You can be as monogamous as you want

easy to troll mostly


Not that I don’t wanna get fucking plowed like a dirty Siberian plain.

There's plenty of losers who are butthurt about sports folks kneeling. Plenty of losers are upset about Russian election hacking
Plenty of losers are always upset about something that someone tells them to be upset about. Desire/concern manufacturing isn't anything new.

To some extent my heart goes out to the incel folks - everyone I know has to work their asses off just to afford a place to live and shitty food - there isn't a lot of time for romance, or money to go chase after it with.

At the same time, these folks have, I think, categorically misidentified the source of their sexual and romantic alienation. Lashing out at other people who are likely suffering in similar ways to oneself is not productive, it just makes everyone more upset.

Seriously though this needs to be presented as a solid argument against the incels.

Ridicule is the first step towards reexamining your stances.

As an incel who used to frequent r9k, the ideas that some people get are so insane that one must think that that entire board is one giant brainwashing psyop. As if there is artificial neural networked programmed to further alienate the people who are unfortunate enough to stumble upon that place.

You are on point with the materialism. ABC of Materialism without any reference to specific politics, purely descriptive is what these people miss in their education.

How is this functionally different from being a third worldist? Both ideas are based around uncritical support for people in a worse societal state and at least third world people have real shit to complain about

Incels wouldn’t exist if they didn’t have something to complain about. It’s clear to me that Incels are just another effect of captilism aleination.

Socialism is a real solution to third world problems. If socialism is a solution to incels, I've never seen it articulated.

Commies never change.

We will never join you because leftism is a gynocentric movement in all aspects. Nobody gives a shit about your utopian ramblings; if you look at the REAL record of left wing movements they have always empowered women while enslaving men. There is no reason to believe your shitty variant will do any better.

You betabois are ruled by the femoid , and femoids want nothing more than for the bottom 80% of men to be exterminated. Women only want Chad because of inborn hypergamy, ie they will always betray you for the bourgeoisie because the bourgeoisie are high status. Women recreate hierarchy wherever they go because of this.

Also, why should anyone want to join a movement that only exists to transfer wealth from hardworking men to unproductive niggers and single mothers? Why should we subsidize their fun when we are simutaneously locked out of it?


Sage lmao

geez guy, are you still mad?

Keep in mind this is not my argument, but I have seen arguments based around the alienating effects of capitalism coupled with shitty consumerist lifestyle and foods leading to worse nutrition and health for the average person (and no one wants to fuck soft, flabby people even if you are one yourself)

Of course they have something to complain about, just like I'm saying third world people have something to complain about (though I said they have way more to complain about. But I'm not a TWist so why should I be an incel advocate?


Imagine being this much of an incel.

Because the term Incel is kinda broad.

I browsed halfchan r9k all day every day for a year

Everyone deserves the chance at redemption. They are just products of their material conditions. I feel with some shrewd persuasion and enlightenment an Incel can awaken from their full state.

Socialism is a solution to the alienation that comes with having to pretend or otherwise justify your existence in the scope of current society or economy.

Keep in mind that education has barriers and is thought of more as a liability. Sure liberals like to paint up pretty picture that it is an investment. But this is more obvious in countries where there are tuition fees.

And with the threat of unemployment that rises with time, you are presented a narrative where you are supposed to be grateful for being given opportunity to work for a pay. As if you are supposed to be grateful that they let you fry burgers in fast food joint, that somehow you were the one chosen among the other human trash that is below flipping burgers or cleaning the toilets.

Socialism will mean end of production for exchange and instead there will be production for use. There will be no bullshitting about work. Work that is not necessary, or it does not contribute to society in any way will simply not be requested of anyone. And also all the work necessary for society will be requested of all people. So everyone will contribute somehow. The exact implementation will depend on technology level and the exact things done will depend on material conditions.

These slutpills make it possible that some woman might take pity on you and show you some human affection despite your horrendous personality.

When she has to think twice about caressing you, she would rather not risk that just to do some charity to some idiot who is too stubborn to give others the benefit of doubt and the leap of faith that is not assuming that others do crappy things from the outright ill intent to damage others.

Women in the United States are 11 times more likely to be murdered with a firearm than are women in other high-income countries. Women are 9 times more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than by a stranger. Firearms are more likely to be present in the homes of battered women

Price James H. and Payton Erica. Violence and Sex. March 2016, 3(1): 36-41.

you mean what we have now?
that's capitalism.


So are men I'm betting.


So… men tend to kill each other regardless but women tend to be killed in proportion to firearm ownership rate? Did not know this.
MAde me thonk

No wonder socialists want to take away our guns.Really makes you think.

We'll see how "It was just self defense :(" holds up in a court of law.

Also nobody here wants to take away your guns.

They also tend to not be strangers. Intimate partner gun deaths (2,406 in 2010) are nearly 10 times more prevalent than self-defense gun deaths (278 in 2010).

Wrong. You faggots will be shilling noguns as soon as your femoid masters say so. Socialism is always pro femoid, that is how I know you are lying.

Also ,where is the court for emotional abuse inflicted by femoids? Nowhere, since the femoids have rigged the courts in favor of them. Keep entertaining those double standards beta cuck. I am sure you will get your roastie (when she hits 40) eventually.

You sound like someone who's going to end up in the statistics being posted.

Not an argument.

Not an argument.

Abuse: Bad
Statistical likelihood of impulse killing someone you know (say your own mother): Not as bad

Question: is it possible to be incel and volcel at the same time?

Like, I don't want to have sex with anyone but even if I did I know I wouldn't be able to get it.

Damn dude, women were at least property to the Ferengi, but you're continuing to go out of your way to dehumanize literally more than half of humanity.


Didn't Castro supposedly impregnate literally thousands of women?

Makes you think, huh?

He was also pro-tranny. Castro was a baller.

If he didn't, he should have.

Communism is inherently a chad ideology: just look at Engels, he was an alpha chad.

Capitalism is at best a Brad ideal and at worst a Incel ideal.

Jesus all I found was some Ariel Castro guy who raped his victims five times a day.
Close enough?

If you were really Chads, why do you whine like little bitches when you fail at the market instead of improving yourselves and conquering it?

No u

All those people in poverty who fuck are actually not fucking. Really made me think

Hopefully some nogs execute you.


Go back to your capeshit thread with your soyboy bullshit.
Also just for fun

The left has been making it overtly clear for the last 20 years that they fucking hate incels and want them all to kill themselves.
It'll take another 20 years to undo that damage if you start now.

Holla Forums is materialist in name only. Materialism is used as a simple prop to support ideology and ignored whenever is convenient. Whenever Holla Forums are forced to choose between blaming problems on individuals and blaming problems on inanimate systems, gut feelings and impulses supercede dialectical materialism.

I hope they wait another 40

all those relevant examples blew me away

There are material answers that you actually don't like, and respond to emotionally.

I find groups like MGTOW have a lot of hard left revolutionary potential, they actually see through cultural capitalism bullshit games more than most self proclaimed socialists do. The thing is Holla Forums is just full of normalfags who absolutely shrill at people saying anything remotely negative about women, and every other leftist space is 20 times worse so I don't see the left branching out to convert these days anytime soon.

No they don't.

Why do incels particularly matter as a subset of the precariat, or within capitalism? Why does their identity matter? More than another?

Explain to me why. You can't.

Well yeah I forgot to mention that there is a subset of MGTOW that likes to think of themselves as going John Galt over rejecting women, those guys are faggots. The thing is a lot of posters here unironically spout muh bootstraps memes with zero self awareness.

Because they can be easily convinced of being against capitalism if you faggots didn't shrill every time someone said something remotely negative about women.

Why. How.

Who would have thought, Holla Forums doesn't like identity politics.

Yes, it's very materialist to dismiss incels as fundamentally shitty human beings who deserve everything they get.

Whiteknighting women IS identity politics.

Because they don't buy into bullshit memes like success and making something of yourself, they are practically anti capitalist already, they just haven't been convinced of socialism as opposed to apathy. Again some have actually but then they have to put up with white knight faggots like you, unfortunately.

But they buy into plenty of other bullshit they never want to give up that has no place in class discussion.

Such as?

Don't expect these white knights to admit that

wish he impregnated me



Well thats why they need to be convinced of socialism, the thing is they are more ripe for conversation than you're average normalfaggot who buys into neoliberal bullshit.

No, no they aren't.

I think you'd have better luck with the neoliberal.

But that's capitalism. Communism is the movement to supersede capitalism, doing away with commodity production and exploitation.

Perhaps actually consider reading Marx?

according to you people, we already did and every wealthy person who fires someone for saying "kill niggers" is Communist.

right on cue
as ever, you seem to think that men would rather pay for children than contraceptives.

they are worthless pussies with no skills or hope for the future

seriously who the fuck cares

lmao no they aren't. they are the most vapid form of consumer, often the same retards that consume nothing but Marvel/DC films and video games

they are fuckin' worthless

We pirate that shit nigga, are you some fucking lifestylist who thinks no one should have any hobbies or anything. Also there is no ethical consumption under capitalism you normalfaggot

Maybe for normalfags like you who can't talk to anybody outside of your bubble.

Comrade, homie, bruh, fam, my dude, listen to me…
If there ever came a day when a real, honest to god beta uprising happened, I would not bet my money on it working out in your favor.

Also this