Daily News Thread 10/5

Macron sparks outcry after telling workers protesting job cuts ‘to look for a job’

French President Emmanuel Macron is in hot water over his remarks towards workers of a bankrupt plant who battle to save their jobs. He has been accused of “class contempt” after saying that instead of “creating havoc,” they should look for a job.

US House panel approves $10bn for Mexico border wall

A House panel has approved legislation to provide a total of $15 billion for construction of President Donald Trump’s wall along the US-Mexico border and improve ports of entry into the US.

Arrest of US consulate worker ‘devalues’ Turkish-American relations – embassy

The US Embassy in Turkey has condemned the arrest of a US consulate employee in Istanbul over alleged links to exiled cleric, Fethullah Gulen, blamed for the failed coup last summer, saying the move undermines relations between Washington and Ankara.

Royal Mail staff set to strike over pay and pensions

Royal Mail workers are set to strike for 48 hours from 19 October in a dispute over pensions, pay and jobs.

Russian state media furious after being booted off YouTube advertising platform

RT's YouTube network was removed from Google Preferred amid US investigation.

Holocaust memorial fails to mention Jews as Trudeau faces criticism

The Canadian government has removed a plaque from a Holocaust memorial after it was found to be missing any reference to Jewish people.

Anti-Abortion Rep. Tim Murphy Won't Seek Re-Election After Report On Abortion Request

Republican Rep. Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania has announced that he will not seek re-election after a report said he requested that a woman with whom he had an extramarital affair get an abortion.

Trump urges Senate to probe American ‘Fake News Networks’

While the Senate Intelligence Committee is investigating Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 US election, President Donald Trump has urged the body to look into American media to see why “so much of our news is just made up-FAKE!”

Asteroid the size of Chelyabinsk meteor to fly past Earth at 1/8 of distance to moon

A huge space rock approaching Earth is set to make a relatively close pass next week when it flies by our planet at about one-eighth of the distance to the moon. NASA said it would use the opportunity to test its ability to tackle the asteroid threat.

72% of Americans believe robots will take jobs in major industries

Most Americans fear robots taking jobs in industries such as construction and software development, but almost no-one seems to think their job is under threat.

Iceberg the size of Washington DC breaks off Antarctic glacier

A huge iceberg measuring 185 square kilometers (72 square miles) has calved from Pine Island Glacier - one of the main outlets where ice from the West Atlantic Ice Sheet flows into the ocean.

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FDA issues warning to bakery for including ‘love’ as an ingredient

The Food and Drug Administration issued a stern warning letter to a Massachusetts bakery for, among other things, listing “love” as an ingredient in their granola.

Did Stephen Paddock have an accomplice? FBI and Las Vegas police clash over co-conspirator theory

Authorities in Las Vegas have clashed over whether Stephen Paddock acted alone when he shot at a music festival.

Las Vegas shooting: Paddock may have planned to escape

The gunman behind Sunday night's mass shooting in Las Vegas planned to flee, and he may have had help with planning the massacre, officials suspect.

‘It’s war, b*tches’: Man arrested for threatening Vegas-style mass shooting on Facebook

A man in Oklahoma City has been arrested for threatening to carry out a mass shooting in San Antonio, just days after 59 people were killed, and more than 500 others injured, in the Las Vegas shooting massacre.

Puerto Rico: Trump paper towel-throwing 'abominable'

The mayor of Puerto Rico's capital, San Juan, has described Donald Trump's visit to the hurricane-hit island as "insulting" and called him a "miscommunicator-in-chief".

Saudi Arabia agrees to buy Russian S-400 air defense system: Arabiya TV

Saudi Arabia has agreed to buy Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile systems, Saudi-owned al-Arabiya television reported on Thursday.

U.S. lawmakers want to restrict internet surveillance on Americans

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers unveiled legislation on Wednesday that would overhaul aspects of the National Security Agency’s warrantless internet surveillance program in an effort to install additional privacy protections.

2 million may die if North Korea nukes Seoul and Tokyo – report

As tensions rise on the Korean Peninsula, a new report has estimated that, should North Korea deploy its nuclear arsenal on Seoul and Tokyo, the death toll could be up to 2.1 million, with around 8 million injured.

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Russia can arm Islamist Fascists as well as the US I see. Of course, like in most things, Russia is a weekend excursionist (to steal a phrase from Dune) in arming Fascists, the U.S. is a master at it.

"Warfare" is such a dirty word, am I right fellow proles?

Flat is justice

ebil labor inputs messin with my clockwork capitalism mechanism again

Death appears as the harsh victory of the law of our ancestors over the dimension of our becoming. It is a fact that, as productivity increases, each succeeding generation becomes smaller. The defeat of our fathers is revisited upon us as the limits of our world. Yes, structure is human, it is the monumentalisation of congealed sweat, sweat squeezed from old exploitation and represented as nature, the world we inhabit, the objective ground. We do not, in our busy insect-like comings and goings, make the immediate world in which we live, we do not make a contribution, on the contrary we are set in motion by it; a generation will pass before what we have done as an exploited class will seep through as an effect of objectivity. (Our wealth is laid down in heaven.) The structure of the world was built by the dead, they were paid in wages, and when the wages were spent and they were dead in the ground, what they had made continued to exist, these cities, roads and factories are their calcified bones.

They had nothing but their wages to show for what they had done and after their deaths what they did and who they were has been cancelled out. But what they made has continued into our present, their burial and decay is our present.

This is the definition of class hatred. We are no closer now to rest, to freedom, to communism than they were, their sacrifice has bought us nothing, what they did counted for nothing, we have inherited nothing, we work as they worked, we make as they made, we are paid as they were paid. We do not possess either our acts or the world that conditions us, just as they owned nothing of their lives.

Yes they produced value, they made the world in which we now live. The world that now weighs down upon us is constructed from the wealth they made, wealth that was taken from them as soon as they were paid their wage, taken and owned by someone else, owned and used to define the nature of ownership and the class domination that preserves it.

We too must work, and the value we produce leaks away from us, from each only a trickle but in all a sea of it and that, for the next generation, will thicken into wealth for others to own and as a congealed structure it will be used as a vantage point for the bourgeoisie to direct new enterprises in new and different directions but demanding always the same work.

The class war begins in the desecration of our ancestors: millions of people going to their graves as failures, forever denied the experience of a full human existence, their being was simply cancelled out. The violence of the bourgeoisie’s appropriation of the world of work becomes the structure that dominates our existence. As our parents die, we can say truly that their lives were for nothing, that the black earth that is thrown down onto them blacks out our sky.

it would be easier to just light the money on fire tbh

Doesnt Tokyo have the capability to shoot down DPRK missiles? So the claim that Tokyo is now in danger seems silly to me. Anyway, Seoul has always been in danger. The DPRK could literally kill millions of people just with the artillery they have on the DMZ if they wanted to devastate Seoul. Of course the threat of nuclear annihilation is always something to be feared, but a lot of this DPRK hysteria is disingenuous BS from the U.S., who seek to disarm the DPRK and then do what they did to Iraq, Libya, and wanted to do to Syria. Nukes basically make you invasion proof. This is coming from an ancom btw. I hate the DPRK, the U.S. Russia, etc., but there's a lot of BS the U.S. spews that can be challenged. Like the 50 gorillion killed by Communism for instance. My comrades were killed by said Communists, but that doesn't mean that you can blame an accidental famine and kulaks slaughtering their herds on some scheme by Stalin to punish Ukraine for some reason.

He shouldn't be forced to continue a non viable political career :)



And we just had a bigger one break off too, like a month or so ago. This is great. Superb news.

Ty, NewsAnon best Comrade.

Why spread this propaganda on here? North Korea has no reason to strike first. They do not stand a chance and they know it.


what are you referencing

It was just an estimate of the deaths, were war to happen…

but that's obvious. a nuke on a world-scale city will make people die. this article is dumb, useless fear-mongering.

I disagree.


“Essentially this is ICE trying to gin up a case for its actions, when really this isn’t at all about public safety,” he told The Intercept after reviewing the correspondence. “We can thoroughly expect that’s what they’re going to try to do again.”

Source: theintercept.com/2017/10/04/ice-raids-trump-immigration-deportation/

We don't have money to provide disaster relief to people dying of dehydration and lack of medicine in Puerto Rico but we have enough for retarded vanity projects.

Dog bless Amerigga :DDDDD

It's going to take longer to build then this administration is going to last with all the legal red tape involving construction through people's property; that $10,000,000 is just going down the drain. Of course whoever succeeds Trump might continue the project, but of course they might not.

But they'd rather do it than actually manage disaster relief.

I don’t wanna ever a McJob kinda guy but maybe a project as long and contemptuous as this will provoke union shit happening. Maybe some of that Class a consciousness.

Of course I’m just trying to find a silver lining. This is absolute greed and serve no practical purpose expect fulfilling a campaign promise


I hate to be that person, but isn't this what happened in Germany with Jews?


So ICE is lying to the public about immigrants being a crime threat, basically.


This ain't even conspiracy theory-tier rumour.

Harvard/Northeastern Survey Results: Seemingly only 3% of the American population own over half of America's firearms.



We are the 3%

Other results from that survey/study

so not only is mexico not gonna pay for the wall, but this is being done after a string of natural disasters where a lot of money is needed to provide aid? Will people even get mad or will they still defend him?



"JUST IN: 'Maybe it's the calm before the storm,' Pres. Trump says alongside US military leaders. 'You'll find out.'"


Bullshit, what's the catch?

After the supposedly big protests against his reforms only drew out tens of thousands in France of all places, despite him saying "democracy is not on the streets", and now this, it seems pretty clear even the French have surrendered to neoliberalism. There are no heroes left in man.

Oy vey, they are stealing the Holocaust from us! that's a real quote by Elie Wiesel, by the way

Rrrrrrrrreminder SJWs, including the EFF, led the battle calling for media to be "moderated".

What a tweest!

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