Why dont we just illegalize capitalism ?

why dont we just illegalize capitalism ?

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I dont have any.

a thread died for this

Lenin died for this. Imma bump it

cuz ya need state power n shiet fo dat

Clearly a thread that wasn't good enough for you to post in.

As in, abolish?
I'm fairly certain that a lot of people here are for abolishing capitalism.


never thought of it like that. woah

Why don't we beat capitalists at there own game.

Deng did it

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i can be if you want to

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bad luck for me then
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2d>3d, sorry comrads.
I'll fight with you in the revolution if that enough for you?

You to.

Nigga thats sad as fuck tbqh and Im a neet.

man, I want Ako to torture shame me for being a piglet


I'll give you one better: Why don't we just illegalize evil or stupidity? Solve all humanitys problems at once.

Someone else already pointed it out.

Evil and stupid are spooks subjective terms and capitalism is not

Stop being work-shy.

We did. Capitalists just subverted the government and made it legal again. Thus we ended up with Yeltsin.

I will never let this thread die.

Dumb anime poster.

Quality thread here OP, this is what I expect to see when i come to Holla Forums.

but then being an illegalist wouldn't be cool

bumping retarded thread because commies are retarded

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