Antifa Planning Communist Revolution for America on November 4


1917 all over again

I'm not stupid I know this is sensationalist crap but I thought it was funny

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God damn, implying that Tsarist rule was better than the USSR is a whole new level of stupidity.


I vomited

Also, can't wait for antifa to make an ass of themselves

It's not a revolution, but I'll take it. Sounds hilarious.

*poltistic screeching*

I'd love that

i can't wait to be so smug over this

People will believe fucking anything, my god.
[spoiler]Wish it were true though

Didn't you guys read Baron Trump's prophecy… Why not delay a week, do we really want Trump to be "the last president"?

What is it with these people thinking blocked traffic is on the level of mass murder?



You fucking what mate? Blocking traffic is serious. It disrupts infrastructure and damages efficiency.


I don't know what the right think's will accomplish by false flagging.

I hope antifa don't do anything stupid, they probably will, but one can hope.

What prophecy?

It's still probably the dumbest thing smashies do.

It kind of reminds me of this:

The prophecy from Trump's time traveling kid


Trump's adventures begin in Russia, and are guided thanks to directions provided by "the master of all masters," a man named "Don."
Before leaving for his voyage through the unknown, Trump is told of his family's motto: "The pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers."
illustrations from the novels depict Trump dressed in lavish, old-fashioned clothing and jewelry as he departs from Castle Trump and begins his voyage, heading to Russia to locate an entrance into alternate dimensions.
The story opens in a New York City in turmoil. It's early November right after the election of an enormously opposed candidate.
The East Side of the city, which is where the Women's March began the day after Donald Trump's inauguration, is in a "state of uproar."
The Fifth Avenue Hotel will be the first to feel the fury of the mob," the novel continues. "Would the troops be in time to save it



Well it could be a lot of coincidences also..

Don't forget about Uncle Trump being the only person that reviewed Tesla's secret files. The whole thing is too much.


It's not even antifa planning this, its the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Is the John Birch Society in such a tizzy about antifa that they forgot about the Communists hiding under the bed?

Comrade Avakian (Peace Be Upon Him) will become the Lenin of our century!

What if he mastered the art of underground organization and he actually has a couple million trained fighters who have completely slipped under the governments nose, one can only hope


hopefully Russia and China at least invade us by 2045.

Meterial conditions aren't right.

I think that even the most diehard anarchists here agree that the USSR was miles better than tsarist russia.

nuclear energy is a jewish conspiracy!

you spoiler with two *'s on each side, newfag

this is clearly some right wing bullshit, I don't think anyone honestly believes this will happen

Russia or China is not better than balkanization of the U.S.A

Conditions aren't right.

The United States is too diverse and fascism is seen as a threat to the established order rather than the savior of it, as it was seen in Germany. I can't see the entrenched American elite or the deep state appointing a fascist dictatorship like they did in Germany. The fascists will grow in power and popularity, but I doubt they'll be anything more than useful idiots for the neocons unless they throw some kind of revolution or coup.


I think as long as it isnt ethno-fascism then America will be fine.

As in the groups can unite under the common loyalty to the Bourgeois class

Ah fuck lads I'm busy. Can we postpone it a week or so?

Know but instead of exactly at 3pm we'll start at exactly 4pm

Oy vey, someone warn Soros, the jig is up!

**>I'm not stupid I know this is sensationalist crap but I thought it was funny
if you hadn't posted this disclaimer, i bet the thread would have been anchored**

"Refuse Fascism organizes around issues affecting groups including Muslims, women, LGBTQ people, black and Latino people, and children and the elderly"
sounds like true socialism to me

Oh shit really?

I prefer ctrl-s though.

I would be in full support of our boys in blue in this situation. Boomer filth can't die fast enough.

And people said antifa weren't /OurGuys/

Yes I saw this in the local antifa literature

Kek, i'm buying popcorn.

I doubt it would ever work, the country is too indoctrinated and antifa are too unoganised.

They wouldn't call it that, but a Mussolini type figure could easily arise. Not all Fascists were as insane and autistic as Hitler.

It really feels like we're living in a renewed form of McCarthyism, only it's here to stay


It's not antifa, softbrain conservatives just have no other word for "leftist" anymore

People have trouble imagining it because LARPers use swastikas and german words, making it obvious LARP, when irl American fascism already has a vast well of its own iconography and history to work with

I'm going to have a lot of fun killing all of you.

You know a ton of this board isn't even burgers, right?

"And if the world ever has an apocalypse
I will kill all of you fuckers
Fear will be plentiful, death will be bountiful
I will spare none of you peasants
Fuck your religion, your pastor fucked kids
And got sent to a prison in PC
I seen the devil, he’s in you and me
You need saving to listen to this, see
Follow 'em home, cut the right corner so nobody sees you
Turn off your phone
Leave it at home so nobody can trace you
Mask your expressions
Appear to be calm, they won't read your intentions
As soon as you’re in
Let them all know who they’re all in the presence of
I am a murderer
I am a demon, the son of a serpent
What is your faith?
What is your worth?
Have you felt acknowledgement?
If I kill you now, will you go to heaven or hell you believe in?
Death is approaching you
30 seconds, think before lying in a blood sea"

Oh boy, bend over bourgies and get ready for some New Synthesis.


My name is not important.

What is important is what I am going to do.

I just fucking hate this world and the leftist worms feasting on its carcass. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred and I always wanted to die violently. This is the time of vengeance and no life is worth saving. And I will put in the grave as many as I can.

It's time for me to kill… and it's time for me to die. My genocide crusade begins. Here.

Don't forget to write a manifesto before you do, that Las Vegas faggot left us all blue balled

wow who would have thought
and fuck the boomers and Holla Forumsyps who have a meltdown over this

…it's not antifa, that's just what burger right wingers call anything vaguely left

It's not antifa but they will show up, do you think they would lose this opportunity?

This please.

Maybe, maybe not, though it's not without precedent as in

This. We're living in a literal red scare, but the most absurd part about it is that the left is so utterly broken and disjointed in America that it is completely laughable to imply they have anywhere near the kind of strength the right likes to think they have. I was part of an org once that had to buy a ladder to put up a banner and then fucking return it after because we were so broke.


the vast majority of the protesters are too stupid and useless to pull off a revolution, once they get bored they'll just go back to their group home and get wasted. besides, they're all funded by rich Democrats. no threat to the established order.

OP archive link was from the John Birch Society, a relic from the red scare era.

Why would Democrats fund a third party like the RCP?

Only one month until the angry boomer apocalypse.

John Birch society was more or less openly fascist for a while. They were the original alt-right.


You can feel the butthurt of the guy who made it.
The right can't meme.



you have to understand that the Democrats view Communists as useful idiots. the RCP isn't meant to get involved in politics, they're meant to get out there and protest people the Democrats don't like so that the Democrats can get back in power.


fresh pasta

It's not fresh pasta, it's from a game called 'hatred'. It was basically made entirely as bait to draw money out of GGers.


The themes aren't directly related to the right wing but they marketed it heavily to that crowd, who bought into it hardcore.

Wait really? I thought they were mocked for going way too far with the edge?

There were some people who mocked it but my impression was that the majority of people were totally fine with getting it just to spite the dumb libs. It's hard to be too juvenile for Holla Forums, these are the people who spent a full week nonstop screaming about yooka laylee and betrayal, because the developers decided not to include 5 grunts worth of volunteer voice work from their favourite youtuber e-celeb.


Someone have the estimate of people that will show up on november 4?

how can people this autistic and disconnected from reality even function?

a pity it was just a shitty Hotline Miami clone pandering to edgy sinners

how many level of galaxy brain are you on?

It's correct, however. Just look how Reddit and even, increasingly, this place are mirroring the US Democratic party's platform.

what is the US Democrat party's platform?

it kinda does mate, protesting trump always makes the alternative look better

I guess going more right wing

Be aware antifa will be standing in compact easy to target groups nov 4th, dont do it =)


Please have a communist revolution guys, please! This way, we can solve the demographic problems in the US more easy. Get as many of your black and brown friends to join you and catch a few bullets too. I can't wait.

right wing is a mental illness

"It was just a troll you fucking retard heh heh"

Got me there tbh. Do me a favor and if you decide to go the same route as remember to write up a manifesto first

Bolshevik revolution only worked Nexus Czarist Russia was in shambles because of WWI, ZOG Occupied Government is strongest than it has ever been right now. Good luck.

The absolute state of Holla Forums rn.

I like how you probably think that Democrats would be more approving of a Communist revolution in the US.

*blade sharpening intensifies*

yeah totally that'll never happen, no not in the US

Truly bootiful

Actual comments on this article

this is class war but stupid

And they anounce it..

What's the plan anyway to beat up some more conservatives? Nobody likes antifa in USA, they got the chance to move a lot of people and they wasted it by being the exact pieces of shit everyone expected them to be