Gun control

given the debate on gun control right now i wanted to know are leftists pro gun or not? do you hate the NRA?

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You already posted the answer.


arm the unions

As someone who is pretty embedded in gun "culture" or whatever the fuck you wanna call it in the US I can say the NRA doesn't actually do anything for gun rights and hardly ever have. They're mostly a racket for american gun companies, as they always oppose foreign gun imports and support import bans and shit like that. Surprise, yet another American organization that claims to be helping accomplish something is just part of some corporations making money.


Didn't the NRA literally start as a pro-gun-control org trying to disarm black people?

real leftists are Pro-gun.
Yes, so much as the NRA is the arm of the gun manufacturing capitalists.

nah, the NRA actually started off good. Their original thing was trying to educate about guns and gun safety (Something I think should be taught at every school so that liberals aren't terrified of guns)

Yes I am pro-gun. And yes I fucking hate the NRA.

Yes we are pro-gun. I like the NRA to the extent that it maintains our ability of the working class to own guns, but I understand that it is a tool of the gun manufacturing capitalists and is not on our side.
The NRA backed gun control laws in the past when they targeted the panthers.

i don't necessarily oppose gun control but if it doesn't involve disarming the police as well it's shit

Scenario: 6 men with machetes break down your front door, which item would you rather be holding?

1. A phone and your cock

2. Or an AK47

If you chose phone, congrats you're retarded and 911 will be there to recover your body soon

Pro-gun, anti-NRA bc its literally just a lobbying group for the gun manufacturing industry

Who wouldn't tbh

How is this even a question? No real leftist would be anti-gun. Willingly disarming yourself has only ended in disaster for leftists before.

Is there any one on the left who would even support gun grabbers besides social democrats?


I support ban on all guns, workers should manufacture guns illegally anyway.

something something hang the capitalists something something with the rope they sell us

When every single worker in the world owns a Kalashnikov assault rifle only then are we free.

Jews. They want to disarm everyone except their puppets. Though you can argue their politics are meaningless except for internal factional squabbles since their only ideology is their people.

It's a real question because half the people ITT ignored the NRA bit, which is the part that actually warrants an answer

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Non classcucks

Everyone here is forgetting that the NRA's members and spokespeople are reactionary conservatards. Their whole platform is more about being against muh liberal gubberment takin' muh guns away. Their obnoxious 2nd Amendment fetishism is what turned me away from guns back when I was a mere bebby liberal. I bet you all they'd throw SUCH an autistic shitfit if you told them Karl Marx advocated for the working class to be well armed for the coming revolution.

no no, you see the police NEED to have guns .. because they'll be the ones.. protecting YOU from the bad guys
they're uh… better trained and stuff!

Being a liberal, I hate Communists and gun control in near equal measure.

Personally, I'm of the mind that state militias and the right to keep and bear attack helicopters can be reasonable under context.

You do know Fred Hamptom, an influencial figure in the Panthers was a socialist, right?
You're in favor of disarming socialists?