Organizer of Neo-Nazi Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville Has Been Indicted for Purjury

Lying to the court about being assaulted. Bad move Jason.

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What a loser.

they just can't stop losing


Why did he feel the need to go on and on about how he illegally assaulted someone? Are these aut-rightists really that insecure?

Yeah, they are.

How are the neofascists so incompetent? It's really mind boggling. They have the perfect conditions and still fuck it up.

They really don't though. The economy is fine for most of the bourgeoisie. The fascist's primary demographic (the petite bourgeoisie) might be hurting but the true source of their political power is not.

Yeah you're right. I guess I meant more along the lines of the social "war" they're trying to wage– which, if we're being frank, is all that the auts really care about.

It seems to me that it'd be pretty dang easy to make the US even more conservative socially than it is currently; but they can't even seem to do that correctly without making pathetic fools out of themselves.

Very funny, Lets all laugh, but remember despite this, the justice system is still our enemy, and is structured to defend white supremacy and fascism, and for every "perjury" indictment it throws around, there will be 10 racist cops it acquits, or doesn't even bring to trial. The system is NOT on our side, do not get complacent.

Fascists are simply getting a taste of what it is like to oppose the liberal state (which they assumed would support them, even though they also believe the government is in on the whole jew conspiracy.)

It's structured to defend capital. Please go read Marx instead of pomo liberal posts on /r/socialism

What's got you so triggered? the justice system is literally doing both of those things.

Because Marxist analysis > liberal analysis, and when you neglect to do proper analysis, you end up with retarded shit like horseshoe theory

The americans neofacists are stupid, but the real problem is that they take too much risks. It paid a lot at first because of exceptionally good conditions (ISIS, slow death of mainstream media, SJW cancer, out of touch politics) but one day, probability catch up to you.

Amusingly , it's the contrary with the far left, you play it too safe(Siryza folding to the EU, Sanders immense momentum thrown away, missing the golden opportunity of Charlottesville in platitudes like "punching nazis").

It's also not a fatality, in France , Marine lost by playing too safe, while Melenchon hamming it up worked very well for him.

Lol, they're so used to lying about being attacked constantly like bitches for sympathy bucks they didn't realise you can't do it in court. Sucks for them.



"Yellow fashies" aka racist libertarians and edgy conservatives arent nazis

If right wingers had high lQ they wouldn't be right wing

When you scratch a "libertarian", a fascist bleeds.

Libertarians are pretty much crypto-fascists.

Tina Lee…


I'm a bit new, who is she?

Not the first time it's happened

Liberals (including socdems) side with fascists over leftists when push comes to shove (e.g. Rosa, almost every US foreign intervention, etc), while lolberts simply arrive at fascist conclusions through an alternate path

Now Im sad.

Friendly reminder to slap the ancap!

Friendly reminder to spasm the plasm

You can't spasm us all.


Install gentoo faggot.


What the fuck is that even? You keep suggesting that, but nobody knows what it is.
If you took the time to voirie bookchin you would have the same courtesy to do the same with Gentoo

Look up, not road. Sorry for phone posting.


He looks jewish to me.

You need a new name.

This board can't handle the bunker I made my computer into. I don't want any revisionists getting their hands on it.

I think I like bunkerism. The idea of being in a comfy bunker with my husbando sounds Utopian.

And they got mad when we called them rightwing SJWs.

The Nazi's had their shot in the spotlight with that coked up loser Hitler and now that's long gone.

I'm more worried about fascists like the police or military than I'm about some loser who shaves his head and comes out of mom's basement to ruin their lives and be surprised.


Still makes fuck all sense to me. Tell me *why* I'd even wanna install it. What benefits does it have?




Here's your (you)

Can't get into leftism online without getting away from botnet OS.
Do you like to get anal raped by Bill Gates every day?
All I'm really asking is to try somthing that is not Windows or MacOS and is not developed by porky.