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I'm doing a presentation on East Germany to try and redpill my class on the real East Germany b/c my german teacher did a very not-based-in-fact anticommunist presentation for tag der einheit, so they're letting me do an objective presentation on the DDR. I'd love some help with things I should touch on in the presentation, things to mention, sources, accounts of living there, etc. I've got the constitution, which debunks a lot on its own tbh

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I mean you're right, and i've watched the docu, but i might make a cursory mention of the sex. However, other factors mentioned, like the women's liberation and the reasons why they had better sex and rights would be good to mention



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Left Economics or Eastern Marxist had a very good video on it but he deleted them all ever since he became a faggot (Keynesian EU fag) also there's a picture somewhere that shows the real economic growth of the GDR vs the FRG that shows the GDR had significantly better growth, not to mention most former GDR citizens want the GDR back.

Use this song in the background

Do me a favor, put in atleast one image of Honecker in each slide.

How did Eastern Marxist become a liberal?

Probably doesn't read.

Why would you even be an EU fag when you are Keynesian, the EU is the biggest neoliberal austerity complex on earth. All the Keynesian SocDem parties (like, actual SocDems like Melanchon, Podemos or Die Linke) are EU sceptical.

He wasn't really a firm Marxist to begin with, he used to be AnCap, found out that capitalism is shit, so he went full Marxist-Leninist which is kinda odd if you think about it, if you are into economics you'd study Marx first and then Lenin and then make your mind up. I'm a ML and hate the people who read Stalin before reading Marx, that's retarded, you are supposed to develop an ideology organically and eventually come up with the conclusions Lenin and Stalin made as well.

Well, he probably read something else about capitalisms collapse not being inevitable (probably Steve Keen) and then decided to become a SocDem. It tells you that he never actually cared about stuff like alienation and commodification that capitalism imposes upon us, he was always a mere technocrat. He complains now in a cynical way that Marxists are unnecessary rude to him because he still produces leftist material, which is fine I guess, but I can understand that many are upset when people switch ideologies like underwear. This is especially popular with ex-AnCaps, BadMouse as well changes his ideology every month or so.

I think he actually does read, but he barely reflects upon what he actually reads. He is one of these people that listen to a lecture of a fancy economics professor and then buy into it 100% and become a devout follower.

The one thing you should never do. These people are experts at ideological subversion, they actually know jackshit about how an economy works.

Mention the Ernst Thälmann Island it was a territory gifted to East germany by cuba in the 70`s. Its considered the last territory of the GDR

Why do ncaps and M-Ls always display such cultish behavior when confronted with the modern academia?

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Hi Eastern Marxist, why don't you go listen to some Jordan Peterson lecture, he'll sort you out

Watch this vid as an intro:

Also check his sources

Nah in all seriuousness use this song, is actually pretty good and about the DDR

Here is it mate

He didn't delete it, just made it unlisted.

The late Honecker was a stubborn gerontocrat who didn't realize when he should have made way for other people. He should have stepped back in the early or mid 80s. But he didn't, just like Kohl in the 90s. The lack of democracy, which automatically assigned him leader of the party and country, was one of the reasons, if not the main reason, why 1989 was possible.
What's more, he let that cuck Schalck-Golodkowski make deals with capitalist corporations in the American occupied zone (aka West-Germany) and other countries e.g. Italy or Denmark, which were obviously disadvantageous for our people's owned production facilities. Basically S.-G. sold capitalist corporations our goods under value, they put their logo on them and then they went and sold them on the world market for actual market value. I'm sure S.-G. made a nice little fortune for himself that way, which he could enjoy after 1990 in his nice mansion on Tegernsee, unlike Honecker who had to go into exile due to dubious charges filed against him by Western German prosecutors.
For some reason Honecker still causes butthurt among certain bourgeois-liberal and reactionary journalists though, as did his wife as long as she was alive :3

Aside from right after the war, bread lines weren't actually a thing. The number of childcare centers was also rather high, it was easier being a single mother in the GDR than in the west, and women from the East still today have a, how to say, more active personality.

state capitalism mixed with totalitarian social-democracy

East Germany Best Germany

You could have a bit about denazification, how in the west many former high-ranking Nazis continued to be in high-ranking positions, nazi judges who condemned people to execution continued being judges in the and the like. There was nothing of that sort in the east. There was also a difference in foreign policy. The GDR supported the African struggle against Apartheid, while West Germany supported Apartheid. (And other "enlightened" countries such as Israel and the USA did as West Germany. Conservative British students distributed merch with the slogan Hang Nelson Mandela.)

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i'm betting it's a more accurate statement than what you might think the ddr was

what were healthcare and homelessness like in ddr?

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I would say during Cold War and during the 1990s healthcare in West- and East-Germany was on par in terms of quality, however since Schröder/Fischer's reforms in the early 2000s the quality of Germany's healthcare system has dropped dramatically. So the DDR's healthcare was clearly superior to what we have now. Medical infrastructure was way better, it was 100% free for everyone at all times and there were no waiting times for treatments such as surgery. Everyone would get the best treatment and meds available, regardless of income. Lack of certain special meds e.g. for asthma treatment would occur, but that was due to trade sanctions imposed by the Western bloc, not because the healthcare system itself was not working. My mom would circumvent this problem with help of our relatives in West-Germany.

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so if they saw a vagrant on the street what would they do? put them in shelters or hospitals?

There were wandering hippies and students on their way to concerts and such during vacation or craftsmen on their Walz, however neither were homeless. Everyone had a job or was studying. There were zero homeless people in the DDR. I repeat: zero.

Defend East Germany week. Good material.

Germans miss East Germany

Michael Parenti talks about GDR a little bit