Massive "Trump Chat Room" "Centipede Central" Destroyed in Anime-Related ‘Coup’



And so the Trump cult of personality begins to collapse.

They were doomed from the sta


>"The issue with Based_Brit is he's not American, he's a crypto furry—a closeted furry.
Neocon bootlickers are closeted degenerates. Who knew.

England should have been destroyed a long time ago.

/r9k/ and Holla Forums continually have a lot of explaining to do


I should have either became part of France when the Franks had the Throne, or Scotland should have beaten up those damn English lowlanders. But you know we can't help the English are like cockroaches.

Don't worry about us Lefty/Pol/ we've already started a new server to hang out on. KEKISTAN will be free. Now and always.

Checked my fellow KEKISTANI !

Who uses gifs user, really

lmao good luck buddy

Can't tell if this is true or a bait.


Crunch the numbers and find the collective hours and calculate those to days to weeks to months wasted for nothing.

Fucking great.

Ah yes, the kekistani master race.

Never trust an Anglo

pic related

kekistani guys are faggots without ideology, they are the lolberals of the right really. Maybe even dumber than them.

Nice, but by the title i thought based animefriends destroyed the channel because they wanted, but it was just right wing low Autism Level retardation.

swell, more extra-chromasome motherfuckers who can't read the FAQ will blame us for this

The spooks of nationalism haunt another poor soul out of house and home.