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Is it a coincidence the >50% of the 1% have Jewish ancestry?

How much power do Jews have under capitalism? Do they really have Jewish-supremacist agendas like Holla Forums claims?

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Stop posting Holla Forums memes, it makes your stupid questions look insincere to begin with.

Happy now?

pieople of leftypaul, have you ever considered too thing:
1) jews did it all
2) humern nature

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It's because only Jews were allowed to lend out money with interest in the middle ages, therefore associating them with high finance.

Non-European/-American countries don't have Jews on the top of the food chain. Many Middle Eastern countries have plenty of Jews, but completely excluded from administrative positions, therefore disproving your theory.




Not only do you not have a source for this statistic you pulled out of your ass, but you probably think being 2% genetically related counts as jewish ancestry. They're overrepresented as a proportion of their population, yes, but they don't make up a majority of porkies globally.

The thing is the Jews always keep their in group preference even if they don't practice. And they are very fucking skilled at manipulation. Whereas non-gentile people (people who don't play the Jew lie game) are usually honorable. Many times in history the honorable country has reached a hand and the Jews have taken it back and spit on them.

It is useless to be aware that Jews lie without understanding how they lie. A common mistake is to believe, having learned about Jewish dishonesty (e.g. ‘Holocaust’ hoax), that every single statement made by a Jew is a lie. Actually, a liar who lies all the time would not be very successful at deceiving anyone, since he would be extremely easy to spot. (“I once had an ex-sailor as a servant. At all hours of the day and night the fellow used to try to spin me yarns which any fool could see were nonsense. In the end I had to tell him that I was quite as good a liar as he was, and that he must not tempt me to try to go one better! As even that did not stop him, we were forced to part company.” – Adolf Hitler) A skilled liar tells a mixture of truth and lies in order to confuse his victim. For example, when Jewish schoolteachers teach pupils about the cruelties of historical racism by Western civilization against non-Jewish ethnic minorities, they are telling the truth. The only lie they add into the mix is to present Jews also as victims of historical racism, the exact inversion of what they really were. Skillful dismantling of the Jewish lie is as much about accepting the truthful parts (even if they are unflattering) as about rejecting the false parts. Boasting about ”taking the Red Pill”, as many present-day useful idiots do, is counterproductive in this regard, since the Red Pill analogy suggests that everything we used to believe in the pre-Red-Pill old days is false (which is of course not the case, as explained above), thereby setting us up for a new round of being deceived as we recklessly throw out the old truths along with the old lies. The fundamental flaw of the Red Pill analogy is that is suggests the deception consists of only one layer, when it actually consists of many.

They are skilled the leader bashes them yet doesn't mention he and his comrades are Jewish.



This clearly is an accurate representation of society at large

Lenin wasn't jewish, not even by nuremberg standards. And by "jewish comrades" do you mean a handful of party members cherrypicked by a nazi who wants to push his agenda?

end this meme

Is my source in error?

Indeed it isn't, it's an accurate representation of the bolshevik courts.

That's only true for burgerland and Israel, and only if you also count one-drop non-religious jews.
It also changes nothing about the class dynamics. They are all capitalists, jewish or not. Non-jewish capitalists have exchibited the same behaviour as jewish capitalists.

I'm not going to lick the boot, even if the guy isn't wearing a yarmulke.

this is an organization made and run by fascists, so yes

Are you really this ignorant? Actually study the white working class during the industrial revolution and find out yourself how "honorable" European porkies were.

Sage for classcucking.

I too would like to see a source. I tried looking it up and found this.



One of his grandfathers was Jewish IIRC. Jewishness is passed on through women so he wasn't ethnically Jewish, and what's more he neither considered himself Jewish or practiced the Jewish faith.

But user don’t you know? Being a Jew makes you ebil.

He wasn't even Jewish though

If it's not a big deal why was it hidden, it's Jewish roots and who knows really what he practiced. It's like that singer Lana Del Ray, Google trys to keep search results showing she has no jewish connection but dig deeper and there is the Jewish roots. This is the danger of international communism, they are better at hiding then we are at finding.

It takes but a single drop of accursed Jew blood to transform what would have been a man into a Demon of Avarice, my child

Why, of all the peoples that inhabit this world, were it the Jews that delivered the only two members of Mao's court that were not Chinese?

Not necessarily, I have Jewish friends, but their in-group favoritism is really fucking insane, and they seem to be able to align their goals always somehow.

Holla Forums, like all idpol, doesn't care about who is cracking the whip, just as long as he's not jewish.

Non-jew capitalists are evil in their own way, but once you take their money they are done, Jews are the skilled ones for social manipulation.

Who is race baiting at /pol all day? I believe JIDF getting those neandrathals angrier every day. And Jew Lauren Southern cucksucking them.

here. I'm still looking for a source. I have dived deep into stormtard territory to find it and still nothing. On a side note though I found this site which is hilariously cancerous: big-lies.org/jews/index.html

So I've been banned because I tried to bridge a gap between left and right, I hoped you guys would be more receptive than the tribalist neandrathals at /pol

Hidden? More like why is it relevant? Erhard Milch was able to become an Aryan™ general - even though he was Jewish under the Nuremberg laws.
What then is it about Lenin's "Jewishness" that makes it so much more potent that - according to you - he could not have escaped it? Even if according the Nuremberg laws he would not be considered Jewish?
Why is his ancestry relevant anyway, rather than his actual views and direct associations? Marx agitated against Judaism, called money the god of thew Jews, and even stated that mankind needed to be emancipated from Judaism. Long before those modern conspiracy pundits even existed. Yet people call him a kike and put him in the same basket as the Rothschild's, all while sucking the neocon cock that has sends trillions to Israel. Where is the consistency?

And non-Jews can't be? What about Han Chinese? Armenians? Anglos? Dutch? Nigerians? All the other people that have been stereotyped as shrewd, deceptive and underhanded?
How do you think non-Jewish capitalists get their money? The lottery?

You're not mending any gap. It's just repeating the same Holla Forums propaganda that has been posted and debunked for years now. Jewish capitalists are shrewd and "evil"? Who cares. That's just typical for their class. The point is that capitalism - which gives those same Jews financial power and political influence in the first place - needs to go.
Socialists the world over have been opposing organized religion (including Judaism), capitalism, secret societies and Jewish chauvinism long before Hitler was even born.

The fact that Jewish media control and worldwide finance control is damn near 100% means it matters. That they have consistently shown to hide their ancestry but still show in group preference many times in the past (culture of Critique documents this well)

But you are 100% right the neocon capitalist war mongers are basically the same to me.

Sure others can be, but Jews control 100% of MSM and 100% of the alternative news, so it's more relavent.

Jews get their money through a system of early control and in group preference. Culture of critique explains it well, they are sort of this advanced civilization that gets in early to countries before they know how to set up their shit.

Who do you think made up this idea of "class". It's just another smokescreen they are hiding behind.

And again, other groups don't? Ever studied the economies of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia? And noticed the dominant position of Han Chinese business leaders?
You're playing the Jewish exceptionalist here.

Uh yes I live in Indonesia, the culture here is secure because they have no Jews and do not recognize Israel. Spent plenty of time in Singapore and Malaysia.

The difference is we don't have clumps of Singporians in UK (example) owning 100% of the media, directing them to fight in wars in Indonesia for their own gain and putting UK people all fighting against each other with social manipulation. Even the Chinese here in Indonesia aren't close to what the Jews are doing to Europe and North America, and they fucking hate the Chinese here.

Let me mention I was communist-anarchist sympathizer for a long time, the US-sponsered slaughter here in the 60s is a disgrace. But looking deeply into how people with Jewish roots want to use communism for their own gain. And how they have altered history and still control so much of what we know, but they always leave clues because they can't hide the truth.
What made me certain was the story they tell about General Patton, they try to paint him as dumb and reckless at the end of the war, but you can dig and find signs of an extremely intelligent creative man. He simply was a serious danger to the Jewish narrative so they killed him and slandered him.
You don't become a facist for realizing this though in my case I just feel extremely hopeless actually.


Fuck off jew.

Indoensia has its own problems, many can trace back to the Suharto days which was typical US capitalism full throttle. I would agree its a fucking failure. The culture here is actually fit quite well for communism:


It's probably why the US was so brutal in destroying it and maintaining then ban and discussion on the slaughter here until today.

My point was not that Indonesia was in good shape anyways, my point is that Jewish exceptionalism is not a thing, there is just Jewish truth. They have always done this all through history.

I had written a long post but then accidentally deleted it. I'll repost it later.

The Jews are not some kind of demonic force, a product of a primordial eldritch evil. It is material conditions that cause certain Jews to behave the way they do.

I don't care the reason, I know it's true that they will employ the same tactics as long as they are allowed to attach to a host nation whatever the political climate.

What kind of materialistic force?

Pretty much the whole world hates the jews, this hatred was a thing ever since they identified themselves as jews.


We are not the racists they are the ones making themselves Jews and the rest of us goyim.

Long-winded justifications quoting Hegel and going back to Nazis R evil dude doesn't change truth

It's a pretty big risk to shift to international communism with Jews around, or maybe this time they will behave.

You looked at how people with "Jewish roots" wanted to use communism for their own gain, oh noes. Did you also look at Chinese people, Russian people, German people, Japanese people, American people, etc basically people in every country in the world have supported it to?

Perhaps if you then also looked into imperialists, fascists, monarchists, and numerous reactionaries used anti-semitism for their own gain you wouldn't be so retarded. Take the tyrannical tsar for example who used pogroms to cement his rule, or imperialists used anti-semitism to attack communists and people in the anti-war movement in general.

I already told you that none of these other countries exhibit the host/parasite nature of the Jew. Why do you keep repeating the same tired arguments, are you just a shill?

Why do you always complain about capitalism, you sound like a broken record. I told you I agree those systems have issues but you cannot implement international communism unless you remove the jewry first is my argument. You have not addressed this point you just keep muh muh capitalism bad ..

Not relevant