Seriously, how do we implement communism/anarchism in the 21st century?

I’m tired of capitalist/corporatist corruption. Government is an illusion and is only a money industry.

Also, how is adding more government going to fix corruption, if government is a porky illusion?

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Well, shit. We better get on this now guys.

we need to accelerate

I think I just died a little inside.

it's a slow process, and you're unlikely make much of a difference. If you truly passionate, you can find work to do as an internationalist, but that's only for the most devoted. Socialism isn't a charity you donate your time to on weekends and nights. unfortunately this isn't 1900 and you can't live in a meteorological station with communist friends reading Engels and writing editorials like Stalin.

We desperately require a nuclear WWIII. It's the only way, judging from the current situation with Best Korea.




Best Case Scenario:

Actual Reality:

Simply remove the Jews, then it will be no problem to set up a system that will work for everyone else…

We wait for climate change to fuck up most (coastal) cities and then band together in communes based on mutual aid in the remaining countryside.

This shit is the fucking worst

who is this semen demon

That won't work they "revised" the model with less warming effect from man made effects, and I'm sure there will be more "revisions" to come.

*spectacle intensifies*


First by organizing inclusive political 'parties' that are broadly internationalist, united by a set of general principles, but organized as all-encompassing social clubs, aid organizations and information networks.

Then by demanding more political and economic power be decentralized to the local level, by force if necessary, working to acquire farmland and the basic means of production to provide subsistence to those within the movement.

Then by forming parallel structures of political power; local assemblies of people which delegate power to recallable representatives and administrators. Form parallel economic structures to satisfy the needs of the people in each locality, with resources and labor allocated through economic planning and rationing/vouchers/funbucks.

Do this all in the context of a capitalist nation-state which is losing legitimacy, facing economic crisis and incapable of diverting resources towards pacifying or redressing such movements within more marginal areas of its territory.

Bit of the old localism matey you'd be surprised what knocking on doors and doing a small town a bit of good will do for political popularity. Why do you think Hamas keeps winning elections they provide healthcare and education for the local community so the murder and shit is overlooked

But if it's international the Jews will take control, and if that happens it's gonna be bad. This is their Agenda 21, I just don't imagine Rochchilds giving up their high place in society. If we play it their way they will have some plan to hoard the 1%.

>But… [massive unsubstantiated claim that will only be backed up with poor reasoning, infographics and geocities pages] … they will have some plan to hoard the 1%

HNNNNG. Who. Is. That.

We need a spontaneous global revolution which means people spreading class/capital consciousness.

Nvm, figured it out. Sara Orrego

Agenda 21 read it, you guys are winning

But who.made it??:
Gro Bruntland - president of the world socialist party.
Maurice Strong - shady capitialst, suddenly a do good socialist hmm… Could he be jewry


I mean this Maurice was already shady fucker, you want to trust this communism plan?? You sure the Jews won't rule??

Latest on agenda 21
Reaffirmed at WSSD September 2002.
Obama got USA to 17%

It's all out there, this isn't unsubstantiated

Holla Forumss shilling is getting pretty pathetic lately

Empires have to fall, and there has to be an economic crisis with the right material conditions to start. People are pretty comfortable with their own lives, and rely on a system to provide for them. The second that system stops providing, people will look towards another system which does.

I reckon third worldism could play a part, but I also reckon that the disolvement of international powers would make the material conditions easier for revolution. The American empire is crumbling, but that would allow China to expand its influence even more. Then there's also the issue of other places, such as Australia, becoming a republic. I reckon organising on more local levels would be great.

Considering far right wingers have also been under influence of jews, that's pretty fucking retarded for you to call leftists the TOOLS OF DA JOOS.

read Bordiga

Where's a mass shooting when you actually need one?

move to jackson mississippi, new orleans, poor houston, poor atlanta, west philly, detroit mi, cleveland, etc. and start making it better by feeding people and giving people basic access to sanitation. organize co-ops there. use computers with ulocked bios, use mesh networks, delete all social media, drop out of school/the work force, don't attend fbi psyops.

the pentagon is legit afraid of decentralization, even if you have to live in a shanty town for 40 years, you and friends will emerge as iron.

tl;dr it requires sacrifice, see you there, gentlemen.

This looks like one of those fake commercials in a Paul Verhoeven movie.


1. Wait for automation to move ahead, so that at any given time a very large portion of people are unemployed.
2. Observe the work-wage-buy system collapse, when very many of us can't possibly work to earn a wage, but still demand to eat and live.
3. *gun noises in the distance*
4. Profit!

Our glorious robot comrades will take care of it.

Afrospasm I don't know how you've been browsing for so long while still being a first day communist kid.

I don't think OP is him, Afroplasm always namefags.

Unironically co-ops

White Obama looks like the Bush's long lost youngest brother.