Israel comes out in support of Catalan independence

Catalanfags BTFO.

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Bet that catalanfags are rojava fags too.

Of course. Amazing how quickly anarchists will jump on the nationalist bandwagon if it's the right race.

Wtf I support Zionism now

I'm posting this pic with sincerity


Tankies would unironically call the Mossad Nazi hunters of the 50s and 60s bad if they had been alive then.

So where are all the Palestinians showing solidarity with Catalunya and its protesters? I don't see any protests in Ramallah and/or Gaza. You'd think two occupied people facing extreme police repression would be in solidarity with one another, no? Perhaps it's because nationalists only give a shit about other oppressed peoples when they can piggyback off of them?

Do you think Churchill is good too?

It's "who is exploiting whom". Remember, "who" when it's the relative subject of a relative clause, "whom" in all other instances.

Palestine has no reason to show solidarity with Catalans because the Catalonia independence movement is bourgeois. Plenty of Palestinians have given support to the Maduro government and are unapologetic supporters of Bashar al-Assad. Huge difference.

That's a clickbait title if I've ever seen one. He's just using Catalonia to try and blast those who support the palestinians.

That's the only quote I can find on various articles I've googled: “Spain has demanded over the year to give full rights for the Palestinians, but it is not prepared to allow Catalan citizens even to hold a referendum”

Basically: "If Spain doesn't even let catalans vote, why should they talk shit about us and why should we treat the palestinians any better?" and not "Oh yeah, I fully support an independent catalan state. 1934 best year of my life. Btw did you know my father was comrades with Orwell?".

why are you gonna spend your time defending 'whom' when english is being bastardised 1000x times worse by every other facebook post.

So what happens if Catalonia gains independence and Israel turns it into another "Kurdistan?"

No, but I appreciate his contributions to fighting the Nazis, just like I appreciate and support Israel's efforts to hunt down Nazis after the war.

You can make all the loaded questions you like but it doesn't change the fact that no support was actually shown from that israeli guy.

And yes, the parties in Catalonia are bourgeois and nationalism is outdated in the west, but that doesn't mean that the left can't take advantage of this situation.

How would an independent Catalonia be anything like Kurdistan? You know Spain is nothing like Iraq or Syria right?

Your standards are way too fucking low

Do you think Churchill was bad for refusing to sue for peace with the Nazis? Catagorising everything as Strictly Good or Strictly Bad is what neocons do ya got dang jabroni.

Right, which is why "I support 50s/60s Israel because they did [good thing]" is a pretty bad take

I know what the material conditions in Spain are. Israel will take advantage of ANY newly created states as it is desperate for support. They tried pulling the same shit in "South Sudan" AKA artificial Christian entity created by the West to divide Muslim Africa.

WTF I hate Balkanization now

Anarkiddies BTFO. The Roo has spoken!

Netanyahu will no doubt come out in support within the next few days.

That will not happen. It would be too hypocritical even for someone like him to support Catalonia's independence.

Palestinians have become the de facto representatives for global resistance, even more so than anarchists in Greece, Maoists in India, indigenous peoples struggling in Latin America, etc. Of course they, out of everyone on the planet, should have a moral obligation to speak out against any and all forms of what you statefuckers call "national oppression".

Support the glorious Spanish nation against the tide of Israeli imperialism!

He will. Just wait.

If Catalan independence means another ally for the Zionist entity then of course we should oppose it.

See you then. Take care user.

Tankies and Zionists agree: States are sacrosanct and national liberation should be opposed.

Yeah conjecture seems to be the entire basis for this thread.

I agree they tried with South Sudan but I was under the impression they succeeded. Did they not? I'd love to hear about the sionistas losing something.

National liberation is highly contextual. For example the USSR didn't allow Ukraine to become fully independent because they needed the fertile land to feed its population. They couldn't allow Central Asia to break off because they knew anti-communist jihadis would take it over. Catalonia and "Kurdistan" are the same way: if either of these new states becomes supportive of the Zionist entity we must oppose it at all costs.

FFS learn some dialectics.

I can't say. I only know "South Sudan" was carved out as a Zionist client state.

wow finally something they and Chump disagree about

Israelis are just butthurt that the Spanish govt stood up to them one time.
They don't care about Catalunya, they just like targetting anyone who isn't 100% on their dick.

You realize that if a bad person does a good thing it doesn't make that thing any less good or useful right? If an Israeli kills a Nazi that doesn't mean that killing a Nazi isn't a good thing.

Yeah now I'm definitely pleading the 5th regarding this Catalan shindig.

Support King Felipe VI of Spain against Zio-American imperialism!

based jew

What if a Nazi kills a Zionist or rich Jewish plutocrat unlikely as that maybe would that make what they did a bad thing? Somehow I doubt the Left would support it and you'd probably have to have severe autism to broach the matter in public.

But really the fact that people largely wont adhere to the standard your pushing here is due to the fetishization of Nazi crimes and Nazis as pure evil. That fetishization comes 100% from Zionist ideology that sees the Holocaust and Nazism as pure evil and a crime unparalleled in history as Based Norman Finkelstein has shown at length but the Left refuses to really reject the Zionist way of seeing these things.

Without a doubt fascist Japan supported several Asian nat-lib movements but does that mean we need to recognize the "good" they did I would say we only can in a perverse sense or ignore the fact these were largely pro-Axis movements?