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Hey guise, I have been wanting some more leftist oriented media and I was thinking of doing something on my own.
So my idea was to have a voice call with several other people, similar to a panel and just discuss some agreed upon subject/bullet points. And we could post it on various places online on our own. Would anyone be interested in doing this? Some things I would want to talk about is stuff like
- what can we do in the first world to further the cause of socialism that is not sucdem or reformism?
- Our thoughts on recent events, such as the mass shooting that happened
- etc.
And we could stream the discussion and answer questions from the audience, that type of shit. What do you guys think? If people were interested I would be willing to do this on a regular basis.

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This sounds really cool, I'd be down 2bh

Yeah I was thinking this would be great for people who want to have a public discussion about shit, but don't want to full on start a youtube channel

those are called podcasts, user. Welcome to 2004.


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Nigga start a podcast maybe steam the podcast on like Sunday for example and take viewer question and calls. Fucking Tankies must love state because THEY can’t self organize. I still love you comrade

Well I gotta let people on Holla Forums know about the podcast in order to have an audience :b And audiences like it when there is multiple people on there

Well who else do you want on it? I ain’t no theory heavyweight I browse Leftypol.

I mean right now I got no one signing up except maybe for so anyone is better than no one. I dunno what I would talk about, and I think I would be a lot more entertaining with other people.
I am not huge on theory either, but I would like to talk about these ideas in a way that normal people can relate to them. So maybe your lack of theory would help what I would want out of it

I guess I’d be cool with it. Depends on th day you wanna do it.

You definitely need multiple people. It's always awkward as fuck when one person does a podcast type thing.
I think there's a point to this. I've barely read shit and I already find myself having a hard time translating the concepts into terms that a layman would get. There's just too much prior knowledge that you can't condense very effectively.

I have a lot of things I kind of use when I talk to my conservative friends, like they tend to open up more when I talk about revolutionary patriotism. I would like to talk about this more instead of just announcing the first world as a lost cause.

If you guys are interested my email is [email protected], maybe we can set something up (or anyone who is reading this feel welcome)

If I can get some people willing to do this; I will for sure do it

[email protected]

bkeys - at -


You mispelled the domain name
bkeys -at-
you forgot the s in

So is it like a podcast with rotating members?
I kind of like the idea of having a podcast of normal leftypol users who aren't Ecelebs.

Same here I am tired of the current stack, there are some good people in there (maybe if this got popular we could have some as guests). I suppose it could be like a panel with rotating guests, and 1 person being the regular host kind of guiding the discussion. Kind of like Real Time with Bill Maher, if you ever watched that.

I wouldn't mind doing this if it's on a weekend.

Sounds like the best idea yeah, just email me if you are interested. I will take what I can get but I am thinking like a 4 person panel, could always add more if there is interest in it though

Neato. If you've fixed a date, I'll see if it checks.

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Why not use discord?

I'm interested in watching this!

I'll watch if you make it. Where would you release it?

Real Time has a good format but it's weighed down by being insufferably liberal.

I think you can get rid of that by refreshing the page and if you have javascript on.

I got a goblinrefuge (media sharing site) profile; I could stream it to youtube I suppose. I don't have a google account and would like to keep it that way though.

I plan on making a different thread once we come up with the bullet points we will be talking about, and there I will mention the time/date and such. I am excited for this so hopefully we can do it this weekend I hope.
Continuing the thread here

Err Brigham you should really enable whois protection

Alright, the stream is set up now, sorry for the last minute'ness of it.
Will turn the stream on once people start joining. Bump this