Lmao @ that sub conversion ratio tho

Lmao @ that sub conversion ratio tho

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What the fuck?

Oh man that was hard for my fried brain to process.
Skeptics: between $4 and 10$ per 1000 followers
Leftish: $20 per 1000

That picture of Amored Sceptic though. What a fucking fedora.

Yeah he's got proper fat since dating shoe too. Luckily shoe is like some fucking crazy fangirl.

I've never seen an hbomberguy video, but ContraPoints has high production values for the genre, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Both of their production values are quite similar.

Yeah I was always wondering how that potbelly got to date shoeonhead, guess she's into m'lady types. If my sister would bring home a dude like that my mom would die cringing.

Also, fucking funny he needs 800 bucks to talk into a mic for 8 minutes without any research

You're missing out bud

Well, yeah. The market is flooded with alt-right and alt-light morons. People only have so much money to spread around to each of their faves.

Why people give money to these losers?
They get enough with ad revenue

imo his humor can be hit or miss. Still a general tolerable liberal. Also
Jesus Christ.

Daily reminder to support Unruhe so we can see him getting trouble in the DPRK due to his hypermasculinity

Nah, YouTube basically demonetized everything because of Pewdiepie's cancer.

lol Holla Forums

Why people give money to redliberals and fakes like HDbomber and contropoint instead of unruhe? He's a jerk but he's the "realest" out of all these

Alternately hbomb and contra might get funding because they make quality content, whereas "muh rational skeptics" make terrible reaction videos with no thought or research put into them.

Who are you quoting?

I wonder how many subscribers Chapo Trap House would get if they made a YouTube channel. I imagine a lot. Too bad Felix is vehemently opposed to making a visual aspect of the show on YouTube.



You know he'd end up with a position in their media somehow. He's too much of a living meme for things not to go well for him if he went there

That's dumb, the real reason to support unruhe is because he'll suck your dick if you pledge him enough money

Every time I see this I wish one of our resident richfags would just punt for the rest of the money.

Fuck Wolfe, fuck Detroit, fuck anything "good" we could fund. I want to see roo in fucking North Korea!!

$50 to be exact.

That's a fucking bargain tbh

Of course she's into m'lady types, she's an anti-feminist.

we could actually do this.

These faggots are making over 100,000 a year…

This is very subtle. I like it.

Being sjw-lite youtuber is better than my work ffs, how do I became one?

Are you a native English speaker? Otherwise don't bother, nobody is going to listen to you.

It worked for Zizek tho.

Outright false if you have an accent people like and a decent command of the English language.

I do not have enough cocaine for that

Zizek is not a youtuber

I doubt they would let him in

Does he have a patreon

parrot shit you see on Holla Forums, then make one video per day with changing a few words at each occurence to match with the most recent news or Internet e-drama.

I hope they gulag him, he needs to lose weight asap.

I bet Unruhe would quickly get hired as a talking head for the North Korean state propaganda.

he should do a prank channel


Do you think he would be kicked out of LLCO? They don’t exactly have a positive view of North Korea.


tbh being forced into a dprk reeducation camp would be the best thing for him. They would prolong his life by a few years by getting him to lose weight, he will learn Korean and can read about Juche from the original text. On top of that he will be purged of a liberalism like a soul before the Holy Spirt.

I don't know man, on one hand a YouTube personality with 20k subs is somewhat of an asset for the DPRK considering how unbelievable negative their image is.

On the other hand, Roo is a stubborn oaf and vulgar as fuck, could you imagine his reaction when someone tells him not to use swear words over there?

Yeah, the DPRK is a fair bit more conservative than I think Unruhe could handle.

Is he really more vulgar than Rodman?

I think you get a pass if you're friends with Kim Jong-Un.

Reminder that """leftist""" youtube are entertainers first, socialists second

Ok but who wouldn't want to hang out with Dennis Rodman, be friends with Dennis Rodman

Just to say I'm friends with Dennis Rodman

I mean is that really different from me or you. What bar do is acceptably socialist? Engels wouldn't make the cut I'm guessing.

Yes ofc, it goes with the platform. Same applies with the right wingers.

Really no downside unless he isn't truthful about what he'll use the money for which I wouldn't put past him honestly

Fucking hypocritical Engels

back to /r/socialism please

No, I'm wondering exactly what bar you can or cannot describe yourself as socialist.

The bar is perfectly able to be described and this is a rhetorical question, but I'm curious what you'll say.

Dude we get it, you're not blowing anybody's mind here. No one thinks any of these people are Lenin and it's super weird that you're this offended that people would choose to occasionally be entertained instead of stressing over how many youtubers are real socialists.

How unfortunate…

I just think somebody who spends an entire video yelling at r/socialism or whoever that was directed at for being IdPol SJW cunts who should kill themselves while posing with an airsoft gun and a bottle of booze and ranting about his masculine drives could get in trouble in the DPRK once a party offical tells him that this shit doesn't fly there at all.

I agree, I was only half-joking. I genuinely wanna see Roo in North Korea.

I never had the effort to figure but, how many of Sargon's followers are probably bots

On Twitch and YouNow and all these asscancer platforms there are actually Saudi-Arabian people who randomly donate money to the streamers who have the highest viewers without even watching the thing

I was meaning Sargon's twitter, because it's frankly fucking easy to create a bunch of bot followers to Twitter. I don't think he has that many followers.

lol just call them saudis

Sargon doesn't have a twitter anymore though?

having money is bourgeois

true, i visit here in a public library in between honking off

cumming is bourgeois

He doesn't? When did that happen

He got permanently suspended about a month back after getting in a fight with some holocaust deniers. He then ended up doing a shitty autistic "parody" post of them where he yelled about kikes and filled with ((echoes)) that got him banned lmao

Well when you associate with rats, don't get upset when you end up in the king.

He's right faggots.

You're a dumbass who can't read for shit

improved webm with actual contemplative jazz music

Why do people give money to ecelebs period?

do it, we need some more tankie yokutubers

Why aren't you giving this bug your social security number

Sargon and the rest of the "skeptics" are nothing more than race/gender baiting faggots who are doing the jewry overlords work. It makes me sick they let the racists have a platform but any channel just goes anti-jew truth it's instaban.

I think Europe as a whole is just as much of a problem as Israel in terms of negative influence imho.


checkm8 hippocrytes

Not his own, but he's very popular on youtube.

What? I said the holocaust deniers didn't get a ban but he did

Well there’s ad revenue. How else doesSargon afford to be able to spend his entire day on the internet.

Maybe he can help North Korea get into not starving.

Rare picture of Sargon’s twitter right before ban.

That's actually odd, but anyways Sargon is still the most pompous sounding douche I may have ever heard.