Is postleft anarchy antimarket?

is postleft anarchy antimarket?

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It's a joke

why do you think so? because you dislike it?

I unironically prefer anprim to the post left

It's anti-economy

write more please

I watched a video one time about some people calling themselves an "ex workers collective" it was a privately owned building they had come into temporary possession of and they farmed stuff on one of their parents farms. I highly doubt any of them were ever workers to begin with. It made me hate the post left irrationally without ever having read the lit. Even though a post work society is the ideal society


just stop naming your work a work


damn autist



i will check this thread when i wake up

This unironically


Traffic is slow here, user, have some patience.
Also post-leftism sucks, social anarchism for life.

you did not convince me

Correct me if I'm wrong but can't you be both an anarchist-communist as well as post-left?

post post-leftism is where it's at

is hakim bay religious?

The actual solution is pre-left monarchy, that way you kickstart the present-left again hopefully without all the bullshit this time, and if that fails, third time's a charm.

No, post-leftism is explicitly anti-communist.

you mean sjw?

He was a sunni mystic (and a pedophile).
OP I read some stuff by bob black, the bookchin roast and his anti work thing. Pretty nice too bad he's a snitch

is he still sunni?
was he sentenced for posession of cp or statutory rape?

Literally how? I see Post-Leftism like Marxism, it's a critical way of analyzing anarchism's traditional relationship to history and anarchism in general. There's nothing anticommunist about it.

holy fuck the nazbol is actually right that's the ultimate dialectic

If I am not wrong he's dead m8, he has been sunni all his life tho I think. I remember he did not serve for pedophilia related stuff but he repeatedly admitted being a pederast in his writing. He even made poetry about seeing his friends son naked or some shit, pretty bad stuff

wikipedia says he is alive

Are you me?

Oh shit my bad

No trotskyism.

I don’t like post-left anarchism, but I like post-anarchist leftism.

what is that?

Google Bookchin

i know him


i know



For the most part I'd say it actually is. There is a connexion between left communists and post left anarchists too that not many talk about.

you're looking for post-leftypol, comrade

Ever notich how you never get awnsers when you ask why to the people who make shit up about post-left anarchism.

Post-left anarchy is anti economy or you can say against the spectacle of economy.

But dont ask here cause nobody here reads theory and know nothing at all about post-left anarchy or marxism or anarchism but memes only. Check this website its stuffed with posties. :3

what do you mean?