Why does Jordan Peterson have such a large following?
He basically just regurgitates Nietzsche and Jung.

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They're desperately looking for a father figure to dish out some discipline in their lives. The whole "clean your room" shtick is rather revealing.

He offers a more balanced and academic-y sounding critique of the same thing morons like PJW ramble on about like drones. He's just the equivalent of a YT "rational" with a degree, his arguments often conflate the same shit.

brainlets looking for an "intellectual" to pander to their anti-sjw sentiments. Because having a college professor bitch about blue haired tumblr feminists destroying the west has slightly more credibility than when Sargon or BPS do it.
he doesn't regurgitate Nietzsche, he butchers him.


Not gonna lie, I started to choke up.

Well he's not wrong, individual suffering a shit, but then he goes into a diatribe about the evils of muh feminism, so close yet so far…

Breath of fresh air, thank you.

Peterson completely misinterprets Nietzsche's view of Christianity. He thinks Nietzsche is in favor of Christianity/religion when in reality you don't need to look any further than Nietzsche's wikipedia page to find out that's not true. Also
Jesus christ how is this retard taken seriously as a psychologist? I feel genuinely sorry for any sap who's been treated by this fucking quack

No idea. All I know is he made an idiot outta himself when in a hangout he was asked to believed in the virgin birth. He basically didn't say shit for like 30 seconds and then said: "Well, it depends on what you mean by Jesus."

That's Peterson's main problem. He's smart enough to know God and Jesus aren't real, but dumb enough to believe that humans can't be moral or just without an invisible man watching over them at all times. It's actually a very interesting example of cognitive dissonance

Exactly. He even calls Christianity "a manual for creating and sustaining civilization". The fucking ideology of it…my gott.

They resent academia because they don't feel like they have a place for it (reaction is anti-intellectual after all). Peterson kind of remedies that for them I guess.

I dunno why they don't just read, like, Leo Strauss instead or some shit.

They bought into the "LEFTISTS ARE EVERYWHERE CONTROLLING IT ALL" narrative and perceive any "political incorrectness" to be some thundering smash against the marxist-feminist-jewish status quo.

Or something, tldr they're retarded.

because he knows his audience. he's mastered the technique of catering to petty bourgeois young men in a pretty remarkable way. appeal to "muh SJWs" hysteria + individualist "hero's journey"-type self help lectures + trying to be people's dad seems to be pretty effective at netting a nearly cultish level of following.

JP's arguments are superficially compelling, in terms of socialism leading to mass death in the 20th century and SJWs being annoying crybabies, but for him and his brainlet acolytes that's the end of political analysis, that's all there is to be said for marxism and feminism. "You just aren't that good, face it sunshine," "don't form a mob, bear your suffering like Christ," and gosh darnit, we might just make something a little less terrible than this world…yeah okay dad.

someone post that one pic of a post from this board with an image of peterson's zoomed in face where he just drones on and on about the cultural marxists and the gulag archipielago

I find it hilarious that Peterson thinks Nietzche had any tolerance for the Christian right when he absolutely despised them, even more so than any leftist.

Also, Nietzche only criticized Socialists as people, he didn't criticize the actual political economy. Something which is entirely fair, but not an actual rebuttal of Marxism.


How? Nietzche talked about nuance between good and bad while Peaterson talks about the fight between good and evil. Peeterson either hasn’t read Nietzche or doesn’t believe in him and says he does to sound smarter.

You gotta be kidding me. Either he's dumber than I thought, or being intellectually dishonest.

inb4 "quoting yourself"


Why aren't you cashing in on anti-sjw hysteria Holla Forums?

you mean this?


Mao was untidy as fuck yet he led the civil war and occupation resistance with the CPC better than anyone thought he could

cleaning your room is for brainlets

The remaining noticeable characteristic of ‘Che’ is his filth. He hates to wash and will never do so. He is filthy, even by the rather low standard of cleanliness prevailing among the Castro forces in the Sierra Maestra… He is really outstandingly and spectacularly dirty.” - CIA dossier on Che

Viva being a dirty motherfucker

Che was a manwhore. Try asking all the women he bedded how filthy he was.

It's not hard to believe imo. Anarchists are known to be filthy.

He just wanted to whore-bomb all the US and make girls rain all over but Alas! He was always ahead of his time and those people are too pruddish there anyway so it wouldn´t take

Che literally said that having more than one pair of clothes on you was a sign you were 'inexperienced' in the field.

I mean smoking a Cuban was literally banned so you know the guy was dinamite ;)

And I thought LPers and e-celebs had it easy. Now that he's making that much dough, he isn't even trying anymore. Pic related.


There's a sucker born every minute and the memeing tards on the right are full of them. He saw a moneymaking opportunity and now he brings in $60K a month just from e-begging and peddling his snakeoil. Pretty simple.

It's amazing how many huxters there are. If I could stand them, I would watch Harris and Peterson yell at each other about whose snake oil is better, but I've got fucking dignity.


🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Muh Hwite Genocide🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Don't you mean he basically just butchers Nietzsche and Jung?

why not, it would work

like islam, black/red socialism, capitalism, anarchy, monarchy, democracy.



Don't rule it out.

Now that'd be a sight.

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I'd suggest to you that Nietzsche's condemnations of 'socialism' are sympatico with Marx's criticisms of reactionary forms of 'socialism' in the Manifesto and elsewhere - that is to say, 'socialisms' based on moral sentiments, or abstract idealism. Nietzsche was completely unacquainted with Marxism, and his only exposure to 'socialism' would have been to German Kathedersozialismus, which was in fact reactionary and nationalistic in character.
Indeed, in Daybreak §89-91 Nietzsche suggests a position pretty damn close to the leftcom/orthodox Marxist view that the task of the working class is to 'abolish' itself, in the sense of overcoming the conditions that make it a working class.

Isn't literally 100% of his original following from being rude to trannies?

It's even more banal, it's college campus SJWs.

A true intellectual

I love that these reactionary incels have to latch on to these weird bourgie anti-sjw personalities. They'll enrich one grifter, move on to the next and enrich them too.
Useful idiots

That…actually makes perfect sense.


It actually makes a lot of sense, a man who can only argue in ad hominems is only going to pick up ad hominems from his influences.

His smoulder is fucking hilarious. Peterson himself is good argument against becoming a romantic, you will be as criminally lame as this frog sounding bastard.

Is anything by Jung even worth reading? Seems like one of those things like Freud where you take tidbits here and there then discard the rest.

I hate tankie "anti-imperialism" but do these people not remember when the US and Britain actually invaded and destroyed Iraq, or the current occupation of Afghanistan, or the US support of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Jesus fucking Christ.

lmao so apparently this guy is mad he can't beat women


Who is this Jordan Peterson and what's the shtick with him?

Fucking this. Nietzsche didn't celebrate the death of God but he also didn't like the righteous indignation that Christian morality gives itself.
“And that is what one does, and has always done, within every prevailing morality and religion: the reasons and intents behind habits are invented only when some people start attacking the habits and asking for reasons and intents. Here we have the great dishonesty of conservatives of all times -they are the add-on-liars” (Nietzsche, The Gay Science p. 51).

I knew this guy was stupid but jesus, he's fucking insane. He seriously deserves to be shot.

I dont get that, what do you think is "insane" in his statement?

This pic is funny because its true, woman will hardly ever have as much impact on young adult male as a other male father figure, woman will simply never get the amount of respect and awe that the father figure will get.

Just another argument against the evils of single mothers


I still dont see whats "insane" here

he's a mentally retarded liberal who pretends to be a psychologist

So is this guy like Chomsky for CHUDs? Or literally just a Youtuber 'skeptic' with a phd?

closer to the latter probably

Someone needs to literally BTFO of Peterson. He's clearly a closet sexist, which is a forbidden form of faggotry.

Figured as much.

Nothing new under the sun fam. Ever noticed how the women of the alt right tend to look like a sexist's idea of proper femininity?

Being rude to trans people, mostly.

did plebbit take over Holla Forums or something?

If Nietzsche and Jung were around, they would have large followings

Yes, there's all manner of Democratic party shilling and DNC talking points now finding their way into every thread. It started a long time ago, but it's really ramped up in the past two months.


is that why Holla Forums lost alot of unique visitors lately? The retarded shills scare normal people away and now its just a shitty echochamber?

Just trying to point out how pervasive the sexist mindset is with these people. Their ideal woman is primarily a sexual object, and their ideal man is competitive and dominant to an absurd degree. Google "proud boys" if you want to see what I'm talking about

Oh, the horror, women who look like women instead of pantransgenderqueerbiasexuals.

Can you both be against Metaphysics but enjoy Philip K Dick's body of work

Most women look like most women, which isn't a model. Similar phenomenon among men.

Why do you think it's bad for women to pursue their own standard of beauty?

I'd fuck her earhole, wouldn't kiss though.


Why do you assume I think it's bad? But you're right, it's probably bad for them if they do something and regret later, which is very well possible with disfigured ears. Other things like green hair is something they'll grow out of at some point, so it's not that bad in the long run. If they never grow out of it at least it serves as a warning sign for everyone else.

This isn't even that sexist though, he's halfway to critiquing the sexist belief that you can't hit women, but its ok to hit men.

It's not sexist, but it's funny that he thinks you can't talk to people unless there's a threat of a violence on the table.

Yes. that widely-held sexist belief.

But bleach blonde is somehow better? Also do Nazis prefer women who grimace vs women who smile?

I don't want to go to hard on your random obsession because she may or may not be a Nazi but…: Teeth too long. Nose to narrow and pointy. Too much eyebrow shaving.

More on the grimace vs smile aspect: Notice how all of her muscles are contracting to the senter of her face vs towards the tops of the cheeks and around the eyes?

ALso she's really flat.

How is the plastic surgery, botox, and bleaching that right wing women undergo any different? Most women don't naturally look like a Fox News host. It takes real effort to pursue any standard of beauty.

He was making a Rick and Morty reference.

Pretty much any relation to people that involves mental ideas is objectification to some measure.

And how did that end?

Is this frail looking Kermit the frog sounding autist really saying he likes the threat of a fight?

You can argue about post civil war Mao all you like
Doesn't change his success and leadership as a military leader

The alt-right tough guy complex is a fascinating thing. Within their echo chambers they keep reinforcing to each other how awesome violence is and how hard and tough they are and how the rest of the world deserves to be subjugated underneath their incredible strength. At the same time, they're fucking unbelievably pants-shittingly terrified of being punched by antifa, a collection of limp wristed liberal faggot commie soybois.

I would have thought what passes for an "intellectual" of their movement might not have jumped straight to violence, especially considering that he's a public figure and so everyone can see his skinny arms and hear his testosterone free androgynous voice. But apparently that tough guy posturing just an inherent, fundamental part of being the alt-right and even the "thinkers" feel the need to beat their toothpick arms against their soft chests and roar their high pitched, cracking voices to the sky.

I'm pretty sure I could whip this kermit-the-frog soundin' mother fucker' ass and I'm basically a wimp. Hell, I know I could because Peterson takes a whipping from his wife every night.

That's the funny thing about Peterson. Despite all his anti-feminist MGTOW-bait rhetoric he is still the type of guy to never go against his wife, and probably believes literal old white knight chivalry bullshit about how y-y-you must never strike a la-lady!! be kind to the fair maidens for they are but the weaker of our species!

These Christard cuckservative 'le romanticism' pseudo-intellectuals always are.

Oh my daaaaayz

It is sexist to not hit a woman when she's wrong just because of her gender.


Actually I've been contemplating starting a chapo trap house style podcast.

Huh, that explains their obsession with two-parent families and hate for single motherhood.

Jeebus Christ.

wew lad

Wow, what an academic. And this is the faggot who complains about antifa being violent?

there is no singular definition of what a """woman"" should look like

ew, why is THAT the ideal woman? looks like a jewish caricature you'd make fun of

dude can't say hi to another man on the street without threatening them with violence

wow, who could have seen that coming from this stylish gentlesir?

"Halfway" is pushing it since the best example he could come up with is a lady posting a picture of him with nazi imagery. By his own standards that should be unambiguous free speech but for some reason his first reaction is "how do I even control this crazy person?"


I keep saying reactionarism is a pathology. One day the medical sciences will vindicate me.


what a fucking asshole, why does he think he gets to control other people regardless?