The Centennial

Y'all niggas better be gettin' ready because the centennial of Red October is almost upon us. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm going to get my friends together and we're going to have a big dinner to celebrate.

Don't worry little Menshevik. Whatever the Soviet Union turned into doesn't change the fact that the Soviet experiment had a true proletarian character in its beginning. Just like the American and French Revolutions, the October Revolution is an important historical event, especially for working people, and it deserves to be celebrated.

So what are your plans to mark the day, Holla Forums?

I will be mourning a revolution betrayed.

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Big party with a keg in Los Angeles

cri evertim ;_;

We can all agree on that it was the greatest country ever and had the best national anthem ever written right

Which day are you gonna celebrate OP? Dunno which calendar to chose.

I'm reading the new October book this month and will be celebrating alone on Holla Forums, probably LARPing.
btw i'm a trot

Yes, if you don't agree with this, leave the board.

wew lad


If celebration is going to be fun, do it on both calendars.

Going to try for the date in November. Hopefully I can shore up my expenses by then.

I hope you do realize that the exact date is in November on the Gregorian calender

what a stupid post.

Mourning the fact that the bolsheviks were the ones that one instead of the other left factions. Still though the revolution is an admirable that deserves to be remebered postively in its own context, regardless of what wound up resulting from it.

Mourning the fact that leninism and its derivatives won out instead of the other leftists. Still, the revolution was an important event that deserves to be taken in its own context and admired, regardless of what ultimately resulted from it.

Which other leftists? You mean the petty socialists who wanted the bourgeois back in power?

This board is 90% succdems who slurp Menshevik cock what's fucking new

My point is leninism is a shit tier strand of marxist social and directly laid the groundwork for stalinism/marxism-leninism and by extension the model, and subsequent failures, of other M-L countries, ultimately killing any credibility for even non-authoritarian leftists in the eyes of the public.

The left is in the sad state it is because of Lenin, just as much as Stalin.



Man is that sentence at the bottom, I wouldn't call Trump a radical though.

Two of those people aren't socialists and Lenin has "killed" the least.

shitty fake Cyrillic makes me want to slit my wrists

That's not very dialectical, comrade.