/britleftypol/ - P45 edition

Just realised I've been talking to myself on last thread that has hit bump limit. Theresa May has just been handed a P45 during one of the biggest speeches of her career.

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google.co.uk/search?q=british people&client=firefox-b&dcr=0&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjp4JvY2tzWAhWMJsAKHWZuBpIQ_AUICigB&biw=1408&bih=693

For people outside the UK, a P45 is what you get when you get sacked/fired.

May is dying on the stage, can't get two sentences out without choking.


Is that even possible? Is she definitively gonna leave Downing Street for good now?

It's fake


Yeah mate all you need to do to get fired is to have some rando run up to you with a P45 and if you take it off them you're sacked.


I love how it just floats into frame like something off spongebob and she just kinda takes it.

Is it bad this actually made me like her a little more, she wasn't like OMG SECURITY BEAT HIM like Trump probably would, she was just 'okay, thanks, very good, please go now'

You have exceptionally low standards.

quite the achievement

geez i'm not saying she's good or anything. Just that this is a kinda 'now watch this drive' situation

This is really not her day.



Thought the last thread was a cyclical so I would have sat there for hours on me todd.

Shit just made me start laughing at my work desk. Only way it could have been better was if the sign said strong and stable.

Butthurt much?

isn't /britleftypol/ cyclical?


The old one was but not the recent one.

I can tell you what happened there, he walked up and gave it to her.

They're just mad as fuck he breached security with what's likely a bit of social engineering. It'll likely get thrown out and they're just having a little tantrum over him blowing them the fuck out.

The absolute state of the Tories right now.

For us non-Bongs here: what mechanisms are there that could trigger an election right now? Because Corbyn seems to be waiting on the wings but he's at the mercy of fate bringing an early election.

Polite sage since we already have a /britleftypol/ thread.


Pretty sure it's at the bump limit.

If the Tories continue to spiral into chaos then the party could kick her out of leadership, this could be done by either the Mogg or Johnson faction. Another would be if the DUP refused to help them with anything, essentially making them a zombie government and leaving them with no option as their popularity will continue to decline when that happens, and I assume it would start to freefall at a point of crisis. They could spring one on Labour when they've dragged Brexit out to the point of being impossible to achieve in hopes of burdening them with it. Immediately after her speech some in the media were calling for her resignation like the Observer. Johnson is also being pressured to quit by several Tories, Labour, the Lib Dems and the EU itself, and being the opportunistic little shit he is he would be best served trying to coup May, lose an election, and be opposition leader against a Corbyn government.

Learn basic board functions.

Okay then, btw did anyone else here the tories are cutting ties with ALL of their university groups?

Didn't hear of it but it wouldn't surprise me after the shitshow that they were for a couple of weeks.
The interview with the guy from activate is top tier satire even though it's real.


I love how the guy just kind of lurks around at the bottom having a chat with top tories whilst the security sit about awkwardly.

He's bullying Boris and giving him the thumbs up, security didn't have a clue and probably thought he was handing up a sheet of the speech.

More bants from twitter.


do you lads think the BBC does this on purpose to make normies hate Labour and leftism?

The BBC is full of Blairites who are desperately trying to get in with the kids a'la BBC 3 but don't realise it isn't 1996 anymore and occassionally spouting identity politics while supporting military intervension which ironically kills thousands of little brown kiddies looks fucking daft

I don't know what you're getting at.

The BBC is jam packed with Tories.

Tories confirmed greenskin gitz

BBC shill detected

Pay the fee.

havent in 20 years

That's what I said Blairites

The vans will get you one day.

I have this pretty basic image, sure I had a better one before.

yeah but they still produce garbage like the webm i posted that doesn't help leftism at all

The real redpill is that the Murdoch tabloids meme the BBC as being pro-Labour/'lefty' to create an illusion of opposition when they're secretly mates with the savile broadcasting corporation

Just a see of grey hair. The Tory's are probably going to all be dead come next election

I mean, is it inaccurate? I don't even care enough to check.

Apparently they die off at a rate of 2% a year due to how much they alienate younger voters.



This is a thing not for the MPs but for the members. The tories now have have fewer members than the lib dems & the SNP individually (back under Thatcher they were 33% larger than labour). Now they have just ejected all university soc members by dissolving links: they have a real manpower problem.

that was easy


holy shit I'm dying

Jezza really has turned the Conservative party into the biggest JUST factory in the world.

Whoops, left on my shitposting flag.

almost feel bad for laughing





"building a country that works for everyone" ?? Is this not a straight rip off of "For the many, not the few" ?

Shouldn't it be neither strong nor stable?

As another poster has said, the Tory parter have been turned into a JUSTorium for the mundane. They're pretty much copying Labour at every opportunity now, here are a few other attempts they made

Yeah some Tory pointed this out on twitter when it was first posted like they had the real victory because of this.

Reminder that Frida literally fucked Trotsky

well at least the split up probably went smoothly


Jesus man, I was just trolling and you got baited.

So May getting purged triggers an election instead of, say, the Tories just appointing the replacement? What if she resigns?

The thing is there are some in the tory party that WANT a Corbyn government because "he will fuck shit up so much that he will lead to perpetual tory government for another decade" or something along those lines.


Burger checking in. How fucking awful is Britain?

I know I shit on it a lot personally but it gets the job done really. Rather live here than over there.


Britain can be summed up in this chart.
Our way of doing things is almost always the best (mostly because everyone else is shit), but it's somehow still a miserable place that will suck the life out of you and send you to an early (probably self-inflicted) grave.

Privatised rail is shit
New Zealand does democracy better


UK: Corbyn ally John McDonnell declares Labour’s mission is to “stabilise capitalism” wsws.org/en/articles/2017/10/05/mcdo-o05.html

Is this wooswoos being trots and denouncing others as pseudo-left for out of context quotes, or are they right on this?

it's the anglo skull shape

Combo of him being crypto and wsws being autistic

Is that even a thing?

John "All is for all" McDonnell is hyper crypto. He is also an economic accelerationist (in the sense of using the productive forces of capitalism to bring around post-scarcity). But regardless he is still a marxist and seeks the abolition of capitalism as an entity.


~19th Century Anthropology

yes, that's the joke

No sadly the NHS is too good at keeping these cunts alive

actually since the election it's been live, like a fog has lifted

Soon this meme will be wrong…

American reaction vs civilised.


god i wish she'd wear that hat irl

Can Labour just do a new referendum when they come to power?

No way brexit would win again.

i think it was a joke tbh

1. Why does everyone in the British Commonwealth and USA assume that everyone, including their next door neighbor, is a pedophile?

2. Why is everyone in the British Commonwealth and USA so prudish against nudity and immature with it to the point that it's always viewed sexually?

3. Why does the British Commonwealth tax alcohol so much? Why are the British/Australian/Canadian political class so puritanical against alcohol consumption? In most of continental Europe and Mexico you can buy beer for half the price that it is in the UK since they barely even tax it.

Pic unrelated, it's one of the first google image search results I get from searching "british people"

didn't someone basically get the shit kicked out of him by security just for having a hammer and sickle flag at a trump rally?

Yeah but the EU is full of dull German pensioners living in the 80s who won't just die and they would never allow anything as lit as FALC.
Leaving the EU will probably lead to fascism as it's a type of revolution and one that will inevitably fail, but communism is still a decent possibility.

Because they probably are. But seriously, the tabloid media is hysterical and most people are dumb and don't factor in the statistics into their reaction
In the UK it's a hangover from Victorian England, no idea about the US.
Because Brits have no sense of self control when it comes to alcohol.



fully automated luxury communism

In my opinion the only way we have a chance if the whole of the European working class bands together and fights.

What does it even matter if a german airport strikes when a belgian one is right there?

Only if it stands together will it stand a chance against the attacks on it that will be inevitable.

But if there were europe wide strikes the EU wouldn't help us.
They would probably just set up an EU wide strike busting entity.
It's a business arrangement first and foremost.


Lol They hate corbyn and McDonnell. Hell even had the pleasure of speaking to one of the WSWS reporters at the rally last sunday.

He interviewed a momentum member in order to rubbish them. The guy interviewed was obviously a hipster that likes corbyn and not a fucking socialist. Ignore them.

Yanis Varoufakis has said numerous times that we need to stabilise capitalism before being able to progress forward away from it

The EU is bad and is incompatible with leftism.

This tbqh. Would probably be the best for us if the Tories stay in long enough to take the fall while still leaving Labour with enough to clean up.

The absolute best would be if the EU bent the knee at the last second after Labour got power, and dropped its insane racket by renouncing its kooky neolib program (privatization, deregulation, austerity, mass immigration, enlargement into the 3rd world, etc.). But of course France or Germany are the only ones who could pull something like that off, and since Germany has once again proven itself cucked beyond belief, the only chance the EU has to save itself is Melancheon's potential victory in France.

And now the tories are trying to coup May: all in a good days work, who is ready for the November election?


interesting article by john pilger

I look forward to Prime Minister Selfie ending up having to deal with somebody who has a spine.



The actual fuck are you on about mate?
google.co.uk/search?q=british people&client=firefox-b&dcr=0&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjp4JvY2tzWAhWMJsAKHWZuBpIQ_AUICigB&biw=1408&bih=693

Google tend to personalize the results of your search according to prior searches and browsing habits, it is very possible that the first results can differ from one user to another.

>it's one of the first google image search results I get from searching "british people"
Remember Google bases search results on the history of a user's past searches

So to get results like my search history would have to consist of variations of people watching other people having sex?

Quoi? Last time I checked neither Macron nor Lindner were running as the leader of a major british political party.

top kek

Who's gonna tell him?

I was referring to Trudeau.

In 1993, 55% of the UK population believed that unemployment benefits were too low.
By 2011 this was down to 19%

In 1993 about 22% of the UK population believed that unemployment benefits were too high and discouraged work
In 2011 this was up to about 62%

The two immediately swapped positions upon the election of the Blair government, despite the absence of any increase in payments, the maintenance of the Major-era JSA reforms (i.e. replacing the relatively relaxed dole regime of

You're mistaking high-alcohol taxes for opposition to alcohol. In the USA this might be the case but in the UK binge drinking is a beloved national tradition. It gets taxed to insane levels for a few reason. Mainly the government just being price-gouging shits that know people are going to pay for it regardless of how much it costs because drinking is literally the only social activity. Another is that drinking related problems put massive amounts of pressure on the NHS and if drink was even more affordable a lot of poor people would certainly just drink themselves to death.

Most of the good shit in Labour's manifesto is opposed by the EU and EU law. The EU would stand in staunch opposition to nationalising the railways and more or less forbids state involvement in energy markets. Not to mention the freedom of movement of labour the EU insists on which robs workers of their power to negotiate or unionise if employers know they can just hire some Romanian lad instead who won't complain if you pay below minimum wage and make them work 55 hours a week.The EU is a neoliberal cancer that stands in complete opposition to socialist principles and deserves to be attacked, which is why Jezza has been a Brexiteer from the start.

Heh, it's like the neoliberals with a human face are all the same. :thonkong:

What pisses me off most about this is that the opposite is stated over and over again by journos - but have you ever actually attempted to fact check any of it? It's a complete fucking nightmare. The archive is a piece of shit, it's all labeled obscurely, and everyone is such a little shit they've realised it's easier to tell 20 fibs than a single certain truth.
It is pretty telling that the one paragraph or so that gets dragged up all the time does prevent nationalisation if you take it incredibly literally (to the degree that on the first several readings it's not apparent), but this is always glossed over.

so if neolibs think nationalising banks is bad it's probably the correct thing to do

Kek, my comment on this from yesterday was deleted because I called Ben Chu a hack for ignoring the DWP implementation of nudge theory which was the most widely known and negative use of it and inferring that he was on the payroll of a think tank.
Really makes you think.

Does anyone have a PDF of Labour's 1997 manifesto?

I can find the full text, but I'm looking for a scan.

Tried making a comment using the same account
Considering there are morons giving people abuse every day on there, it seems to pretty much vindicate the position that the Independent writing team has members on think tank payrolls.
Not to mention

Corbyn: Listen, there isn’t going to be another referendum, so it’s a hypothetical question.
Butthurt liberals BTFO

Has anyone seen the BBC programs about the october revolution and russia this week? How were they?

I watched the start of one and it was filled to the brim with ideology. However they had some decent people in it like Tariq Ali.

labour are up to something, all their pdfs are 404ing.

can't even get a copy of for the many not the few.

How do we force an early election lads desu ka?

Honestly not much but wait. If anyone had anything that could get a few Tory mp's to resign and so force a bi elections that could lead to another General election. Luckily for us Brexit is tearing the Tory's apart so there could be one within a year

Jeremy Corbyn: Let workers control robots
Robots in the workplace should be owned and controlled by workers rather than bosses, Jeremy Corbyn will suggest.

He's fuckin doing it bucko. Hopefully he can actually get this shit implemented when he gets in.

petite bourgeoisie as fuck


Good job out houses are made of bricks unlike those damned yanks. If any burgers lurk here why do you build your houses out plywood and pritt sticks?

Yeah I'm just fucking around. The expected damage is some power outages and a loss of roof tiles.


I hope we're next to eachother on the commie list lads.




United Kingdom will become United Federation.

any of you bongs read this

Christ, what a cunt. Vast numbers of people will be rendered destitute but that's okay because MUH CULTURE!

People like him are the reason we need gulags.

Has this guy been living under a rock?

TBH, the idea that there will be no deal, and a gigantic disruption to trade will occur, strikes me as unlikely verging on politically impossible.

Actually must confess that despite the bits I dislike, There's a slightly positive undertone I see in such a vision. (Although the bits I dislike mean I must write it off wholesale. "Left bleating about austerity", "NHS skeleton service", etc.)

I'm increasingly convinced that destroying the City of London's economy would in the medium run be beneficial for the entire UK. (I think I've also read "kick the cosseted lower middle class" as "kick the Tory voters who've been protected" rather than the presumably implied "kick the Labour voters who've dodged the worst of it by sheer luck.", and I'm very willing to kick those Tory voters because I can't abide middle-middle upper-middle class "Fuck you, I've got mine.")

Which brings me to a second mental note that I might've made before: Despite the general cultural view of Thatcher as something akin to a force of nature, a plague that descended and fucked up this country, it must be remembered that millions of people voted for her when considering the nature of Britain. It would be tempting to take everything from those sorts of people, even if it was simply to balance out economic disaster rather than fund prosperity for those they stood on top of. I've almost come to be a direct advocate for "if the rich get poorer and we stay the same, that is a real gain because inequality is depressing."

Although showing my own little "fuck you I've got mine", a major personal concern about Britain becoming a total backwater is that it would make it harder to emigrate.

Technically the recession itself only exists when growth is negative iirc.

A yes, nothing bad going on in Yugoslavia in 1998, no valid reason at all for world powers to get involved

Most of this article is quite good, but the author has drank a bit too much tankie koolaid

Is there a video of Corbyn's cooperative party conference speech? I want to have a clip of the bit where he says

Is it not on YouTube? I actually was at the conference (I bloody made a thread and no one cared). I have the video if you're interested.

Someone finally uploaded a video, but AFAIK this is the only one on youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=0QJn6jBgmS8
His delivery wasn't as meme-worthy as I was hoping, so I don't need the video personally.


A recession is defined as at least two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. But by that definition we were only in recession between Q2 2008 and Q2 2009 but obviously in common parlance we refer to "the recession" as the near decade long period of low growth, low wages, underemployment, low productivity, rising living costs and austerity that we're still feeling the sting of today.

Is it worth getting involved with the coop party? I am already a Labour member so…

Anyone here actually on Universal Credit? Is it as shit as people are saying?

I've been on it for the past couple of months. It's shit, but I think i've been one of the lucky ones in that I've just about managed to pay rent/attend meetings/etc. Absolutely no help with actually getting a job, but still.

Some of the stories I've seen and heard have been grim though. Single parents going without money for months at a time, a guy who went to my jobcentre who was working part-time got put under sanctions because of an admin error by someone else and ended up homeless, saw a quite seriously disabled guy break down in tears after being told an appeal (although I'm not sure what for) was rejected. A friend of mine works at the local council in the homeless + sheltered housing unit and has dealt with a fair amount of people who have had to register for emergency temporary housing after being unable to pay rent because of issues with Universal Credit. The fact it's paid monthly rather than weekly/bi-weekly apparently fucks people over massively.

I never experienced jobseekers allowance or anything prior to Universal Credit so I can't really compare it to any previous benefit, but from my experience taking it at face value and talking with others on it, the whole thing seems rotten.

Saw some Tory cunt on the news earlier say that having to wait 6+ weeks with absolutely no income is 'empowering' for claimants, because it gets them used to budgeting for the 'real world', which sort of sums up their approach to the whole thing.

Sounds as shit as people are saying then. When I was unemployed I was never old enough to go on the dole so I can't say I have experience with any of the systems. From what family friends have said even the jsa was absolutely shit compared to what they used to have when my dad was on it decades ago.

yeah it's worth noting that before JSA, a common joke was that the Department of Social Security (now DWP) was the biggest funder of the arts in the country since it was easy enough to get dole that they could do that while waiting to get big.
(It's blamed on Blair in pic related, but it was technically introduced by Major at the last minute in 1996. Blair just kept rolling it out and threw in gimmicks like the "new deal"


We will overlook these minor indiscretions. Glory to Arstozka

good article, thank you based pilger



Double checked. This graph confirmed to be the truth.

Yes of course you're right, but unfortunately we live in a world where John Redwood is an MP and David Davis is in charge of Brexit. These are people with a very tenuous connection to the real world.

Found this - especially the part about Harry Potter - to be side-splitting as well as interesting.



I love being Scottish sometimes

Everything is shit. Can't wait to leave the UK.

What's with taking hostages recently? The guy in the cinema was a berk who should have told them to put the air ambulance on the roof. Then he would really have been acting as deep in the shit as he was.

That picture is not from a science book, it's from an Harper's magazine publication with racist stereotypes.

Where would you go to? I've been thinking about learning Spanish just incase I get particulary fucked off with this place in the future.

So got the email about the new NEC elections: has momentum put forth any of /ourlads/ to support yet?

What do you lads think about /britpol/ on 4chan

It can be pretty good sometimes, usually past midnight when it's a bit quieter, you get some good discussions from less rabid posters.


Ask and ye shall receive.


Seriously though where the fuck is this full list.

Any indication of who's likely to win Scottish Labour leader?
really hard to tell since they don't seem to be polling and the internal culture (and indeed membership figures) for scottish labour are all over the place.

This shit is so funny to me.

Richard is ahead with the trade unionists and entryists, members favour Anas though.

Ngl I am hard as diamonds rn.

There are only 3 spots, I assume they are putting three forward then.

The Premier League was a mistake.

I dont know about the entryists. Any snp supporter with a brain would join labour and vote for Sarwar because of how unelectable he is.

Better than fuckin' international football.

Is the UK govt really falling apart? Is it really as dysfunctional as reported?

Less dysfunctional more just unmoving and undoing it's a zombie government without the power to do anything.
Everyone's just waiting around for the next election to be called, or at least that's what it feels like

how in the fuck do I change my email address on labour membersnet?

This lovely woman whos running for NEC bragged about purging lefties from member applications to labour.

good. labour should only recruit nazbols

I'm talking about the trots lad.

/sp/ during international break is the worst

Tories are a mess

All it seems to do is injure the players for the club football that most people care about.

oh okay, but it looks dysfunctional from the outside, just saying

nothing will happen, the tories are the party of degeneracy and double standards

Daily reminder

always wish there were more variants of that image since it's clearly skewed towards a sort of synthesis of Holla Forums and general public opinion, meaning some of the things positively assigned to Callaghan aren't really all that great or notable, like criticising labour's defence spending plans in 1983.

love the design of the evil thatcher thing though. that's bona-fide art.

Rorkes get out

Fuck Maggie and James tbh

When I was in school we had a textbook for political history with Thatcher on the front and once I accidentally left it in the common room. When I found it again later someone had completely covered the front in shit like that. Devil horns, sharp teeth, I think they somehow illustrated her snatching milk as well.

But that's bad.

Something about shit companies and especially government agencies doing shit like this really creeps me out

It's just PR

yeah obviously, but it's a way of subtly normalising something people should be very wary of. it's not normal that this is so open. unthinkable 20 years ago.

Saw a load of commie stuff down a side street in Liverpool today. Like big pictures of Lenin with banners and other shit but no one was actually there. Anyone know what it was?

I'd a agree if I didn't think most people were completely oblivious to the surveillance and won't care till in infringes on their comfort.

I don't, but there has been a drive from a lot of far-left groups in Manchester recently: Trots, tankies and even anarcho-syndicalists putting up posters everywhere and having stalls.

Is it just be or is the alt-right style stuff that's happening everywhere else doesn't seem to be taking off here while the far-left is?

I know (relatively speaking) shitloads of communists and anarchists but I have yet to meet a real alt-righter. Are they just all in the closet or what?

No it's because it happened in the UK first: the rise of the BNP from 2008-2010 was exactly what is happening in the rest of the world now. The UK jumped a few steps, so we are experiencing the hard left surge that most nations will hit in a few years time.

I mean look at that, Nick Griffin was spouting off about all this "identity" shit well before Richard had pubes above his dick, It peaked, it died. Then it turned from alt-right to RWP in the form of UKIP, but that has ended its own existence. Now we are on the hard left surge the world has been expecting, and we are the vanguard of it.

The lefties are leading the NEC elections so far. CLP nominations per candidate:
Dar 21
Garnham 20
Lansman 18
Izzard 9
Baxter 8
Singh Josan 7
Dar, Garnham and Lansman are the lefties, Lansman is a real bennite too so hes good and there are 3 spots open so he should make it in if the trend continues.


The march of entryism continues.

Are there any good right wing - ie Conservative party related podcasts/videos etc out there, not like far right stuff. I want to find out what they talk about, and how they think just to get a handle on their world view a bit more.
I mean I struggle to think what their purpose is apart from a opposing socialism just because.

what's that meant to be a picture of?

Look what I found a copy of. Looks like the May government will be collapsing soon.

Conservative Home and Conservative Woman are decent outlets. They also do reporting on internal party affairs.

Holy shit fucking RIP.

At least we have confirmation of what's really going on in the minds of people spamming gay and cuckold porn all the time now.

What's with tories and being complete and utter perverts?

bourgeois depravity

You could NOT make this shit up! What the actual fuck! Whoever's writing the script is taking the piss at this stage

Where's this from?
At first this was my favorite because odd could mean anything but then I saw

Tbf, most of this is just embarrassing, but Dan Poulter is fucked mate. RIP some rando wank 1922 safe seater.


WAIT SHIT Damian Green was on Ashley Madison.

Found it by digging around on twitter, since redacted versions existed in the press I figured someone would be posting the full version somewhere.

more teary eyed

One: Czech'ed
Two: tbh lad you are a hero. This has to be spread around more tbh. What is like the original source? Is this someone's journo work? An internal tory party list? I mean it seems like it is ust dodgy stuff, not explicitly sexual since Liam Fox's link to Adam Werritty is there too (unless they are suggesting they shagged).

not him but Liam Fox is almost certainly a closeted fag

Where's the redacted versions?

It's compiled by researchers in the Tory party, which is why they feature so prominently and there's bits of harmless gossip on the list. Given this is only just researchers and May has just a couple of hours ago been accused of covering up historic child sex abuse this could get very heated, as the intelligence services, police, military top brass, media and political establishment are implicated in this particular scandal.
As I just loaded up the Mirror to go find the transcripts of PMQ's where this video happened at 12:40 I see it has now been kicked up to the Mirror's headline while I was typing this reply out.

The S*n and Guido Fawkes. Guido fully redacted and The S*n with the majority blacked out. The press can only publish stuff they can put a name to the claim on. At least when they're accusing someone with power, that is.

Well a lot of shit is coming out of MPs sexually harassing Journos (both men and women).

And yeah with the accusation stuff, they need to avoid liabil lawsuits so they have to have a name and a source that is not them. Random wanks on Formosan hieroglyphic sharing communities don't however.

Also Chris Skidmore* has [redacted] under this. Considering that there is some weird kinky shit on this list, I am expecting something actually pretty fucking bad.

*These fucking names man

One is already denying it.

It says Inappropriate with females (redacted) not Inappropriate with females + [redacted] so I assume one of the people who drafted up the initial copy has taken their own name out of it. It's funny that getting pissed on by three guys is not classed as odd behaviour though so it should be interesting to see what that odd behaviour is.

Well they probably don't know, just that "they ask someone to do kinky shit".

It's heating up.

You lads better come for a pint with me there when the revolution comes.

Wait, I've been there.

No wait, I thought it was the pub that has the "voting bells" installed, nvm.

Still, holy shit, this could bring down the gov.

Lads, seriously, this economy is hellish.


Btw this is Michael "first strike is what I like" Fallon.

Michael Fallon has resigned as Defence Secretary, saying his behaviour in the past may have "fallen short" in the wake of harassment allegations swirling around Westminster.

Harassment is bad and all but what's with all this christcuck slut-shaming.

Family values parties get judged by family values.

Oh, that didn't even cross my mind.

Is Theresa may england's jeb bush?

Nah, that's Tim Farron.

Sadly it's a safe seat so no gains to be made but still good.

More of a Gerald Ford

Apparently he has only stood down as Defense Sec, not as an MP.

i always suspected he was a wrongun after his bizarre attacks on corbyn

Eh he always just struck me as a military fanboi and was triggered by Corbyn's anti-imperialism.

can the Tories honestly get more JUST than the past year? Theresa May needs to be mercy killed at this point

hopefully this scandal kills off their senile pensioner fanbase

It's mighty great fun.

Family values are unironically important. Sluts out tbqh.

Check 'em