I'm done

How do you guys remain sane? Whats the fucking point of anything? We cant fucking change anything. Engulfing nihilism is the only response to modernity as far as I can see. Everyone has dissociated into ancillary activities, disillusionment is the discourse

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www2.hawaii.edu/~freeman/courses/phil360/16. Myth of Sisyphus.pdf

Nope. There's an ethics that is grounded in objectivity; a beacon of meaning in an increasingly meaningless world.

calm down there camatte

nihilism is an ideological vacuum that cannot sustain itself, something will have to come in its wake

I don't understand.

What is the problem, OP?

By laughing at the absurdity of it all. Life is a lot more fun when you don't take it seriously.

what? no, that doesn't exist

Stirner never said morality was subjective.
he just believed that the individual had a means of determining morality by himself, unlike religion where it's completely arbitrary because it's written by a decrepit man with a complex.

stop being a whiny liberal


stop being the lame kind of nihilist
and become the fun kind of nihilist


why should anything have a point? why do you want things to have meaning? why do you want to change anything? isn't the world weird and strange enough as it is? what do you want? why do you want?

There's a difference between ethics and morals.

www2.hawaii.edu/~freeman/courses/phil360/16. Myth of Sisyphus.pdf

Read this. Its 24 pages. I hope it helps.

I don't. Five different psych meds just barely do.

I lurk on discord servers where I'm too much of an autistic pussy to talk to anyone

Talk to me friend. Ill be nice to you.



These threads should be banned.


I do stuff that I like, being active in sports team or something helps you to focus on achieveable goals that aren't political.

Alternatively, become a Maoist-Third Worldist that gives you actually resistence movements you can root for, communism in the first world is dead

your goals are ancillary activities though to numb your brain, and you're vicariously supporting revolutionary movements half way across the world.

(I do this aswell)

this. we might have been close to it at one point.



what did he mean by this

Why are we still here?

the subject can discover morality, he can't determine it

I don't.
There isn't one.
That's where you're wrong.

ur spooking me fam

That's right up there with the happy hooker and the jolly monk.

You big dummy, we don't change the world, we accelerate its demise.


do NOT promise anyone hope you garbage person, do NOT promote objectivity, gtfo you alien type of shitposter

Is it actually revitalizing itself?

you can't stop dialectics.

Getting people to laugh is the easiest thing in the world. Being the bringer of depression will get you excommunicated real quick if you can't do it with a joke.