Jimmy "Arm with nukes the Proles" Dore has finally gained Class Consciousness

He has finally reach class consciousness. And help out our comrade with the reading material he requested.

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Not usually on the Dore train, but that was a pretty funny segment. Weren't we trying to get RDW on his show? How's that going?

Didn't work, would require a second round probably.

I swear he mentioned the spectre of communism over Europe on his show last week, and he keeps bringing up the dustbin of history a lot lately…Remember when you had to edit Jimmy's vids to make him sound like /ourguy/?

America values your right to arm yourself with military grade weapons over your right to affordable healthcare. Let that sink in.

Don’t knock guns. Both healthcare and guns are good, it’s only retarded reactionaries and doc dems who think people should have to choose betweeen the two

Oh, I ain't a gun control shill. We can't throw stones at the lineup of porkies when their backs are against the wall on The Day Of The Prole after all. I'm just saying if as many burgers had a healthcare plan as there are guns in circulation on their nation's streets it might be a halfway sane country.

Why are we caring about this guy again?

When it resorts to extreme violence to save itself in a time of crisis it's a symptom of fascism, yes

Capitalism uses extreme violence as part of its daily operation.

Not incorrect.


And you know, Jimmy, I also think thing is bad.

The other two really are kinda useless huh.

The dude is super useless, he's just a whiny liberal, she is at least funny sometimes and Jimmy plays off of her for comic effect once in a while.


Dore is a fucking SUCCdem, and a counter-revolutionary one in addition. See his video where he openly advocates for disarming the proles above. His idea of "revolution" is electing Bernie Sanders, and Sanders is also his idea of socialism. And so, obviously, trying to twist his words to make him sound like "/ourguy/" is going to be just like trying to quote mine Sanders to make him sound like fucking Lenin or some shit. Even if now he's shitting on capitalism and dropping more radical sounding hints, he's fundamentally a SUCCdem through and through.

"Arm the Poor"

Yeah, both are trash. Jimmy works best off the camera anyway, as his facial expressions are great for comedic effect.

burger spotted. Gun regulation is not the same as they're gonna take away all our guns.

No it just means they make it so expensive and annoying to try and get at a gun that nobody who is working class can be bothered. The rich still have access though.

In my state they ban fucking tasers, not even the ones that shoot out the prongs. The fuck? Someone going to go on a mass tasering murder spree? You can kill like one person with a taser if you try really fucking hard.

and yeah, thats bullshit. But for example the gun shows you have in the US, where you can legally buy guns without any paper work or tracable documentation, thats just bullshit. I am strongly pro-gun rights, but also pro-gun regulations. In the case of revolution, nobody will give a shit about the regulations, while before I'd prefer not to get shoot by some retarded kid due to lack of gun saftey

You can't legally buy guns from a gunshow without any paper work or documentation, Hillary. And whatever gun regulations you put in place the rich will be able to ignore with bribes, it's just poor people you're disarming fucktard.

As usual non-burgers are more familiar with US law than burgers. And you just described a problem inherent in capitalism, such issues can't be solved in Capitalism. You could bribe them for anything, and don't really think the rich care about gun ownership nearly as much as they care about gun ownership for their security employees.

Yes, Hillary, I know you like having armed guards protecting you while talking about how poor people can't be trusted with guns. That's why no one believes you.

I love you. You are the perfect satire of yourself.

Closing the "loophole" would have prevented exactly zero mass shootings and almost certainly an utterly negligible about of normal crime.

No it wouldn’t. The problem with America is hyper-alinationand cultural commercialization which causes huge mental issues. (this is why when you see burgers on the internet they act retarted) Pollution and unhealthy food which causes physical health problems. (It isn’t a coincidence that burgers have insane asthma rates) And environmental destruction and poor land usage which is from corporate farms buying up all the small farms then doing corn monoculture for fifty years with insane leaves of pesticide. All caused by capitalism™

No, the parody is liberals.

citation. Yeah, I'd believe the mass shootings part, but not the normal crime part.

It means that it will be much harder and more expensive to get a gun. So this means Porky will have guns but prols won’t which is the only thing worse then a complete gun ban.

exactly, working class as a whole. There is no reason for example to allow mentally handicapped people to own guns, while at the same time there is no reason to prevent a mentally healthy person from owning a gun. I am against disarming the working class just as much, but you realise that doesn't mean everybody needs to own a gun? 1 worker with 2 arms can arm himself and another prole. Having a small population of people who'd be dangerous to fellow proles disarmed, like police and mentally handicapped people, is no problem as long as the working class as a whole has an easy enough access on a mass level to it. Strongly agree on the guns are intentionally to expensive part.

Read ->

The majority of guns bought to commit crime are done by straw purchases in a small number of private gun stores that are fully aware that a criminal is going to be getting the gun.

And wouldn't having guns registered, similar to how you register a car, prevent this? If a straw purchase happened here, and anyone was caught with that gun or just the gun itself found, it be easily traceable. Such small things are practical for petty crime, and also nice, since they become irrelevant in the case of a revolution. Again, strongly pro-gun rights, but a few regulations are really useful.

They already DO trace it back to where it was sold because FFL's have to keep records of their serial numbers. They KNOW who is selling the weapons. They KNOW who is getting the weapons.

They absolutely could just stop it. They just don't give a single flying fuck about protecting your lives.

ah oh, get the picture now. Ok, you convinced me.

He used the phrase "dustbin of history" last week. I think he was winking at us. Like when Stefan says he has been up for fourteen days and eighty eight hours.

Maybe in Monoco, but in the heart of an empire no way.

Most people who own those guns aren’t criminals though.

I didn't say that. I said that criminals are getting their guns through licensed dealers who know that they're selling to gun traffickers.

tbh i think a lot of libs are just against guns because they see them as provincial and low-class. regionalism and classism seems to be near universal among bourgeois libs.

even a lot of well-intentioned ex-lib socdem types (possibly like jimmy) seem to be thrown by the idea that the far left is pro-gun. they seem to think that because socialist are further left than liberals, socialists must be like super liberals. everything liberals are for but more. they don't seem to understand that liberalism and socialism are different philosophies with different attitudes to a number of important issues, including the role of violence.

Right to bear arms is an issue dating back through all of civilization, medicine as something so useful it's an indispensable right is a very recent phenomenon.

Here's hoping that Jimmy "Fuck earth, save me posadas" Dore is really just hiding his power level.

Can someone make a webm of this part?

Here’s the article Jimmy was talking about.
Share it with anyone you know who read’s WaPo.

I just like how he says "hang the bankers" is a good name.



can someone turn this into a .mp4

glasses girls are the best

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Hwere’s the hangthebankers.com article. hangthebankers.com/washington-post-cia-spread-fake-news/

Install mpv

Here’s the archived version.

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Both of them occasionally remind Jimmy of a point he forgot to make because he was too distracted by how bullshit something else was. They balance him out.