Question about whiteness

Are Persian Jews "white" by postmodern academia standards? I say this as someone from Los Angeles who knew many Persian Jews, and can confirm that even though most of them are dark-skinned and indistinguishable from Persian/Iranian Muslims they are overwhelmingly pro-Zionist and supportive of imperialist (Neocon) foreign policy and also boujee as fuck (most of them live in West LA, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Malibu, the good parts of the San Fernando Valley, and the like). So even though they may look like PoC, mentally they are no different from your average rich white guy.

I say the same thing about the Gusanos in Florida: are they PoC because they're Latino, or "white" because they support continued Amerikkkan imperialism towards Cuba?

What about Christian Lebanese like those in Methuen/Lowell, Massachusetts who always vote Republican and are some of the biggest Arab Zionists around? Should we count them as "Arab" just because they have the Arab ethnicity, or is race as mental as it is outwardly physical?

You're stepping into some dangerous territory.

None of them are white. High European content castizos from Cuba are the only ones who may conceivably be considered white.

Not really. This is a topic which frequently comes up in most Critical Race Theory discourse, i.e. the topic of assimilation and how particular groups receive whiteness by going along with the status quo.

By your logic black republicans aren't really people of color either.

You can tell that they're not really white. I dunno why it would matter though.

Whiteness is the primary contradiction.

imperialism = white

When they step out on the street do they get treated like a white person.

I think they get treated like every other darker skinned Caucasian. Most people can't tell the difference between Persian Jews, Armenians, and just plain old Arabs.

if they don't get treated like they're white then guess what: they're not white

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if they're zionists then they're automatically enemies regardless of race.

This. You can recognize certain people as reactionary or having shitty politics all while realizing they face discrimination on certain grounds.

Was Maggie Thatcher a woman? Is Thomas Sowell black? There are a lot of right-wing Muslims too (including Palestinians).

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nobody is white

who the fuck cares? turbo porkies, zionists, uncle toms and arab royals get the bullet first

That is white by american standards

idiotic new-world term by idiotic muh-hurritage-new-worlders. "caucasian" is even worse though.

Jews are white
Most but not all Latinos are white (almost all of them have some percentage spanish heritage and spain is a white country, I consider them white based on either appropriate bone structure or if this isn't distinguishable, half or more blood relation to spain)
Arabs are usually white, in spite of skin tone in some cases
(Note: I'm using white as a term that's interchangeable with caucasoid- they're the same for all intents and purposes and white strictly as a skin tone is flawed as even amongst white skin there's differentiation. However, unless you're strictly interested in the anthropology, I'd not worry about human morphology)


Why not just re-educate them?


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