Is it possible to be a good Marxist while being opposed to gay marriage?

Is it possible to be a good Marxist while being opposed to gay marriage?

And why would you be opposed to that comrade?

I can't put my ideological fanaticism over Christianity, the truth.

non-religious people shouldn't be getting married in the first place.

Marriage as an institution wont exist in communism so this is a moot point, people will engage as they wish. You are free to call your relationship a "marriage" if you wish.

Why would god care about two guys getting married? The universe is massive, I'm sure there are more interesting things going on.
And how does it infringe on your own way of life? It just all seems so inconsequential.

Yes, by being opposed to marriage.

Sure, as long as you are also opposed to straight marriage.

No, there isn't.

Just concede you're not a Marxist. It seems like an easy answer.

There would be no reason for secular people to get married under Communism.

And how can you call yourself a Christian?

If you know these people are going to hell any way then why try to stop it? Just seems like you want to put your noes and other people's business.

Just abolish marriage altogether

it's a good start.
next you should start being opposed to all marriage

Because marriage is a religious thing.
There should be a non religious equivalent for whoever wants it.

Better question should be, can you support marriage(an bourgeois institution) as Marxist?

Yes by being opposed to the institution of marriage, which everyone here should be. That you're a spooked fuck is more indicative of a need to read Stirner.

posting as a christian communist should be a bannable offense

Marriage is a civil thing, it was not always tied to Christianity. There's no reason why in modern times it can't be open to gay people. A gay marriage existing does not ruin your own, if the catholic church wishes to not marry any gay couples that's their business but they can't prevent any other church or legal authority from making the marriage a reality.

Shit, I didn't know my opposition to marriage was a leftist thing

why care about gay marriage when

is literally right

Daily reminder that after the social revolution there will be no reason to be religious and it quickly disappear.

Stop treating marxism as a dogma, fucking libs

Fucking christfags i swear