What does Holla Forums think of the IRA and other left-leaning "terrorists"?

What does Holla Forums think of the IRA and other left-leaning "terrorists"?

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Answered your own question there

that poster looks a lot more than "left-leaning" to me

IRA and other national liberation groups are not leftist, peole's self determination is impossible under capitalism and ireland is a shinning example of that
But real socialist terrorist organizations like the RAF or the FARC are pretty cool

Are you actually this retarded?

Can I see a resurgence in them due to Catalonia?

Good. Anything to decentralize power.

Catalans were denied their right to self determination; it's time for a civil war.


Not all national liberation groups are leftist but some are, including a lot of the IRA


National liberation is not possible in capitalism, fighting for independence will always end up in a new porky over the old one.
Plus the concept of nation is bourgeois anyway

read Mao.

Whatever happened to eco "terrorism"? Is the ELF ever gonna make a comeback?

That one IRA that gave warnings about the bombs and shit were based, the rest were crap.


Left-nationalism is the only way for true national liberation

Goddamn is those aren't some great .jpgs.




he's not ignoring it though
none of this disproves the case that self determination is impossible under capitalism.

Any specific recommendations?

Because class struggle still existed in the eastern block

Is there any proof that self-determination is possible under communism?

Probably since the economy will only exist to serve those who partake in it

100% our guys

Reminder what happens when the crown treads a bit too hard on the liberation of native communities

Reminder comrades, if you can't access Rojava then the IRA is your second best option,
First we overthrow the crown and Anglos
Then we overthrew the ((eternal eagle)) menace


Based Sinn Fein man sticking it to the EU

According to the BBC, less than 1% of the Catholic population turned out to vote.
Now kys


I support all forms of terrorism.

That quote just makes me even more angry over how they treated and killed him. Guy couldn't even stand for his execution, R.I.P.


dude just fucking use gyazo or something, that watermark is horrendous