Lets do a friendship exercise Holla Forums!! Say one nice thing about the above poster's flag then give one criticism...

Lets do a friendship exercise Holla Forums!! Say one nice thing about the above poster's flag then give one criticism of their flag. Be nice !

you got dubs
you are underage

he was an hero

at least he bumped the thread

I'll say something nice about you OP
Nice taste in gooktons and waifus

Thank you nice user

Um. I'm not sure it works that way. Also I'm leery of making lefty friends because I don't want friendship to cloud my judgement.

I like that you're trying something potentially constructive. People are too stuck in "proper" theory and praxis. We need a new generation of people doing new shit.

It's better to thank her

What exactly do you mean user? Are you worried they'll say something dumb and you won't have the guts to tell them so?

Thx I'm trying to make Holla Forums a nice and happy community !

I mean I'm worried that I'll feel the need to defend people and their ideologies out of friendship rather than because they have a point or not. Or worse that I'll look past the problems with their ideas because they're my friends and subconsciously I don't want to alienate them.

Yeah it'd be nice if we had that and could use it to lure people away from Holla Forums and the like where it's all fear, hatred, and confusion.

this is now a lain thread.

I have experienced similar with a friend of mine but overtime I learned it was best to criticize whenever he made false or weak points. When I didn't do it he only made himself look dumb and would've wanted someone he trusted to tell him that he was being stupid.

I approve

Any other /sr/ user here?

but how do we access the Wired?


C'mon , the whole cult thing is kinda dumb but the community over there is fun

but it's hardly even active
unless you're talking about .org, in which case, ew

annnnd you don't seem to understand

You must abandon your physical body and flesh user

You got me

All the cute traps are ancom
Some ancoms (read:me) are too autistic to make friends

I'll be your friend user

wow thanks, I'm feeling less shitty now
I hope you had a nice day :)

No problem comrade
I myself need a friend desperately

I can be your friend, is something troubling you?? :(

Nah , dont even worry

It's not healthy to hold your feelings in user.You should let it all out!

Let's all love Lain!

Are we talking about Doug Lain? Because fam, I already like him.

No, Iwakura Lain.

Everything will be fine in the end

You don't have a flag, meaning you understand the true spirit and purpose of anonymous discussion. High five, user!


if u read this then your gay

Too late, I'm already bi.

Have fun with this one, comrades. ;)

I fucking love lain. Never been too much into computers but SEL is just the goatest of goat times 6/7/1998 unironically best day ever

you attract less faggots than the flag above

digital democracy and cybernetics are cool
technology alone cannot save us though, we need a better form of social organization

Communism is death.
Democracy is non-negotiable!