What is the distinctive year zero for birth of capitalism?

What is the distinctive year zero for birth of capitalism?

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that's not how history works


According to Leftcoms it will, who denounce every socialist state that doesn't immediate abolish law of value

but do you have more?


Oh, but you know who did?

The argument is not that there cannot exist or didn't exist a socialist movement in Soviet Union, or that Leninism can't be socialist. It is that a "socialist state" is an oxymoron.

That's a semantics game, people can interpret Marx' CotGP in different ways. But let's assume you are right and the USSR wasn't socialist, they were sure as hell trying to build socialism, against all odds with genuine determination. So for that to be an argument you'd have offer an alternative to Marxist-Leninist praxis, which makes "left communism" somewhat of a lackluster.

What I'm also trying to say, it is possible for areas to entertain two different modes of production at once in a time of transition. In history there a dozens of examples where feudalism and capitalism pretty much existed alongside each other. If the world would transition into socialism, you would have plenty of countries which are still 50/50, for a good amount of time (which would mean: law of value intact). And knowing how Leftcoms tick, they would immediately denounce all such attempts.

Most LeftComs are just a parody of themselves to be honest. The armchair thing was supposed to be satirical, yet now we have people unironically proclaiming that doing basically anything is useless reformism and that having any sort of plan as to what should be done during and after a revolution is idealism. Ironically, Bordiga himself envisioned a "by no means brief historical transitional period" during which the dictatorship of the proletariat would need to destroy the previously existing economic institution. His position against activism was quite specific, and he still approved of and engaged in various other types of activity such as trade union struggles for workers' short-term interests, yet many modern day LeftComs seem to adopt a position against activity itself…

The communist mode of production is different to all previous systems though. Feudalism and capitalism can coexist because they both rely on violence and coercion.

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End of the Neolithic age and the birth of Agriculture?

Leftcoms literally take one quote from Marx out of context and use that as the basis for ignoring most of the rest of his work, including the entirety of the Manifesto.

the transition from hunter-gatherers to farming and agriculture gave way to slave society, so that would be way before capitalism


exchange is not capitalism