Disarming Workers

Any attempt to disarm the workers must be stopped.


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that's fuckin cool! I don't have the equipment to pull that off but if I did I would make them

The equipment is probably expensive, but it’s probably reasonable to buy if you buy it with a group of friends and share it.

Cool, where are you going to get your ammo unmarked and unregulated, faggot?

I agree. But does it matter if any call to use them is met by shrieks of "FBI" and "edgy"? That or we're supposed to wait until "the revolution" which wont happen in our lifetimes.

Yes it will. Capitalism constantly has criss and while a revolution is unlikely, there’ll likely a revolution somewhere in the world that you can enlist as a foreign volunteer.

Someone suggesting "shoot da borgissi :DD" is either memeing or a fed. There's zero point to random violence. Violence is useful for defense (point being to keep people safe) or a proper revolution (point being to topple capitalism at least regionally). You could kill hundreds of bourgeois/cops/politicians and the system will replace them. Until there is a useful context for violence, it's best not to use it. The left's use of guns right now would best be:
1) getting guns
2) training with guns
3) organizing with like-minded people and members of their communities to coordinate the above, and discussing tactical/strategic factors of their surroundings and forming a militia if possible.
4) opposing gun control dummies
5) appealing to the working class and showing that guns are not just for right wing nuts

So how do we argue against gun control? Something tells me "but we need guns for the revolution!" isn't going to be a convincing argument to liberals.

Depends where you are. If you're in the USA point to the ideas behind the 2nd Amendment which included "people are probably going to need this one day." The right has some actual good arguments that relate directly to people's lives. Combine the idea of pic related with a point about how it's not the police's job to stop criminals and other anti-cop sentiment.

This is what anarchists did in the 19th century.

Did it work?


All violence against capitalism is self defense.

Good Post, This is what Red Liberals don't understand, actual praxis


That's called "learning from mistakes".

This. We'll continue to get immiserated while leftypol plays soldier clutching their AK that they'll never fire against anyone except themselves.

I don't think US citizens should have semi automatics

I agree

If you are arguing with idpol liberals play to their sympathies and use reverse psychology. Make it about race. The worse thing you can do to a white liberal is imply they are racist. Even subconsciously.

Remind them that all regulation would do is make it harder for vulnerable communities to lawfully protect themselves. Liken it to Voter ID laws. It would disproportionately affect poor and minority communities while doing little to dissuade those with the means or those who don't care about regulations. If they persist in their anti-gun regulation arguments just imply that it is a racist policy and they are speaking from a position of muh privilege. The muh privilege of not needing to defend yourself against street level violence daily.

Now repeat that for every liberal you hear talking about gun control.

On the topic of vulnerable communities you can lay it out like this

….And you think that Europe has those advantages because they have no guns? What the fuck are you talking about? There's literally no correlation.

Lefties need to start learning how to use guns so they aren't at a massive disadvantage to all the rightwing /k/ommandos.

The original LARPers.

Social Democracy is still capitalism.

Obviously I don’t want Porky to have guns.


Doesn't Switzerland have loads of guns?

Reisman's refutation of Karl's primacy of wages doctrine undermines collectivism.


They do, but new laws are about to change that. Which is unfortunate since it had one of the lowest crime/murder rates in the world. Despite having gun laws that were even more relaxed than the U.S. in a lot of ways.

and done. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_law_of_wages#Socialist_criticism
Also "muh full value of Labour" is Lassallean garbage, watch FinBol.

the second and third pages are just "supply and demand" repeated over and over, as if Marx didn't know of or theorize upon supply and demand.
Last page:
Yeah, that's the point.
Also completely ignoring peasants who were the majority of the population and were bound to the land and had their surplus extracted, because we gotta be making apologetics for property rights here. Before the miracle of wage labour no one did anything at all and we all starved to death, like that RedPanels comic on India.

pretty lame read, where does it come from?

"Marginalized communities need guns to defend themselves"

Making ammunition is much easier than making a fucking lower receiver, brainlet.


You are an idiot for two reasons. First, gunpowder is a mixture of charcoal, sulfur and saltpeter, none of which are regulated. You can buy each of these ingredients at a hardware store.

Second, the powder in ammunition is not gunpowder. It's smokeless powder, a mixture of nitroglycerin, nitrocellulose, and nitroguanadine. You can synthesize each of these components at home from products you can buy online.

Europe isn't disarmed and it's also slowly converging to shitty USA standards.

Correlation does not imply causation.

Guns aen’t banned in Europe, you just have to be in a gun club to get them. Varg’s wife has like four guns.

The reason Europe was like that was because of mass socialist revolutions in Russia and Eastern Europe which needed guns to succeed.

why does this picture work

that's literally how these psychos think. they're that delusional

hoplophobia is a psychopathology. it's completely irrational and can't be reasoned with

Capitalism constantly has crisis. In which there’s a possibility for are revolution, which needs guns.

as a person with an Autism Level over 60 i am triggered by this image

Or just read Critique of the Gotha Programme, tankie retard.

Anyone have a mirror

Muke claims he read it and he got it wrong.