Daily News Thread 10/3

Father of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was a psychopath and on the FBI's most wanted list

Law enforcement officials in the US have revealed some details about Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock's personal life.

Guests Scanned at the Wynn in Glimpse of Las Vegas’s Future

The new security protocol, put in place after Sunday’s mass shooting nearby, is likely to become the norm on the Strip and possibly beyond.

Fanatics who view jihadi websites or far-right propaganda to get 15 years in prison

Repeatedly viewing terrorist material online will result in 15 years behind bars under new anti-radicalisation proposals put forward by UK home secretary Amber Rudd.

Turkey Orders 100s Detained in Latest Post-Coup Crackdown

The government of President Tayyip Erdogan has issued arrest warrants for 254 ministry staff members and local government officials in Istanbul on suspicion of their involvement in last year's coup attempt in Turkey, with a total of 67 suspects already detained.

Israel sees Assad winning Syria war, urges more U.S. involvement

srael’s defense minister said on Tuesday President Bashar al-Assad was winning Syria’s civil war and urged the United States to weigh in as Damascus’s Iranian and Hezbollah allies gain ground.

‘Nobody is safe’: French Parliament backs controversial anti-terrorism law

The French parliament has approved a new anti-terrorist bill, criticized by human rights activists as restrictive of civil liberties. Ahead of the vote, France’s interior minister Gerard Collomb said that “nobody is safe” in the country as “it is still in a state of war.”

Catalans Turn Out in Huge Post-Referendum Protest Against Police Violence

Organized strikes under way in Barcelona and parts of Catalan. National senators to dialogue tomorrow about solutions, some want Rajoy out of office.

U.S. Expels 15 Officials from Cuban Embassy After Bizarre Attacks

The Trump administration ordered the expulsion of 15 officials from Cuba’s embassy in Washington over the government’s failure to protect 22 U.S. citizens who were subjected to a series of unexplained health attacks in recent months.

Puerto Rico Governor's Dire Warning: Millions May Flee the Island

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello warned Tuesday that millions could flee the commonwealth for the U.S. mainland if sufficient aid doesn’t arrive soon to stem a crisis that’s been unfolding over the past two weeks.

Five arrested after 'homemade bomb' found in Paris

The Paris prosecutor has opened an anti-terror investigation after the discovery at the weekend of a homemade bomb at a building in Paris and five people have been arrested, sources close to the case said Monday.

Senate confirms FCC chairman to new five-year term

The U.S. Senate on Monday confirmed Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai for another five-year term on the telecommunications regulatory panel where he faces decisions over dismantling Obama-era internet protections and a major television station merger.

White House Looks at Replacing Social Security Numbers

The White House floated the idea of replacing the use of Social Security numbers as personal identifiers in the wake of the Equifax Inc. cyber hack.

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we've always been at war with terrorism…

Benghazi trial starts today.


Anarchists on the Catalan Referendum

Three Perspectives from the Streets

Taser says its weapons don't kill people, so Reuters built a massive database of 1000+ Taser deaths


Tin Foil Hate: The Far-Right Hijacks Las Vegas Narrative



we're fucked. save us jezza


meaning if your great-grandfather had mild OCD no gun 4u
meaning fuck you if you want privacy in a hotel
meaning Bong government and other assclowns can spam websites with it to imprison users get ready, it will be the new topspam.hk
meaning fuck civil liberties and meaningful dissent
meaning Pajeet Paizuri will fuck over everything that isn't the normienet


Hold me, im going full tankie rage mode


How curious.

Not destroying England was a mistake.

Okay, well I'll see you all behind bars. Going by this logic I'll probably also get sentenced for pedophilia for looking at shotacon and maybe for sexual assault for reading a hentai featuring rape once or twice, so I'll be there for a good while.

wait is this real?

i don't think so mate

I'm sorry to break it to you, but that's already the case there.

what do you think?

I'd be more concerned about it being used as 'additional evidence' as they round up all the subversives than about them actually going on a grand moralfag crusade.

We're reaching pork levels that shouldn't be possible


I wanna move to glorious bunketstan. I hate this gay Earth. I wanna laugh at stupid reactionaries in my comfy bunker.

The Derbyshire Police Service hates tripfags as much as any of us.

Your wet dream

British internet sounds like metal gear solid 2

wait the fuck


namefags BTFO

leftists will be next. see you all in prison folks.


The terrible fucking awful shitty internet news everyone is forgetting about.


Internet Neutrality confirmed kill, it was nice while it lasted.

Puerto Rico: Trump praises 'great job we've done' in visit to stricken island

hahahahahahaha fucking kill me

Don't forget he just threw some rolls of paper towels at the crowd. Not in the crowd hoping to catch it, basically at it.

holy shit.
he's actually practicing his free throw shot with supplies people are dying for.



I forgot the Article but I do remember the building he visited for Houston's hurricane, right before he left he literally wrote his name on the wall with a pen. Not on a paper, or a plaque, or even a picture or anything.

Just went to the wall, signed his dumbass signature, and left.

Fucking Chris-chan has more common sense than Trump does. Jeez.

There's also yesterday where he dedicated a fucking golf trophy to the Puerto Rican hurricane victims.

It wasn't even a trophy he won.

Guys is this all intentional? Is trump and accelerationist? Was it 4d chess all along?

He's the only one who can bring the USA down

Is Trump the sober American version of Yeltsin?

Pick one, and only one

Here it is for all wondering. Trump said some shit to a crowd, scrawled his name on the wall of a hurricane shelter in Houston and left.


I used to live in Derby, it was a bit shit and grim.

The bunker is already inside you comrade. Accept him into your heart and the bunker will be with you wherever you go.

A bunker in my heart doesn’t prevent bullets into my body. Also was the bunker guy the market socialist?


I’ve made a mistake. I feel stupid. I understand where I was wrong and will not recreate this mistake in the future. No gulag please.

This is how it starts isn't it?

Proof positive that the people who make these kinds of posts are either the Manchurian-hitman themselves or the agents that do it.

callin it now we're in a paradox game where the player is trying to cause Burgerland to change governments

Oh the whatever. You know where they use there autistic political goodboy points to make countries communist. This is the best timeline.

"Starts?" user, it's been happening for quite a long time by now.


Fresh news boys:

Puigdemont says Catalonia to declare independence in 'matter of days': BBC


Chrimetinc is literally shit and that article by them is literally shit too.

Sounds like there might actually be civil war if Spain doesn't back down. Tensions are high enough with the police crack down.

I expect it climb even higher in the coming weeks.

the death toll can't even be accurately counted right because the island is so devastated and can't tally up the bodies.
I wouldn't be surprised at all if there were over 100 dead by now. And its only going to get worse.

Speaking of Paddock's family, apparently one of his brothers is pic related.

Reminder that no one cried more for "moderation" of online expression than SJWs, and they had the balls to act shocked when leftist sites were hit too. The EFF did the same shit too, Doctorow cried like a bitch at Theresa May's internet censorship plan and didn't see the irony. They'll no doubt ignore this while it's the right getting v&ed but will cry again when their Twitter buddies start getting v&ed too. Liberals never learn.

hahahaha oh wow a political threat now is "we will migrate en mass to your country"

this just might be the most retarded thing about Trump's administration, and that's saying something


Was Las Vegas considered a high-security place and have a disproportionate amount of cops in the first place?

That's disturbingly accurate.

The Spectacle grew to replace all of reality. They're the same thing now, inextricable.


IMF warns that using consumer debt to fuel growth risks crisis


tick tock tick tock
the next depression's gonna drop!

About damn time people start taking #BasketballDiplomacy seriously.

But certainly not contemplating prosecuting Equifax.

I think this guy is a legit psychopath.

Cracking down on the referendum in the way they did is quite possibly the dumbest way the Spanish government could have reacted to it. They have sewn the seeds of their own dissolution.

isn't that website tabloid-tier shit

rump couldn’t care less about his job. Fucking love it.

So we're all agreed that "anything the government doesn't like" will be "far-right" or "terrorist" here, right?

No shit, this should be common sense

Wouldn’t surprise me if liberals would classify us as”Far-Right” because Marx liked guns or some stupids hit.

Did they only now figure this out after some 40 fucking years?

read the FAQ newfag

His crimes were bank robbery and other such shit. That hardly makes him a psychopath. He never murdered anyone.


The brother of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock speaks for a second time

Kek, reporter dropping a "How's your mom?" and triggering a rant I'm only a couple of minutes into.

I feel bad for the brother of the Shooter. I tired of seeing all the YouTube comments crucify him.

I don't think you got the proper meaning of my post.